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Vicious Saddle Boost

Vicious Saddle token is awarded for winning 80 3v3 arenas or 40 RBGs and can be exchanged for one of 28 PvP mounts. In order to start farming Vicious Saddles, you first have to obtain the seasonal PvP mount which is awarded for fulfilling the same conditions. With so many overgeared opponents doing arena even at low MMR, buying Vicious Saddle boost from PRO players is the easiest way of adding more awesome PvP mounts to your collection!

Rewards of Vicious Saddle boost

  • Vicious Saddle PvP token you can exchange for any mount of your choice;
  • Arena wins at 1000+ rating and large amount of Conquest Points you can use to buy the best PvP gear in game;
  • If you don't have PvP mount of the current season, pick the option and we'll farm it too;
  • Add 1800 rating boost option if you want to unlock ilvl 252 PvP gear and Elite PvP appearance (obtainable only in the current season!). This option is available as selfplay for 100% security.

Delivery time

ETA is 3-7 days depending on the boost method.

Mounts for Vicious Saddle token

There is a total of 14 Vicious mounts for each faction, each takes 80 arena wins to obtain. All mounts are account-wide and transform into the corresponding mount of the opposing faction once you log on a different character. Corresponding mounts are displayed in the same row of the table below.

Additionally, 4 BFA seasonal mounts are now available for purchase with Vicious Saddle token:


  • Max level character. In case you don't have one, you can use our Powerleveling Service.
  • Average item level of at least 210.
  • Your login and password if you choose the account sharing option. We can use a VPN of your country for maximum secuirty.

How to get Vicious Saddle?

Vicious Saddle can be earned by winning 80 3v3 arenas / 40 rated BGs above 1000 rating after you had obtained the seasonal PvP mount which requires the same number of wins. Technically, it's also possible to farm Vicious Saddle in 2v2 arena, but it would take more than 250 wins so this option is far less efficient time-wise than farming 80 wins in 3s. While the 1000 rating requirement doesn't seem too challenging, winning 80 games takes much time, especially if your character is undergeared or you started playing lately in the season when the majority of opponents even at low rating are already fully geared. Additionally, before starting filling the meter for Vicious Saddle you have to obtain the current season's PvP mount which essentially doubles the number of arena wins you have to make. With this being said, buying Vicious Saddle carry from professional PvP boosters is an easy way to enormously speed up the boring farming!

Vicious Saddle Boost
Vicious Saddle Boost
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Rated Excellent5 stars on Trustpilot
846 reviews onTrustpilot

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Brilliantly done. Very professional. What you need is what you get...

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Really good service, easy and quick rating push, helped me learn new things and playstyle for my class. Highly recommend this service...

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Great Service! Done quick and professional!..

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Fantastic job completed order as requested perfectly...

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Very easy to work with, got everything I paid for in a timely manner. They are very fast and happy to answer any questions. I will be using them again!..


Ordered a full Mythic+ gear, they finished it within 1 day =)). Fast and reliable. I would recommend this service to everyone..

Philip Nospickel

Great Service! Smooth, quickly and got a free package upgrade! Recommended!..

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