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Terms of Service

1. Basic concepts

  • 1.1. The Contractor — online store, which provides The Service according to the current Agreement.
  • 1.2. The Customer — an individual interested in purchasing of The Service.
  • 1.3. The Game — an interactive online PC video game.
  • 1.4. The Website — Contractor’s website, based on domain
  • 1.5. The Service — educational process between the Contractor and the Customer in The Game in order to improve the Customer’s skills, confidence and experience. A full list of services and their respective descriptions is available on the Website.
  • 1.6. The Unauthorized - the companies Blizzard Entertainment, Vivendi Universal Games, inc., Riot Games Interactive and their respective affiliates and subsidiaries, individually or collectively.
  • 1.7. The current Agreement regulates the relations between the Customer and the Contractor regarding the ingame Service provided by the Contractor. By placing an order according to this Agreement, the Customer confirms their approval and acceptance of the Agreement.

2. General Terms

  • 2.1. It is important that you read this Agreement carefully as it contains legal information regarding your use of the Website. You, the Customer, are responsible for fully reading and understanding all of current Agreement, as well as clauses before making a purchase here. This is a legal agreement between you (the Customer) and the Contractor. By purchasing any service offered on this Website, you are agreeing to all our terms, clauses, and conditions. If you do not agree to our terms, conditions and clauses, please do not purchase any service offered on the site.
  • 2.2. By entering the site and browsing any content on the site, you declare under penalty of perjury, under the laws of the state of Russian Federation, that you are not employed or affiliated with the Unauthorized.
  • 2.3. The Contractor makes no claim to the title for any of Unauthorized’s intellectual property and is merely acting as a third-party transferee of the property between the buyer and Unauthorized. the Contractor claims no title to any intellectual property interests held by Unauthorized. Except those granted by Unauthorized no intellectual property interests are being transferred to buyer by the Contractor from this transaction. The Contractor makes no representations regarding the transferability, use, and ownership of Unauthorized intellectual property. Once payment is received by the Contractor and the Contractor’s services are performed, buyer shall take the Sites’s place as a user of Unauthorized’s intellectual property, but only to the extent permitted by Unauthorized.
  • 2.4. No employees of Unauthorized are permitted to purchase from this Website or from us by any means. Buyer wholly accepts all risks and agrees to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify the Contractor for any claims made by Unauthorized and others in relation to this transaction and the use of Unauthorized intellectual property. The Contractor is not associated with Unauthorized in any way, and cautions the Customer to avoid violating or infringing upon the intellectual property rights of Unauthorized. At the conclusion of the transaction, buyer assumes the Contractor's station merely as a licensee of Unauthorized to use its intellectual property and grants the Contractor indemnity from the entire transaction. Unauthorized in no way endorses or is affiliated with this Service or Website.
  • 2.5. Customer must understand that purchasing Services presented on the Website is a violation of terms of agreement between Customer and the Unauthorized.

3. Communication

  • 3.1. When visiting the Website, it means you are communicating with us electronically. You are consenting to receive electronic communications from us. When we communicate with you, it could be in different methods such as live chat, e-mail, or instant messengers.
  • 3.2. Customer that had sumbitted their email address by filling a special webform on the Website agrees to receive promotional emails or newsletters unless they had unsubscribed from such emails.

4. The method of placing an order and obtainment of the services

  • 4.1. The Customer is obliged to carefully examine the Agreement and other rules and instructions, concerning The Service provided by the Contractor (they are published in The Website).
  • 4.2. To place an order the Customer chooses the required service using a special webform in the Contractor’s site and fills all fields that are specified as necessary. These fields include the vital information needed to proceed the service by Contractor.
  • 4.3. By sending the filled form to the Contractor, the Customer gives unconditional agreement on total compliance of the Agreement and other conditions of the deal, which were chosen by the Customer in the web-form (nature and volume of the services etc.).
  • 4.4. After sending the webform, the Customer makes payment through PayPal according to the specified rate. All the payments are done for ingame services, not for any virtual goods or items.
  • 4.5. All the payments and refunds are made through the PayPal.
  • 4.6. The Contractor is obliged to complete the Service according to the current Agreement and Service's description.

5. Refund policy

  • 5.1. The Customer has the right to cancel their order and ask the Contractor for a full refund any time before the start of the Service.
  • 5.2. The Contractor has the right to cancel any order on their own discretion and issue a full refund to the Customer before the Service had been started.
  • 5.3. In case Customer's account in the Game was penalized by the Unauthorized for breaching their respective terms of service for a reason other than "account sharing", the Contractor is obliged to issue a full refund for the Service to the Customer. This includes only the cases of permament and temporary account closure as well as removal of virtual property which were a part of the Service according to its description.
  • 5.4. In case Customer's account in the Game was penalized by the Unauthorized for "account sharing" and no other violations were conducted on the part of the Contractor, Contractor may or may not issue a refund for the Service or any make a compenasation in any other form on their own discretion. Customer must understand that "account sharing", being an integral part of most Services, violates terms of service between Customer and the Unauthorized.
  • 5.5. The Customer of the Contractor may cancel an ongoing order at any time. In this case the Contractor is obliged to issue a partial refund to the Customer. The volume of refund is determined according to the following formula: the price Customer paid for the Service minus the volume of the Service that had been completed at the moment of partial refund in monetary terms. The remaining volume of the Service is determined by the Contractor. An example: The customer purchased a service for completing 10 dungeons for $100 and then demanded to stop the service. By that time 5 out of 10 dungeons had already been completed so the Contractor issued a refund of $50.
  • 5.6. If a third party (an arbiter such as PayPal or an operator of an online marketplace) is involved in a refund dispute, the Contractor has the right to disclose materials regarding the service to that party. Such materials include but are not limited to: copies of email and online chat conversations, screenshots obtained during the Service and communication with the Customer.


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