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WoW Classic Boost

World of Warcraft Classic is an excellent opportunity to experience the game in its original form, where social interaction was necessary to progress further, leveling was difficult and required you to explore the world around you, and epic items weren't just given out on every corner for free. At the same time, Classic is very time-consuming, especially when it comes to things like leveling or honor farming. If you want to enjoy Vanilla experience, but can't put hours upon hours into the game, WoW Classic Boost is a perfect solution! We offer a wide array of WoW Classic Carry Services that can help you become the apex predator of this competitive, albeit very social and rewarding environment and save tons of time in the process.

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What's the idea behind WoW Classic boosting services?

In 2017 the news of Classic announcement really struck a chord within Warcraft community: some people criticized the decision, as they believed most players would quickly lose all interest, while others praised Blizzard for listening to the voices of many and allowing Vanilla veterans to relive their glory days. Today, several years after its release, it's undeniable that Classic is here to stay. With thousands of players logging in every day, there're always new friends to meet and fierce battles to fight. However, some players fail to remember just how hardcore World of Warcraft used to be: leveling used to take months, raiding meant competing with other 39 players for loot, and one Alterac Valley battleground could last several days. People with busy schedules often find it difficult to play Vanilla, as it is exceptionally grindy in comparison to retail. If that's the case for you, WoW Vanilla boost is a great solution to skip the tedious content and enjoy the game at your own comfortable pace.

Reasons to buy WoW Classic boost:

  • Time – "Time is money, friend" as goblins often proclaim, and if you follow that logic, buying a WoW Classic carry service is certainly cheaper than killing 784 Dragon Whelps in Badlands because you ran out of quests and there's no other way for you to level. The situation hardly changes when you hit max level, as you will now have to farm pre-raid gear, often competing with other fresh characters for items with extremely low drop chance. Should we even mention the amount of time it takes to obtain a high PvP rank? WoW Classic boosting services allow you to save MONTHS of your in-game time.
  • Tediousness – Don't get us wrong, we love WoW Classic and many of us continue to play it to this day, however, Classic lacks a whole lot of quality-of-life changes that were introduced in later expansions, such as larger amount of flight points and spirit healers, no reagents for signature spells and quest diversity. We already mentioned that killing 784 Dragon Whelps and farming PvP ranks can take a lot of time, but can you imagine just how boring and tedious it is? Games should be about having fun and overcoming difficult challenges, not mindless grinding. So why not skip the boring part altogether and enjoy the things that made people originally fall in love with World of Warcraft?
  • You already played Vanilla before – World of Warcraft Classic makes a big emphasis on exploration, often requiring you to cooperate with other players and turn to Wowhead for help. But what if you already played Vanilla, and you already explored the world, and you already know the storyline, and you already leveled a couple of level 60 characters back in the days? Some people just want to relive the Classic experience and spend as little time on grinding as possible. World of Warcraft Classic boost allows you to do just that.

What WoW Classic Boosting Services do we provide?

  • WoW Classic powerleveling services – On retail you can level a fresh character in 2 days from scratch. Classic, however, is a totally different story. Leveling used to be an integral part of the game and could take months of your time. Pulling more than 2 mobs often meant certain death, a mount was neither easy nor cheap to come by and flight points were extremely scarce. If you're interested in getting to the endgame content as quickly as possible, WoW Classic leveling boost is a great way to do that.
  • WoW Classic gearing boost – Gearing is a big part of Vanilla; the difference between a rare piece and an epic one is astounding, and you will notice it right away. However, gear in Classic isn't easy to come by. If you play a popular class, such as mage, rogue or warrior, you will often find yourself grouped up with players who need the same items as you do. Not only you have to compete for them every time, their drop rates are also extremely low. The lower the drop rate, the higher the competition. For a cheap price we can help you gear your character fast and stress-free.
  • WoW Classic attunement completion services – If you want to enter a raid on Classic, you first need to complete an attunement, which is essentially a lengthy questline. In order to do that you may need to clear various dungeons, farm reputation and spend lots of gold. With our attunement carries you'll be able to unlock any raid and get straight to action.
  • WoW Classic PvP boost – PvP aspect of the game has always been about competition and obtaining valuable rewards for your efforts. WoW Classic has a system of PvP ranks that indicate how many players you have slain. The higher your rank, the better the rewards are. Unfortunately, your rank decays over time, so getting to a high rank requires players to monotonously queue battlegrounds over and over again; the process of getting from rank 1 to rank 14 (highest rank in the game) takes about 100 hours of in-game time< with 14 hours of dedicated PvP per day. Skipping just one week will set your progress back by months! This challenge is hardly possible for people with real life, but not for ConquestCapped. We offer WoW Classic PvP ranks boost, honor farming services and battleground factions reputation farm, and we'll be happy to assist you with any PvP goal you have set for yourself.
  • WoW reputation farm services – Some factions in Classic offer unique rewards and powerful upgrades for your character. However, in order to get your hands on them you first need to become exalted with these factions. Farming reputation is a long and tedious task, mostly involving repetitive activities such as killing same mobs over and over again. Completing these tasks is neither fun nor fast and can often take months. Reputation boost is a great way to claim powerful rewards without having to go through a tedious grindfest.
  • Custom Services – World of Warcraft Classic has a lot to offer. We provide all sorts of WoW Classic services, and if you want to get your hands on a specific item, complete a certain questline or perhaps seek coaching, we'll most certainly be able to help you. Contact our operator if the service that you need isn't listed on our website, and we'll come up with a custom-tailored offer that will suit all your in-game needs.

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Top top +++5 i recommandly sup...
Top top +++5 i recommandly super super..
1 day ago
Bought 2 PVP mounts...quick tu...
Bought 2 PVP mounts...quick turnaround, no problems. Good guys...
Gregory Tasonis
1 day ago
Great Service! Bought 2k and ...
Great Service! Bought 2k and 100 arena wins selfplay, was done quick and great communication...
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fast service ,and cheap ,most ...
fast service ,and cheap ,most important is trust worthy , would recommend anyone...
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i will not be using another bo...
i will not be using another boosting service, these guys are it. did the new toon + all legendary boost, and full hc BiS. great product!..
Andrew Smith
2 days ago
Did a great job. Thank you..
Did a great job. Thank you..
William Rogers
2 days ago
Fast, Smooth and Trustworthy! ...
Fast, Smooth and Trustworthy! I didn't know that titan's die so quick but with ConquestCapped they die fast! I ordered Argus kill + Mount for the cutting edge and it's been done in time and fast! I highly recommend ConquestCapped for your future pl..
Gol D. Roger
2 days ago
Fast delivery, easy to follow ...
Fast delivery, easy to follow instructions..
Fredrik Warfvinge
2 days ago
Surpreme Services After using...
Surpreme Services After using multiple services over several years, I have found one that meets and exceeds my expectations...
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Great Service! Smooth, quickl...
Great Service! Smooth, quickly and got a free package upgrade! Recommended!..
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