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Heart of Azeroth Essence - Conflict and Strife

Here you can buy Conflict and Strife Heart of Azeroth essence. Our players will safely boost your arena rating as selfplay, you don't have to risk sharing your account. Essence is usable by all specs.

Why us

  • 100% positive customer feedback on independent websites.
  • We are selling boosting services since 2015.
  • Friendly and responsive customer support.


How to obtain

  • Rank 1: Earn 500 Conquest and claim a weekly PvP War Chest.
  • Rank 2: Reach 1,000 Rating in Rated PvP and claim your next weekly PvP War Chest.
  • Rank 3: Collect 15 Burgeoning Battlefield Furor from your weekly PvP War Chest. Amount contained in the weekly chest depends on your current rating: 1 for 0-1399, 3 for 1400-1599, 5 for 1600-1799, 6 for 1800-2099, 8 for 2100-2399, 10 for 2400+.
  • Rank 4: Reach Elite rank awarded for 2400 rating and claim your next weekly PvP War Chest.

How it works

Ranks 1, 2 and 3 are done only as selfplay for security reasons, we avoid account sharing to keep you safe. To get Rank 3 we will boost you to 1600 rating in 3v3, then complete 2 subsequent weekly Conquest Points caps to obtain 15 Bludgeoning Furors. Additonally, we can boost you to 1800 rating in process unlocking full transmog set of Elite PvP Gear. However, Rank 4 can be done only with account sharing.


  • You can play yourself if you choose Ranks 1-3.
  • Ilvl 450+ gear for Rank 3 without 1800 rating option; 460+ for 1800 rating; 475+ for Rank 4.
  • Your login and password is required for the Rank 4 option. We will use a VPN of your country for maximum secuirty.