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Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,316 reviews on
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,316 reviews on

Buy WoW Dragonriding to unlock the incredible Dragon Isles flying system, allowing you to soar through the skies on majestic dragons like a seasoned expert. With this service, you can experience the thrill of mastering dragon riding and explore the World of Warcraft in a whole new way.

Dragon Glyphs
Dragon Glyphs
Dragon Racing
Dragon Racing
Dragon Isles Drakes: White Scales
Dragon Isles Drakes: White Scales
Embodiment of the Storm-Eater
Embodiment of the Storm-Eater
Embodiment of the Hellforged
Embodiment of the Hellforged

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WoW Dragonriding Boost

Soar through the skies swiftly, quicker than ever with WoW DF Dragonriding! Dragonriding is the core feature of the WoW Dragonflight expansion. It's not just a flying drake mount but a huge and complicated flying system with many customizations and mechanics.

Dragonriding is a new form of aerial movement that replaces flying in the Dragonflight expansion, and it is essential at the start of Dragonflight. Even after flying across DF Dragon Isles is available for all flying mounts, dragonriding will remain the fastest way to travel and your source of cool and rare achievements, various cosmetics, and many other rewards.

Buy our Dragonriding boost and dive into the glorious DF Dragonriding feature without spending a minute on a long, grind, tedious farm!

Why you should buy Dragonriding boost

You will receive your Dragonriding mounts from completing main storyline quests in the Dragon Isles. Indeed, that will take some time. There are four Dragonriding mounts, and there are no differences besides appearance. You can change their appearance with customization and glyphs for Dragonriding talents that could be unlocked in the game via various activities with a tideous grind in their core. Our Dragonriding boost is the fastest and easiest shortcut to get all customizations and cool features for your drake mount.

Like most mounts, Dragonriding mounts are account-wide, and once learned, alts on your character can immediately Dragonride in the Dragon Isles. Currently you can only use Dragonriding mounts in the Dragon Isles, but it could change in future DF patches or even in the next expansion.

Let's look what Dragonriding mounts you could get:

  • The Renewed Proto-Drake is the first Dragonriding mount you'll earn, given as a reward for the quest Dragonriding, part of the third chapter of the Waking Shores storyline.
  • The Windborne Velocidrake is the second Dragonriding mount you'll earn, given as a reward for the quest Shady Sanctuary, part of the fourth chapter of the Ohn'ahran Plains main storyline.
  • The Highland Drake is the third Dragonriding mount you'll earn, given as a reward for the quest Calling the Blue Dragons, part of the fourth chapter of the Azure Span main storyline.
  • The Cliffside Wylderdrake is the fourth Dragonriding mount you'll earn, given as a reward for the quest Back to the Future, part of the third chapter of the Thaldraszus storyline.
  • The Winding Slitherdrake is the fifth and last Dragonriding mount you'll earn, given as a reward for the quest Worst of the Worst, part of the fourth chapter of the Zaralek Cavern storyline.

Dragonriding Flying Basics

There are some of the basics you need to know about Dragonriding. Most of these will be taught to you during the Dragonriding introduction questline.

  • You can get into the air from the ground at any point by double pressing your jump button - this will count as a Skyward Ascent usage, using 1 Vigor and propelling you forward in the air.
  • Falling from a high location while mounted on a Dragonriding mount - this will cause it to extend its wings, propelling you forward and preventing fall damage.
  • There are physics involved into Dragonriding - you will gain more speed when propelling yourself downwards, and lose speed when moving upwards. Using Vigor abilities will help you gain momentum.Propelling yourself downwards and then moving upwards evens out momentum and is a way to keep yourself in the air for longer.
  • If you spend too long in the air without attempting to gain momentum, your mount will lose speed and eventually run out of steam - when this happens, your mount will slowly land to the ground. Because of this, AFKing in the air while Dragonriding is not possible.

You are able to tell how fast you're flying with Dragonriding by paying attention to the speed particles around you and your dragon as you dragonride. Although the maximum speed Dragonriding can reach is 830%, it is actually very difficult to maintain maximum speed for very long, but even medium speeds are already faster than the usual Epic Flying speed that of normal flying mounts. At certain locations of the Dragon Isles, specifically places with a lot of elevation, you might come across an upwards wind gale. These are called Winds of the Isles, and stepping on them will launch you upwards speeding you up as well.

Dragonriding Abilities

When Dragonriding, your default ability bar will be replaced by a new ability bar that will contain your Dragonriding abilities. There are 4 different Dragonriding abilities that you will learn while leveling with your character through the Dragon Isles. These abilities use Vigor and will help you stay up in the air for longer.

Ability Vigor Cost Description
Surge Forward 1 Flap forward, gaining a small burst of momentum.
Skyward Ascent 1 Flap upwards, gaining a small burst of momentum and altitude. Pressing the Jump key twice while grounded will automatically use Skyward Ascent.
Whirling Surge 3 Spiral forward to cover a great distance, gaining a large burst of momentum. 30-second cooldown.
Bronze Timelock 0 Mark a waypoint of your current position for 3 minutes. Once you have a waypoint created, this spell turns into Bronze Rewind, which can be used to return you to that waypoint. You cannot create a waypoint while flying, but you can return to that waypoint while in the air. 3-minute cooldown.

Dragonriding Vigor System

Dragonriding abilities use Vigor, a new resource bar that's shown at the bottom of your screen whenever you're mounted on a Dragonriding mount. Some information about the Vigor system:

  • All players start with 3 Vigor. With Dragonriding talents, you are able to increase your maximum amount of Vigor to 6.
  • When grounded, you generate 1 Vigor every 30 seconds, even when not mounted on a Dragonriding mount. With Dragonriding talents, you are able to speed up your Vigor regeneration when grounded.
  • You do not regenerate Vigor when flying with your Dragonriding mount.
  • When dragonriding at high speeds, you will start emitting blue particle effects demonstrating how fast you're going, and gain the Thrill of the Skies effect, which grants you 1 Vigor every 15 seconds while maintaining high speed. You will lose this effect once you lose enough momentum. With Dragonriding talents, you are able to speed up your Vigor regeneration when under the effects of Thrill of the Skies.

Dragonriding Glyphs

Dragonriding has a talent system of its own, focusing on Vigor regeneration and useful buffs while Dragonriding. To learn Dragonriding talents, you must earn Dragon Glyphs. There are 48 Dragon Glyphs scattered around the Dragon Isles, and you must collect them by flying to their locations and passing through them to earn talent points for Dragonriding talents. Some of them are well hidden or require a skillful amount of climbing with Dragonriding to get.

This is what Dragonriding Talents trees looks like:

Dragonriding Talents are unlockable perks that ultimately allow you to stay in the air for longer, increasing your Dragonriding expertise. Once unlocked, Dragonriding Talents are account-wide, and all characters can access them. Dragonriding Talents are helpful in various activities on Dragon Isles, and if you want to get all experience that WoW developers put in dragonriding, you should unlock them all by collecting all glyphs in the game. And the fastest way to do it is to buy our Dragonriding Glyphs Boost!

Dragonriding Customization

In order to ensure that new DF drake mounts always look fresh and exciting, a Dragonriding mount customization system has been introduced. You can unlock Dragonriding cosmetics to completely change the feel and look of your flying companion. Various parts of Dragonriding customization can be unlocked via numerous ways: renown grinding, questing, achievement-hunting, raiding, participating in PvP, and even progressing dungeons can expand the collection of Dragonriding mount cosmetics. Some of the more unique dragon riding cosmetics are locked behind tough challenges, such as getting a gladiator arena rank. You will get an ability to change your drake appearance as you want to make it truly unique. With our Dragonriding Boost you will get as many customizations as you want in no time!

Dragonriding Races

Dragonriding races are a side activity from Dragonriding. In Dragonriding races, you go through a course while riding on a Dragonriding mount, guided by rings and propelled forward by speed boosts and mechanics that grant more Vigor by allowing you to maintain fast speeds at nearly all times. With the notion of Dragonriding races and the need to be as fast as possible. That is why it's recommended to have all Dragonriding talents invested in before you decide to attempt races.

There are many achievements with Dragonriding races, with some giving rewards. Each race has six achievements, requiring you to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold times in both Basic and Advanced races. There are also meta achievements for completing all races in the Dragon Isles with Bronze, Silver, and Gold times. Rewards include dragonriding customizations, a shoulder transmog, a battle pet, and a title.

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1 day ago
Fast and easy
Fast and easyTop!
1 day ago
Eine super schnell Abwicklung von mein…
Eine super schnell Abwicklung von mein Auftrag nur zu empfehlen
1 day ago
Mage Tower Fel Werebear
Got the Fel Werebear Mage Tower Done within 10 mins. Fast Easy service. 10/10
1 day ago
Genial, expectacular
Yo fui el q atrasó el pedido, puesto q no estaba en casa en ese momento, y al momento de completar los requisitos, fueron extremadamente rápidos y quede completamente satisfecho 100 porciento recomendadoa
1 day ago
Very happy with the service
The service exceeded all my expectations. The salespeople were very kind and responded promptly. Bought gold and a kit to level up engineering. Will be coming back soon for more.
1 day ago
Order was completed in a few hours
Order was completed in a few hours. Cannot ask for more. Thanks !
1 day ago
very fast !
very good experience it was really fast and well organized I was taken care of in the minutes that followed I don't regret it at all.
2 days ago
Achat d'une monture
Comme d'habitude, mission parfaitement accomplie.
2 days ago
Fantastic service
Fantastic service. The team was efficient, communicative, fast and friendly. Would 100% recommend.
2 days ago
every run went smooth and even when…
every run went smooth and even when there was one mistake wqith my order i immediatly got an compensation for that.great work and thx for the service everytime again
2 days ago
Professional Carry
Took me 5 tries to get to Phase 2 of the Mage Tower encounter, before I got frustrated enough to have a professional handle it for me. On the first attempt, they very easily soloed the encounter for me. Whole process took 10 minutes. It was incredible to watch.
2 days ago
Thank you guys
2 days ago
Couldnt believe how fast and profesional everything was. 10/10 recommend
2 days ago
It was just a really good experience…
It was just a really good experience all around. Everything worked out great on my part and yours and I am very thankful :)
2 days ago
Excellent. 10/10
Excellent service with mage tower and fyrakk heroic.

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