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Valdrakken Accord Reputation Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,818 reviews on

Buy Dragonflight Valdrakken Accord reputation boost, and don't waste any more of your time doing tedious renown level grind. Reach Renown cap level with WoW Dragonflight Valdrakken Accord to get all great rewards like mounts, pets, tabards, gear, mount customization cosmetics for dragonriding, and various useful abilities, crafting patterns, and cosmetics.

The Dragonflight reputation will provide you with faction rewards more often because every 2500 points now will add 1 level to renown. Also, you are not bound to one faction or particular covenant; instead, you can progress in earning a renown with every Dragonflight faction in the game. Even with the introduction of this new reputation system, you still need to spend a lot of time doing various quests, killing mobs, and grinding other DF activities, which could take a lot of your time. Buy our Valdrakken Accord Reputation Boost and get all glorious and helpful rewards quickly and stress-free!

Centered in their most ancient city, the Valdrakken Accord is the unified might of all dragonkind, seeking to protect their island home and all of Azeroth. By increasing reputation with Valdrakken Accord, you will unlock various cosmetic items for your character and your Dragonflight drake mount, along with toys and other rewards.

Rewards of Valdrakken Accord Renown Boost

Delivery Time

WoW Valdrakken Accord Reputation Boost can be started the same day you've placed the order and takes 4-6 weeks to complete.


How does the New Dragonflight Renown System Work?

In previous WoW expansions, you had farm faction favor that measures in reputation points. Once your reputation was high enough, you would be promoted to the next level of standing and have access to exclusive rewards from the faction vendor. In most cases, the relationship status ranged from Neutral to Exalted. In some cases, you will start your journey to Exalted from Hated, which means that you will need to farm even more reputation, doing more repetitive quests and killing hundreds of mobs. With the Legion expansion, Paragon status was introduced. Paragon status was attainable for those who wished to continue farming reputation with a faction beyond Exalted. Instead of a reputation bar, you’d have a paragon bar, and as you progressed, you were rewarded with a chest that contained some rewards. The problem was that the reputation points requirements for each new rank were too high, the process wasn’t particularly enjoyable, and the rewards weren’t very useful.

With the WoW Dragonflight release, you will have a new system requiring less mindless grind to get a higher rank with the faction. Dragonflight expansion introduces four main factions: the Dragonscale Expedition, Valdrakken Accord, the Valdrakken Accord, and the Valdrakken Accord.

Dragonflight adopts the Renown system from the Shadowlands expansion in a more simplified form. Renown rewards in Dragonflight are account-wide. The Renown cap in Dragonflight is 30 at launch, with more levels coming in future content updates. You must gather 2500 points per Renown rank to increase your Renown. Renown levels are not account-wide and must be earned on every single character. You will get renown points from different sources on Dragon Isles, like daily quests and other activities.

Ways to Increase Reputation with Valdrakken Accord?

With Dragonflight reputation grind was overhauled, there is far more activities to do in the game. It’s never been more fascinating to reach maximum Renown because there are now so many methods to acquire favor with each new faction.

DF Campaign and Side Quests

When you initially begin leveling in DF zones, these main quests will be your most profitable way to get reputation. They each grant roughly 100 renown points, and some even grant reputation with other factions as well. You may boost your Renown with the Valdrakken Accord by completing quests in all areas, but the Thaldraszus is the most beneficial.

Thaldraszus is your best bet to get reputation with the Valdrakken Accord. Though you can find a few places, the best way to quickly and easily amass a sizable number is to farm renown in Thaldraszus. You can give between 100 and 400 renown upon completing the side quests. Sadly, you can’t repeat them, so you’ll need to find other ways to boost your Renown once you’ve exhausted them.

Valdrakken Accord Dungeons Quests

Most factions will send you to obtain some item and slay a boss in the dungeon and get the item from his corpse. Aside from having to look for a party, there is no downside in doing so, but among renown, you will have a chance to get solid gear that will help in your further adventure. Although only two dungeon quests are associated with Valdrakken Accord, completing each of them grants 750 renown points.

Valdrakken Accord The Obsidian Citadel

The Obsidian Citadel is located in eastern Waking Shores. Every week you will get a quest from one of the two leaders of Black Dragonflight. Completing the quest unlocks five weekly quests that give 150 renown with the Valdrakken Accord per quest. Also, you’ll get a new weekly quest to deliver a key either to Sabellian or Wrathion. Who you choose is up to you; in the end, you will get an Obsidian Strongbox containing Titan Relics, Dragon Isles Supplies cosmetic rewards, and other loot.

Valdrakken Accord Siege on Dragonbane Keep

This event is unlocked upon reaching renown 5 with Valdrakken Accord. It’s located in The eastern Waking Shores. You can see whether the event is active by hovering an icon on your map. Completing the event gives you 50 renown and a Dragonbane Strongbox, which always contains a hefty sum of gold, but also Titan Relics, which can be turned in for 15 renown points apiece.

Valdrakken Accord Siege Aerial Challenges

This is an entirely new content type which you unlock at renown 7 by completing a short introductory quest. Aerial challenges are fun races that you may complete for 100 renown and various other rewards.

Valdrakken Accord World Quests

These quests haven’t really changed since Legion expansion. You can repeat world quests on a daily basis, normal ones give you 100 and elite ones give 300 reputation.

DF Faction Contracts

There is a consumable item that can be used to enter into a contract with any faction. You can increase your reputation with a faction by 15 points every time you complete a world quest after entering contract with them. While doing wold quests, this is a very practical way to gain some reputation. Inscription has the ability of making these goods, and they can be sold at the Auction House. There are a total of four of them, one per faction.

DF Weekly Quest: Aiding the Accord

The weekly is unlocked upon completion of the main campaign of the Dragonflight. Head to the center of Valdrakken and interact with Therazal. Don't forget, that the weekly requires you to get 3000 renown points across all DF factions. It grants another 500 renown points upon completion.

Valdrakken Accord Faction Vendor Location

Unatos is Valdrakken Accord reputation quartermaster located in Valdrakken on 58.20 35.33 coordinates.

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Valdrakken Accord Reputation Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,818 reviews on
Valdrakken Accord Reputation Boost
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