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WoW Reputation Boost

On your journey in Azeroth you can stumble upon members of various factions. You can gain or lose favor, otherwise known as reputation, with them by completing certain quests or killing certain creatures (mostly bosses and mobs) and often it is not as easy as it seems to be, not to mention that it can take a lot of your free time.

Higher reputation gives access to higher and cooler rewards: from armor and weapon items, toys and recipes to titles and epic mounts.

Our team here would be happy to help you and save you from this repeatable and boring grind with WoW reputation boost!

Dragonflight Reputations
Dragonflight Reputations
Shadowlands Reputations
Shadowlands Reputations
Battle for Azeroth Reputation
Battle for Azeroth Reputation
Legion Reputations
Legion Reputations
Warlords of Draenor Reputations
Warlords of Draenor Reputations
Mists of Pandaria Reputations
Mists of Pandaria Reputations
Cataclysm Reputations
Cataclysm Reputations
WotLK Reputations
WotLK Reputations
Burning Crusade Reputations
Burning Crusade Reputations
Classic Reputations
Classic Reputations

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Why you should buy WoW reputation boost

World of Warcraft, from Classic to Shadowlands, has a famous Reputation system with a bunch of different factions. In Classic WoW, it gave you access to special recipes, keys and enchantments. From Burning Crusade you can get mounts, pets, toys and much more. That is cool, right? Sure! However, like many rewarding mechanics in WoW, reputation farm requires you to grind quests, packs of specific type mobs and other boring activities.

You start your way from Neutral reputation with most factions and grind your way to Exalted – top of reputation level. This grind would take a lot of time, which you could spend on other fun activities, such as conquering new heights in WoW or killing dangerous villains that threaten Azeroth again!

Exalted reputation in factions is as much a collection item as mounts, tabards, toys and so on. High reputation gives you access to various rewards but also achievements.

Let us look at some of the awesome rewards you cen get for completing these achievements:

Do not forget that Exalted with almost any faction in WoW will give you access to awesome rewards: mounts, gear, toys, and pets!

With the Paragon mechanic that was introduced in Legion patch 7.2, you could gain more reputation points beyond Exalted level of reputation, and every time you can get a special chest that contains even more rare and unique rewards.

For example, Wild Dreamrunner from Dreamweaver Cache is awarded for gaining 10,000 bonus reputation points after reaching Exalted with Dreamweavers faction.

This mechanic works not only with Legion factions, but with BfA and Shadowlands as well. Every cache has its unique and cool loot, from toys and pets to rare epic mounts.

With Reputation boost it’s possible to get these cool rewards without spending weeks (or even more time) of your life grinding mobs and doing repeatable boring quests – we are always glad to help you with that!

Delivery time

You can buy WoW reputation boost for several reputations at once, or all of particular WoW expansion factions at once. This means that our work will take some time: if we have the opportunity to grind reputation 24/7 - we will do it for your sake! However, some reputations have only daily quests, so we can grind them only one time per day. Reputation farm may take quite a while, but you will definitely be happy with the results!

Classic Reputations

Ah, the good old Classics factions! What could be better than a long grind in the morning?

There are Classic WoW factions still left in Azeroth, and the rewards for reaching Exalted with each of them are unlike what you get from factions in other expansions, but they are just as cool and even rarer!

For example, Insane in the Membrane is one of the rarest achievements in WoW. To earn it, you need to hit Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers that’s insanely grindy and long job: you start at Hated reputation level with these guys! Also, you need to hit Exalted with Darkmoon Faire and all Goblin neutral cities: Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgetzan, Ratchet. And for the dessert - Ravenholdt. All of this will take A LOT of your time! With our reputation boost service, you will have one of the rarest achievements without spending mouths on brainless grind.

There are other factions in the Сlassic WoW that you could be interested in boosting up reputation with - for cool rewards and achievements, also - mounts. Getting Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber from Wintersaber Trainers will be easy with our Reputation boost!

Burning Crusade Reputations

There are even more factions in Burning Crusade expansion than in Classic before it. Some of them have cool rewards such as Cenarion War Hippogryph that you would have for hitting Exalted with Cenarion Expedition or awesome talkbuk mounts awarded for hitting Exalted with Alliance Kurenai or Horde Mag'har in Nagrand.

For the hard-to-get reputation with the Netherwing faction you will get one up 6 mounts coming in different colors such as Reins of the Purple Netherwing Drake.

WotLK Reputations

When you arrive in Northrend, you encounter the forces of the Lich King - but not only him, but also a whole bunch of new factions that have many cool rewards in store for you!

One of the best mounts that can transport two more passengers along with you is Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth from Sons of Hodir faction. Hitting Exalted with Wyrmrest Accord will give you access to cool Reins of the Red Drake mount. Do not forget The Kalu'ak if you like fishing because at Exalted you can buy this beaty: Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole.

There are many more factions with cool rewards at Exalted level of reputation in frosty Northrend!

Cataclysm Reputations

Perhaps Deathwing reshaped Azeroth with his anger, but what he could not destroy was the factions - there are even more of them in Cataclysm, and the rewards are even cooler!

In Tol Bard you can meet Baradin's Wardens as Alliance and Hellscream's Reach as Horde, both factions have many awesome rewards to offer, but most awesome ones are Reins of the Spectral Steed and Reins of the Spectral Wolf.

In mysterious Uldum desert you can get unique camel mounts after hitting Exalted with Ramkahen faction: Reins of the Brown Riding Camel and Reins of the Tan Riding Camel.

Other factions can give you some cool rewards too: tabards, achievements and much more!

Pandaria reputations

What are we grinding for? Of course, for the cool rewards from the factions that have emerged with the Mists of Pandaria, just like Pandaria itself!

If you like dragons without wings, but with long whiskers, then the Pandaria factions are for you. There are many of them, they are cool and even come in different colors! You can buy Reins Of The Thundering August Cloud Serpent from The August Celestials vendor at Exalted. If you want more, you would like to get Exalted with Order Of The Cloud Serpent for Reins Of The Golden Cloud Serpent, Reins Of The Jade Cloud Serpent, Reins Of The Azure Cloud Serpent. Gorgeous shiny Reins Of The Golden Cloud Serpent could be purchased from Emperor Shaohao vendor.

If dragons are not your thing, that perhaps you would be interested in Reins Of The Blue Shado Pan Riding Tiger that you can get from Shado Pan vendors. And if you want something special, then look at Disc Of The Red Flying Cloud mount that you can get from The Lorewalkers vendor.

There are even more factions in Pandaria, with mounts, tabards, titles, pets and toys as rewards!

WoD reputations

There are many factions in Warlords of Draenor expansion with unique reputations, most of them award cosmetic or vanity items rather than gear.

To unlock the ability to fly in Draenor you need to earn the Draenor Pathfinder meta-achievement, and one part of this is hitting Revered status with three factions: Order Of The Awakened, The Saberstalkers and Horde Vol'jin's headhunters or Alliance Hand Of The Prophet. All of them have awesome rewards: mounts Reins Of The Corrupted Dreadwing, Wild Goretusk, Deathtusk Felboar, toys, pets and more!

There are more factions and more rewards, such exalted mounts Dusty Rockhide and Ironside Warwolf, awesome exalted titles such as Spear of vol'jin or Sword Of Wrynn and even cool cosmetic items Golden Visage Of The Laughing Skull.

Legion reputations

Reputations with Legion expansion factions play an important role as Friendly status with five main factions is required to unlock World Quests and Revered status is required for earning the Broken isles pathfinder: part one achievement.

Boosting reputation with Legion factions would get you hidden Artifact Appearances like The Sunbloom from Dreamweavers vendors, toys like Mobile Telemancy Beacon from The Nightfallen, pets like Sunborne Valkyr from Valarjar, tabards, cool-looking armor and weapons, special shoulder enchants like Boon Of The Gemfinder from Court Of Farondis and even cool cosmetic item Skyhorn War Harness that every tauren would love to have!

BfA reputations

Reputations of this expansion are tied to the main storyline through lore and world quests. To gain access to world quests, you need to become Friendly with the main Alliance and Horde factions of this expansion.

In addition, after boosting BfA reputations you will get some cool rewards. All factions of BfA have something to offer you: pets, mounts, toys, cool-looking armor and weapons and tabards for your collection!

Shadowlands reputations

As you pursue the Jailer across the Shadowlands, you will stumble upon new and unique local factions. All of them have something cool to offer you, if you boost Exalted reputation with them!

Not only well-known types of rewards are waiting for you, but also a brand new one. You could get Legendary Powers from every faction of Shadowlands, like Memory Of Eonar from The Wild Hunt or Memory of jailer's eye from Venari.

Court of Harvesters faction would give you access to Court Sinrunner mount and cool new feature of the expansion – cloak transmog Glittering Gold Sinstone Chain. Or maybe you would like Duskflutter Ardenmoth from The Wild Hunt, or Barbarous Osteowings from The Undying Army faction?

There are many other rewards in the Shadowlands like rare and spooky mounts, tabards, titles and cloak transmogs!

Dragonflight Reputations

Dragonflight adopts the Renown system from the Shadowlands expansion in a more simplified form. Renown rewards in Dragonflight are account-wide. The Renown cap in Dragonflight is 30 at launch, with more levels coming in future content updates. You must gather 2500 points per Renown rank to increase your Renown. Renown levels are not account-wide and must be earned on every single character. You will get renown points from different sources on Dragon Isles, like daily quests and other activities. Dragonflight expansion introduces four main factions: Dragonscale Expedition, Maruuk Centaur, Iskaara Tuskarr, and Valdrakken Accord

One of the main rewards for high renown level with any of main DF factions is customizations for your Dragon Isle drake mount such as Renewed Proto-Drake: Spiked Jaw, Renewed Proto-Drake: Harrier Pattern, Highland Drake: Spiked Cheek, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Blue Scales, Technique: Windborne Velocidrake: Black Fur, Technique: Cliffside Wylderdrake: Red Hair and many other Drakewatcher Manuscripts.

By gaining reputation with these factions, you will get many other rewards, such as Azure Skitterfly, Wayfinder's Compass, Brown Scouting Ottuk, Tuskarr Mystic's Stave, Lizi's Reins, Hoofhelper, Valdrakken Accord Tabard, Ensemble: Black Valdrakken Clothing and other items. You can finish Dragon isles main story campaign only after you reach high renown level with all major faction.

Also, you should grind reputation with minor Dragon Isles factions, like Wrathion, Cobalt Assembly, Sabellian and other to get plenty cool rewards, such as Obsidian Cape, Armoire of Endless Cloaks, Ensemble: Sabellian's Battlegear Cloth Armor, Steadfast Cobalt Bulwark and many others.

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