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WoW PvP Boost

Player versus Player scenarios (or PvP) is one of the main features of World of Warcraft. From outdoor ganks to rated 3v3 arenas, fighting other players gives us a rush of adrenaline and a strong desire to end up on the winning end of the battle. Unlike scripted PvE scenarios, PvP encounters resemble a game of chess, where you have to anticipate your enemy's actions in order to come out victorious. Whether you seek to grow as a PvP player or simply want to get your hands on highly prestigious trophies, WoW PvP carry is the ultimate way to achieve your goals. Our PvP department consists of multi-gladiators and top-tier RBG players, who provide high quality services starting from WoW PvP coaching all the way to high rated WoW arena boost. Place an order for World of Warcraft PvP boosting and start dominating your enemies today!

What is World of Warcraft PvP boosting?

Many consider PvP to be more challenging than PvE, because clashes with other players are not scripted and every battle is different. Rated arena is the most popular form of PvP in World of Warcraft, allowing players to group up in small teams, compete against others and gain rating for winning. Higher rating means better rewards. Unfortunately, it also means stronger enemies, who at some point become impossible to beat if you play poorly and make mistakes. Being good at PvP requires you to have a great understanding of how every single class and spec in the game works, so that you know how to beat them. On top of that, you have to develop a strong synergy with your teammate(s) in order to set up kills and rotate defensive abilities without overlapping them. Learning all of that can take you months if not years, and finding a good, non-raging teammate can also pose a difficult challenge. Ordering a WoW PvP boost allows you to play with highly experienced people who will carry you through PvP battles and help you improve or simply play your character to earn the rewards for you.

WoW PvP carry comes in two variations: self-played and piloted. Selfplay arena boost takes you straight into action – you're matched with an experienced player(s) who will explain what you should do in each PvP situation and help you avoid making mistakes. This is a great opportunity to learn more about arena or RBGs and improve at the same time. With the help of your teammate, you will directly contribute to each victory and beat more experienced players. Self-played option is safe for your account and is an optimal solution for those who're interested in PvP. If you are willing to get your hands dirty, we recommend a 3v3 WoW 1800 rating boost.

At the same time, there're many players who do not find interest in PvP, yet may want the rewards associated with it (and there're plenty of those). If you consider yourself that kind of player, then you might find a piloted PvP rating boost more appealing. One of our experienced PvP boosters will play your character, and you won't have to do anything. A piloted carry is much easier for the boosters and can result in a higher rating gain in comparison to self-played variation. The safety of our clients' accounts is our top priority; therefore, we always use VPN during piloted boosting.

Reasons to order a World of Warcraft PvP carry

  • High item level gear – Shadowlands PvP boost is a great opportunity to get gear. PvP elite gear has an item level of 226 (you can even get a 233 weapon with a 2400 WoW arena boost!), which is the same quality of gear you get from the mythic raid. Moreover, all PvP items have versatility on it, so classes that need this stat often choose to PvP as a means of obtaining better gear.
  • Unique cosmetic rewards – The amount of cosmetic rewards for PvP is too long to be listed: there're mounts, tabards, weapon effects, elite PvP transmogrification sets and many more. The best thing about them is that they are unique to each PvP season. This means that when a new PvP season starts, new rewards appear and the old ones can no longer be obtained, which makes them a rare addition to any collection.
  • Weak players and toxic LFG environment – PvP can often be very stressful and bring out the worst in people. Finding a partner in LFG is not an easy feat either; sometimes you will spend hours waiting for someone who ends up playing bad, starts raging and in some cases does both. Ordering a PvP boost allows you to play with experienced players who won't rage at you and who'll be more than helpful during your games.
  • Bragging rights – High tier PvP rewards are extremely prestigious and sought-after, as having them is a sign of a skilled player. Having a gladiator mount or a high rated arena title will surely earn you the respect and admiration of other players.

Buy WoW PvP gear

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands introduced a new gearing concept in PvP allowing you to upgrade your PvP gear. You use conquest points to buy a rated PvP item and then use honor to upgrade it. Upgrading an item requires a PvP rank; the higher your rank, the higher your item level will be. RBG/Arena boost in Shadowlands can get you the following:

PvP rank Rating range Item level Cosmetic rewards
Unranked 0-1399 200
Combatant 1400-1599 207 'Combatant' title; elite set wrist and waist transmogrification
Challenger 1600-1799 213 'Challenger' title; elite set gloves, boots and leggings transmogrification
Rival 1800-2099 220 'Rival' title; elite set helmet, shoulders and chest transmogrification
Duelist 2100-2399 226 'Duelist' title; elite set cloak transmogrification, resulting in a full elite set transmogrification ulock; unique weapon illusion
Elite 2400+ 233 (Only weapons, off-hands and shields are upgradable to ilvl 233) 'Elite' title; unique tabard; winning 50 games above 2400 rating rewards you with one of the most prestigious World of Warcraft achievements – Gladiator and gets you a season specific gladiator mount

Upgrading your PvP gear takes a significant amount of honor. For example, if you have achieved the duelist rank, upgrading a 2h weapon from ilvl 200 to ilvl 226 will cost you 18k honor, and that's just one item! Farming enough honor points to upgrade your full gear to 226 ilvl can take weeks. If you don't have that much time, our Honor farming service is a great way out. Check out the table below for how much honor you will need to upgrade your items.

Gear type Unranked item Conquest cost Unranked-Rank 1 Honor cost Rank 1-2 Rank 2-3 Rank 4-5 Rank 5-6 Total honor(Rank 1-Rank 6)
Gladiator trinkets, Cloaks, Rings, Wrists and Necks 525 475 950 1550 2375 N/A 5350
Damage trinkets, Shoulders, Belts, Gloves and Boots 700 650 1300 2100 3250 N/A 7300
Helmets, Chests and Leggings 875 800 1600 2600 4000 N/A 9000
Off-hands and Shields 400 400 800 1300 2000 2800 7300
Melee One-Handed Weapons 900 800 1600 2600 4000 5600 14600
Intellect One-Handed Weapons 1350 1200 2400 3900 6000 8400 21900
Two-Handed weapons 1800 1600 3200 5200 8000 11200 29200

As of patch 9.1, PvP items will scale down in PvE situations (dungeons, raids, etc) and up in PvP situations (arena, bg, RBG). Duelist rank gear will therefore no longer be on par with mythic raid gear for PvE progression.

Gear type Item level Note
Mythic raid gear 252 ilvl first 8 bosses, 259 ilvl last 2 bosses Very hard (or expensive!) to obtain.
Duelist gear in PvE scenarios 246 ilvl Performs fairly good in most PvE encounters. After all, it's ilvl of last 2 bosses in heroic raid.
Duelist gear in PvP scenarios 259 ilvl Ultra violence in all PvP situations!

What PvP boosting services do we provide?

  • WoW Arena Boost and PvP coaching – 2v2 boost and 3v3 boost allow you to increase you rating and unlock access to high ilvl gear and cosmetic rewards. WoW arena coaching is also a great opportunity to improve as a player and learn more about kill set-ups, positioning and a lot more. Note that 3v3 WoW boost is usually much faster and easier for inexperienced players in comparison to 2v2 WoW boost;
  • WoW RBG Boost – RBG boost will match you with 9 experienced players and you will get hands on experience on relevant strategies as well as gear and cosmetic rewards;
  • PvP gear Boost – Being undergeared in PvP situations puts you in a serious disadvantage. Place an order for the PvP gearing boost and your chances of winning will be much higher;
  • Honor points farming – Before you can have your PvP elite gear, you first need to upgrade it. Upgrading takes a lot of honor and can take you weeks of constant BG farming. You will save many hours by leaving this grind to us;
  • Honor levels farming – While honor levels do not directly impact the game, farming them allows you to unlock many cosmetic rewards, such as pets, titles, mounts, etc;
  • Vicious Saddle farm – Vicious Saddle is an item that you earn by winning rated arena and RBG games. You can trade these saddles for cool, PvP-specific mounts;
  • PvP Achievements and Titles unlock – There're many achievements and unique titles you can unlock by fighting other players. Contact our operator and we'll be happy to help you with any requests that you have;
  • Marks of honor farming – Marks of honor is a currency you can trade for various rewards, such as cosmetic items, mounts and heirlooms

Why order a PvP boost at ConquestCapped?

In order to provide the best services to our customers we have set up extremely high standards for our boosters. We only work with 2700+ exp players; our ranks are filled with multi-gladiators, r1 gladiators and tournament players. We always use VPN for piloted boosts, so the risk to your account is minimal. WoW PvP boost EU/US from ConquestCapped is a perfect opportunity to learn from these players and get your hands on unique, prestigious rewards!

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By far the best group I have bought from. I intended to only buy one Mythic Antorus run but ended up buying multiple.. these guys are GREAT. They are very professional and well-organized. Literally no problems whatsoever. I would highly reco..


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