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Dragonflight 60-70 Powerleveling Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,905 reviews on

Buying Dragonflight leveling boost is the fastest and easiest way to hit max level in the new World of Warcraft expansion. Your adventures in the uncharted realm of the Dragon Isles begin with hitting level 70. Our Dragonflight 60-70 powerleveling service is done by PRO players who know all quest shortcuts, tricks and optimal Dragonflight leveling routes: our Dragonflight powerleveling boost is done 100% by hand meaning we will never use any botting software no matter how safe it may seem.

Do not hesitate using our WoW Dragonflight level boost and relieve yourself of the most unpleasant part of the Dragonflight expansion. Jump straight into the high-end Dragonflight content and enjoy DF max level such as dungeons and raids, all that thanks to our Dragonflight level 70 boost service!

Rewards of WoW DF powerleveling

  • Level 70 boost in Dragonflight expansion;
  • All gold and resources earned during Dragonflight leveling;

Delivery time

Dragonflight power leveling service takes from 12 to 48 hours depending on the selected option.

Requirements for Dragonflight Powerleveling

  • Level 60+ character;
  • Dragonflight addon must be purchased for your WoW account;
  • No gear requirements;

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Dragonflight leveling guide

WoW has been extended with a brand new zone of the Dragon Isles. Just exploring this new realm is fun too, but doing Dragonflight 70 leveling in the most efficient way requires knowledge of optimal DF questing routes and ways to quickly farm XP. And this is the knowledge our PRO players possess! Knowing the most efficient Dragonflight leveling routes, our players will turn your Dragonflight level 70 boost into a miraclously fast and smooth experience.

Also, you need to know that Dracthyr leveling is slightly different. Dracthyr starting level is 58 meaning you have to spend some time in Dracthyr starting zone before embarking on your journey of Dragonflight 60-70 leveling. Even though leveling Dracthyr for the first time may be a fun and exciting experience, we still offer Dracthyr powerleveling service to all players who don't want to spend their time and just want to begin playing at max level.

Dragonflight leveling route looks as follows:

  • 1. The Forbidden Reach (dracthyr starting area);
  • 2. The Waking Shores;
  • 3. Ohn'ahran Plains;
  • 4. The Azure Span;
  • 5. Thaldraszus;

As soon as your character reaches WoW Dragonflight level cap, you a free to enjoy high-end activities such as rated PvP, raids and mythic+ dungeons.

Dragonflight leveling changes

There are several major leveling changes in Dragonflight. First of all, it affected Chromie Time Changes.

The new player experience in Dragonflight has undergone drastic changes as you no longer will go to the Shadowlands, and instead must level 1-60 in BFA zones before venturing the the Dragon Isles. So this is what your Dragonflight leveling route would look like as a fresh player:

  • 1. Exile's Reach (from Level 1-10);
  • 2. Battle for Azeroth (from Level 10-60);
  • 3. Dragonflight (from 60-70);

Dragonflight 1-70 leveling for existing players is slightly different. If you already have a max-level character you may pick a starting zone of your character's race or Exile's Reach, choose any WoW expansion including Shadowlands before finally entering the Dragon Isles. Shadowlands zones were introduced to Chromie Time in Patch 10.0. This is what Dragonflight alt leveling looks like:

  • 1. Choose starting zone (from Level 1-10);
  • 2. Pick any WoW expansion, including Shadowlands (from Level 10-60);
  • 3. Dragonflight zones (from 60-70);

Finally, you've reached level 60 and the Dragon Isles. What route can you take? If you are leveling your first character in Dragonflight then your leveling route follows the linear storyline, just like in Shadowlands expansion. In this case you will be visiting Dragon Isles zones in the following order:

  • 1. The Waking Shores;
  • 2. Ohn'ahran Plains;
  • 3. The Azure Span;
  • 4. Thaldraszus;

Most likely there will be a Threads of Fate mode in the Dragonflight expansion allowing alt characters to skip the main storyline and level 60-70 in a simplified way.

Dragonflight leveling gear

Naturally, the better gear you start your DF leveling with, the faster and smoother it will be. However, Dragonflight questing gear will quickly catch up with Shadowlands epics and prove a viable alternative for fast and stress-free WoW DF 60-70 leveling.

Why you should buy Dragonflight leveling boost

Total amount of leveling time in Dragonflight from level 60 to level 70 is approximately 12 hours of hardcore leveling; dedicating entire day of your life to Dragonflight 70 powerleveling is hardly possible if you are short for spare time in your life. And if you wish to start a new character from scratch, then it could take even more time!

So we are talking about almost an entire day of real time, a long time before you can actually enjoy the end-game Dragonflight content. But what if you don’t have no time to spend on leveling and still want to enjoy the fun end-game activities, high-level PvP, dungeons and raids runs? It is easy to reach max level with our Dragonflight powerleveling boost!

  • Get started on release day - our Dragonflight level boost is available for pre-order. We will assign one of our best players who has experience of completing many leveling orders in WoW and will make sure to complete 60-70 leveling in the shortest possible time.
  • Get all rewards and be prepared! - with our 60-70 powerleveling service you will complete most of the Dragonflight quests, obtain cool and useful loot and prepare your character for the most interesting Dragonflight activities in Dragon Isles, including participating in the first Vault of the Incarnates runs!
  • Fair play guaranteed - we will never use any 3rd party hacks or bots to advance Dragonflight leveling progress. Our powerleveling service is done 100% by hand without use of any exploits.
Dragonflight 60-70 Powerleveling Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,905 reviews on
Dragonflight 60-70 Powerleveling Boost
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