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WoW Profession Mounts

No matter how big and powerful the Hero of Azeroth is, he most likely has a profession. Perhaps he is good at one, maybe he is a master gatherer, or perhaps he succeeded in two crafting professions at once.

Thanks to professions, you could craft a lot of useful items, from useful armor and weapons to amazing engineering devices. For these items, you should find resources and materials that you could use. Better the materials, better the items you could create. Some of these professions could be used to create mounts. Most of them are easily made if you have the necessary materials. However, there are some mounts that are not easily made and you need to spend a lot of time to create and add them to your collection.

With our WoW Profession Mounts Boost buy you could save yourself from having to grind and spend time searching for the necessary materials or recipes.

Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder
Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder
Fossilized Raptor
Fossilized Raptor
Great Sea Ray
Great Sea Ray
Pond Nettle
Pond Nettle
Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle
Spirit of Eche'ro
Spirit of Eche'ro
Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank
Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank

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Why you should buy WoW Profession Mounts Boost

With crafting professions of high level you could create a lot of cool mounts. You could do it with necessary materials and most of these mounts are easy to get. Almost all professions have receipts for mounts.

Some of this mount are certain profession-only types. This means, that only engineer could craft and use Turbo-Charged Flying Machine and only tailors could use Frosty Flying Carpet.

But, there are some mounts that could be crafted and then sold on auction house or traded to your friends and used by them no matter what profession they have or even if they have none.

These types of mount are not that easy to get and require from you a lot of farm in special zones or gathering reputation and so on. That said, you could spend a lot of time in most of the boring grind in the game, or you could just buy our WoW Profession Mounts Boost and just relax while waiting for us to do all farm and get your desirable mount!

What profession mount could you find here?

It is a lot harder to get cool profession mounts. Some of them could be traded and sold on auction, some of them are not. Anyway, you could see for yourself what we could get for you and exactly how we get them.

Archeology mounts

Archeology secondary profession was added in Cataclysm expansion. You could master this profession and know more about the ancient history of Azeroth and other worlds and dimensions. With this profession you could find some rare artifacts that could be added in your toys, pets and mounts collection.

  • This bony Fossilized Raptor could be your for 100 Fossil Archaeology Fragment that could be found randomlywhile you progress through your Archeology in Azeroth. Because of it random, it prettytime-consuming activity.
  • Misty Spirit of Eche'ro it's not too hard to farm and require high skill with Archaeology profession, but without completing Laying to Rest you wouldn't be able to get this mount, and you can complete this questline only during 2 weeks every 6 months. That is some hardcore timegate!
  • Scepter of Azj'Aqir is rare archeology mount that could be crafted from 150 Tol'vir Archaeology Fragment that are one of the hardest archeology fragments to get. It appears exclusively in Uldum zone, but spawn points appears randomly and are shared with other fragment spawn points, so you need to be pretty lucky to get 2-3 Tol'vir digsites in a row. You must also have 450+ skill to access these spawn points. You could forget about this archeology grind buying our WoW Profession Mounts Boost.

Fishing mounts

Fishing is a meditative profession that has easy mechanics by which you advance in profession. There is nothing surprising in the fact that thanks to fishing you could expand your collection of mounts. After all, you can literally catch out your future mount like a fish! Although, what if your future mount is a fish?

  • Pond Nettle could be randomly caught in waters of Antoran Wastes zone in Argus with 0.03% chance.
  • Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder could be bought by you for 100 Drowned Mana from Conjurer Margoss after you become his Best Friend. To do so, you need to farm reputation with this fellow and it is not the easiest job in Azeroth.
  • Great Sea Ray could be randomly caught from waters of BfA zones. It has low chance drop, between 0.07% and 0.01% depending on zone where you catching it.
  • This cool and cute Sea Turtle could be randomly fished out from any fishing pool in Northrend, Cataclysm and Pandaria zones with extremely low chance! But why farm hard and waste your time then you just could buy this profession mount on our site?

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Was looking for some older content, thankfully ComquestCapped got me what I needed. Would recommend 100%. ..
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Amazing Service I bought a My...
Amazing Service I bought a Mythic Argus kill + the Shackled Ur'zul through these guys they set up a date and got it done for me quick and painlessly. I would recommend them to anyone who needs any of their services...
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quick and uncomplicate i reco...
quick and uncomplicate i recommend this seller quick and uncomplicate,..
1 day ago
Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul - D...
Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul - Done! Bought Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul mount. All has been done approximately in 1 hour. Now I can sleep well and to not think, how to get this mount after BFA will be released. Thanks! =)..
1 day ago
pro service and very fast ++++...
pro service and very fast ++++++++ ..
Hisham Max
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Ordered a mage tower and it wa...
Ordered a mage tower and it was done within the hour. Brilliant service, not my first time using them and not my last either...
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Great company. Will be using t...
Great company. Will be using their services again soon ..
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Ordered 2x Carry from 2k to 2.2k! They completed that quite fast. Plus, they streamed the order to make it feel safier for the buyer. Would work again...
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Top top +++5 i recommandly sup...
Top top +++5 i recommandly super super..
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Quick and fast service. They let me know the date ahead of time, so that I could prepare. Great communication. Won't be the last time I use their services...
Brandon Nguyen

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