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Dream Wardens Renown Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,316 reviews on

Buy Dream Wardens Renown boost, and don't waste any more of your time doing tedious renown level grind. Reach 20 Renown level with new Dragonflight Guardians of the Dream patch Dream Wardens reputation and get mounts, cosmetics and other rewards of the main Dragonflight 10.2 faction.

The Dragonflight reputation will give you faction rewards more often because every 2500 points now will add 1 level to renown. Also, you are not bound to one faction or particular covenant; instead, you can progress in earning renown with every Dragonflight faction in the game. Even with the introduction of this new reputation system, you still need to spend a lot of time doing various quests, killing mobs, and grinding other DF activities in the new Emerald Dream zone, which could take much of your time. Buy Dream Wardens Reputation Boost and get all renown rewards quickly and stress-free!

ConquestCapped Dream Wardens Renown Boost will be a perfect solution for those who value their free time and don't like doing open-world activities repeatedly. Reach 20 Renown level without spending time on grindy activities and unlock various cosmetic items for your character and your Dragonflight drake mount, along with toys, mounts, and other rewards.

WoW Dream Wardens Renown Boost Includes

Delivery Time

WoW Dream Wardens Reputation Boost can be started the same day you've placed the order and takes 3-4 weeks to complete.


  • Level 70 character. If you don't have one, consider using our Powerleveling Boost;
  • This is a piloted service.

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Dream Wardens Renown Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,316 reviews on
Dream Wardens Renown Boost
3-4 weeks
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Fast and easy
Fast and easyTop!
1 day ago
Eine super schnell Abwicklung von mein…
Eine super schnell Abwicklung von mein Auftrag nur zu empfehlen
1 day ago
Mage Tower Fel Werebear
Got the Fel Werebear Mage Tower Done within 10 mins. Fast Easy service. 10/10
1 day ago
Genial, expectacular
Yo fui el q atrasó el pedido, puesto q no estaba en casa en ese momento, y al momento de completar los requisitos, fueron extremadamente rápidos y quede completamente satisfecho 100 porciento recomendadoa
1 day ago
Very happy with the service
The service exceeded all my expectations. The salespeople were very kind and responded promptly. Bought gold and a kit to level up engineering. Will be coming back soon for more.
1 day ago
Order was completed in a few hours
Order was completed in a few hours. Cannot ask for more. Thanks !
1 day ago
very fast !
very good experience it was really fast and well organized I was taken care of in the minutes that followed I don't regret it at all.
2 days ago
Achat d'une monture
Comme d'habitude, mission parfaitement accomplie.
2 days ago
Fantastic service
Fantastic service. The team was efficient, communicative, fast and friendly. Would 100% recommend.
2 days ago
every run went smooth and even when…
every run went smooth and even when there was one mistake wqith my order i immediatly got an compensation for that.great work and thx for the service everytime again
2 days ago
Professional Carry
Took me 5 tries to get to Phase 2 of the Mage Tower encounter, before I got frustrated enough to have a professional handle it for me. On the first attempt, they very easily soloed the encounter for me. Whole process took 10 minutes. It was incredible to watch.
2 days ago
Thank you guys
2 days ago
Couldnt believe how fast and profesional everything was. 10/10 recommend
2 days ago
It was just a really good experience…
It was just a really good experience all around. Everything worked out great on my part and yours and I am very thankful :)
2 days ago
Excellent. 10/10
Excellent service with mage tower and fyrakk heroic.

WoW Dream Wardens Reputation Boosting

Dream Wardens Renown Boost is a farming service designed to help you reach the maximum renown level with this faction in Dragonflight Patch 10.2. Achieving a high Dream Wardens renown level unlocks various cosmetic weapons, a new tabard, and is a prerequisite for obtaining the Dragon Isle Pathfinder achievement.

The Dream Wardens Renown Boost is an ideal solution for those who value their free time and prefer to avoid repetitive open-world activities. Attain the maximum renown level of 20 effortlessly with our Dream Wardens Reputation Farm Service, allowing you to focus on uninterrupted gameplay.

Introduced in Dragonflight Patch 10.2, the Dream Wardens faction comprises ancient Emerald Dream protectors, uniting Keepers, dryads, druids, runebears, and members of the Green Dragonflight. Together, they play a crucial role in the last major Dragonflight storyline, confronting Fyrakk and his army. Completing tasks for the Dream Wardens not only advances the faction's storyline but also boosts your Renown with unique cosmetic rewards.

For those solely interested in collecting faction rewards without delving into the faction's narrative, the Dream Wardens Reputation Carry from ConquestCapped is the hassle-free solution:

  • Select your current Renown level and the desired level to allow us to formulate the most efficient Renown leveling plan for you.
  • Please ensure that you have unlocked Emerald Dream activities before placing your order. If you haven't completed the necessary quests for this, you can include them as Additional options.
  • Our skilled players will diligently tackle all available tasks for Renown leveling, encompassing world quests, three new world activities, and zone storylines.
  • At the conclusion of the leveling process, you can effortlessly acquire all coveted items from the faction vendor.

Rewards from Dream Wardens Renown Boost

The Dream Wardens Renown carry will grant you access at reputation vendor with numerous cosmetic rewards, ranging from transmog items to mounts, along with 441-454 ilvl gear pieces and items for the Emerald Bounty event:

Renown Level Available Rewards Item Type Cost
(Dragon Isles Supplies)
Renown 20 Gigantic Dreamseed Emerald Bounty event 1500
Renown 20 Plump Dreamseed Emerald Bounty event 500
Renown 20 Small Dreamseed Emerald Bounty event 100
Renown 19 Flourishing Whimsydrake: Night Scales Drakewatcher Manuscript 1250
Renown 19 Flourishing Whimsydrake: Sunset Scales Drakewatcher Manuscript 1250
Renown 18 Dreambound Augment Rune Augment Rune 100,000(Gold)
Renown 17 Reins of the Suntouched Dreamstag Mount 1200
Renown 17 Reins of the Lunar Dreamstag Mount 1200
Renown 16 Ensemble: Elegant Green Dragon Outerwear Cosmetic 500
Renown 16 Caretaker's Trowel Cosmetic 300
Renown 16 Ranger's Longbow Cosmetic 300
Renown 16 Survivalist's Shovel Cosmetic 300
Renown 16 Elderwood Cane Cosmetic 300
Renown 16 Cultivator's Watering Can Cosmetic 300
Renown 15 Spruce Pet 375
Renown 15 Juniper Pet 375
Renown 14 Solar Synthesis Crown 454 ilvl Cloth Head 600
Renown 14 Drowsed Shepherd's Hood 454 ilvl Leeather Head 600
Renown 14 Auburn Scavenger Helm 454 ilvl Mail Head 600
Renown 14 Fallen Protector Greathelm 454 ilvl Plate Head 600
Renown 13 Flourishing Whimsydrake: Horns Drakewatcher Manuscript 450
Renown 13 Flourishing Whimsydrake: Neck Fins Drakewatcher Manuscript 450
Renown 7 Solar Synthesis Gloves 441 ilvl Cloth Hands 300
Renown 7 Drowsed Shepherd's Vest 441 ilvl Leather Hands 300
Renown 7 Auburn Scavenger Gauntlets 441 ilvl Mail Hands 300
Renown 7 Fallen Protector Handguards 441 ilvl Plate Hands 300
Renown 6 Flourishing Whimsydrake: Underbite Snout Drakewatcher Manuscript 225
Renown 6 Flourishing Whimsydrake: Ridged Brow Drakewatcher Manuscript 225
Renown 6 Flourishing Whimsydrake: Back Fins Drakewatcher Manuscript 225

Dream Wardens Rep Boosting Service Advantages

Our Dream Wardens reputation carry service provides a hassle-free approach to boosting your reputation with these guardians of the Dream. We will efficiently handle all daily and weekly activities, defeat rares, and complete community events that contribute to earning reputation with the Dream Wardens. This allows you to maximize your free time instead of spending it on reputation grinding.

Key benefits of our Dream Wardens reputation carry service include:

  • Earning reputation through various sources along the way.
  • Swift reputation gain through proven and safe boosting methods.
  • A valuable complement to your progress in the 10.2 campaign.
  • Unlocking new chapters, rewards, and useful items in the Emerald Dream.
  • Access to 24/7 live support to address any questions or concerns.

If you aim to fully enjoy the open-world content in Patch 10.2 without the monotony of daily quests, choosing our Dream Wardens rep carry service is the optimal solution. Embrace the new patch hassle-free!

How to Gain Renown With Dream Wardens?

With Dragonflight reputation grind being overhauled, there are far more activities to do in the game. It’s never been more fascinating to reach maximum Renown because there are now so many methods to acquire favor with each new faction. Renown earning is possible, even though solo leveling, by completing quests with a faction and some daily activities. In most cases, there is no way to get the maximum Renown level in one day. However, with ConquestCapped Dream Wardens Reputation Boost, you will get Renown Cap fast and easy.

Guardians of the Dream Emerald Dream zone quests

You will meet the Dream Wardens faction during the main quest line of the Guardians of the Dream campaign. Each campaign chapter will give you 2500 Reputation with the Guardians of the Dream faction. Several one-time quests for reputation tokens will give you 500-1500 reputation points per quest. It will be a significant amount of reputation gained only while questing in the new Dragonflight major patch, but it is not enough to get most of the faction rewards. Emerald Dream zone is your only zone to get reputation with the Dream Wardens.

Dream Wardens World Quests

You can obtain Dream Wardens reputation by doing various activities in Emerald Dream, such as completing World Quests with 50 Reputation per World Quest before rep bonuses. The First Superblooms weekly event completion of the week will reward you with 1000 Reputation and 50 Reputation for subsequent completions. If you interested in other Superblooms weekly event rewards, check our Superbloom Event Boost.

Dream Wardens Weekly Quest

The Emerald Dream has a new weekly quest, A Worthy Ally: Dream Wardens, requiring you to earn 1500 Reputation with the Dream Wardens. This quest is first obtainable at the end of Chapter 2 of the 10.2 storyline, A Multi-Front Battle. You can obtain Dream Wardens reputation by doing various activities in the Emerald Dream, such as completing World Quests and zone events.

Dream Wardens Faction Contracts

There is a consumable item that can be used to enter into a contract with any faction. You can increase your reputation with a faction by 15 points every time you complete a world quest after entering contract with them. While doing wold quests, this is a very practical way to gain some reputation. Inscription has the ability of making these goods, and they can be sold at the Auction House. There are a total of four of them, one per faction.

Dream Wardens Faction Vendor Location

Moon Priestess Lasara is Dream Wardens reputation quartermaster located in Emerald Dream zone.

Dragonflight Dream Infusions

Dream Infusions are a new activity within the Emerald Dream in which you need to obtain Dream Infusion. You obtain these from Rare Elites in the Emerald Dream once a day, starting at Renown 5. To infuse a create with the Dream, you must already own a non-Dream version of the creature (as in, a pet or mount that corresponds to the one you're infusing with). If you are interested in Dream Infusion farm to get unique Dream version mounts and pets, check out our Dream Infusion Farming Service.

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