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WoW Black Market (BMAH) Items

Black Market Auction House or simply BMAH is a special type of auction house where you can find rare or otherwise unobtainable items. Every day on every realm it generates several random items and the bidding begings! Competition for certain items is fierce so knowledge of historical prices as well as having large stock of gold on as many realms as possible are necessary prerequisites for successfully obtaining items from BMAH. Luckily, we at ConquestCapped provide service to buy any BMAH item from Tier 3 pieces to WoW TCG loot.

BMAH location in Shadowlands

In every expansion, Black Market Auction House changes its location. In Shadowlands, BMAH is hosted by Ta'Xera in Revendreth. Black Market's familiar host, Madam Goya, is still alive and decided to pause her business for a while.

Obtaining items from Black Market Auction House

Hundreds of new items spawn every day on BMAH in every region. Many of them are of little interest like loot from Mists of Pandaria raids or the infamous loot box Unclaimed Black Market Container (this isn't an EA game, is it?), but some are a valuable addition to any collection. Be it Tier 3 items or WoW TCG loot, these BMAH items are sought after by many players and require very serious approach to obtain. These are some of the hottest BMAH items you can buy:

  • Tier 3 sets - a unique and no longer obtainable armor set from the classic Naxxramas raid, Tier 3 gear is a prized possession for any transmog collector. Obtaining full T3 set, especially for Mage or Warrior, is a hell of work since it contains 8 pieces and you have to fight in a bidding war for each one of them!
  • WoW TCG loot - even though WoW Trading Card Game (TCG) was discontinued in 2013, some of its rewards occasionally appear on BMAH, that being TCG tabards and TCG toys. If you want to get these TCG items for reasonable price, Black Market is a great alternative to buying one of the original loot codes on Ebay.
  • Black Market mounts - some of the rarest WoW mounts can be obtained exclusively from BMAH: if you see someone riding Swift Zulian Tiger they have very likely obtained it from Black Market. Other rare mounts such as Son of Galleon's Saddle, despite having an alernative source, are so impossibly hard to obtain that Black Market becomes the only viable way to get them.
  • Rare transmog items - some very rare items with unique looks can be realistically obtained only from BMAH. Examples of such items are Tusks of Mannoroth and First Satyr's Spaulders which are still available in game, but have drop chance so low that getting them from Black Market is easier. Another rare item Kor'kron Shaman's Treasure simply cannot be obtained by any other means.

Black Market has undergone a very serious change in Shadowlands: now it's available only to max level characters meaning the good old strategy of sniping items with fresh level 1 characters no longer works. This change has enormously increased complexity of buying BMAH items, obtaining any item in a reasonable time now requires a character transfer unless you have patience to wait a year for a certain item to appear on your realm. This further increases prices of already expensive BMAH items most of which sell for millions of gold. Needless to say that winning Black Market items at the first try requires much experience and preparation.

Buying BMAH items at ConquestCapped

We provide a wide range of Black Market farming services and have solid experience of delivering any item from Swift Zulian Tiger worth 10,000,000 gold to collecting full Tier 3 set for any class. This is why you won't be disappointed:

  • Solid experience - we offer BMAH items for sale since Legion and since then have accumulated significant experience. We successfully won items against cross-realm gold sellers in BFA and now we win 95% of items at first try.
  • Fast delivery - we have a massive gold stock on 20+ realms and constantly expand our presence. This greatly increases the chance of catching specific items and reduced the delivery time of full Tier 3 set to mere 3-4 weeks.
  • Account safety - all of our BMAH services are available without account sharing. We can set up a fresh Battle.Net account, do all the work there and then send you a character with bags full of Black Market items.

Feel free to browse our services and choose the items you need. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll gladly help you!

Real Customer Reviews

Richard S Weller


Crystal T.

A+ Service Quick service, no problems. Looking forward to working with again!..


Very good service. Bought 100 3vs3 wins and 2000 rating. I ended up with 100 games played and 2291 rating. The extra rating they didn't charge extra for! No botting, every game was streamed for free...

Mathieu Deschamps

bought the mage tower challenge, done in under 1 hour, perfect !..

- Z -

The Best! My 2nd order. Went all good! Thanks, you are my choice for anything wow related!..


Perfect Service! I bought rep farming for argus. They worked very professional, and did the worldquests every day till i reached exalted. Would buy again!..


Bought 3v3 100 wins with 2000 rating, it was selfplay (i was good in pvp but had no time to look for a team and season is ending in 2 days) and we reached 2125, the team i played with is very professional...

Filip Matic

Ordered 2000 3v3 rating with 100 wins for the vicious war saddle and they completed it all within 3 days. Best and most trusted service possible. buy from here an no one else...


Ordered a full Mythic+ gear, they finished it within 1 day =)). Fast and reliable. I would recommend this service to everyone..


Great Service +Rep By far the best group I have bought from. I intended to only buy one Mythic Antorus run but ended up buying multiple.. these guys are GREAT. They are very professional and well-organized. Literally no problems whatsoever. ..

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