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WotLK Classic Leveling

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,521 reviews on

Buy WotLK power leveling service and swiftly ascend to the maximum 80th level. Our Wrath of the Lich King level boosting not only provides various loot and completes quests but also meticulously prepares your character for endgame activities in Northrend. Opt for our WotLK Level Boost to bypass the lengthy leveling grind and dive directly into the excitement of high-level raiding and PvP. Get your WotLK level boost today, save precious time, sidestep the tedium of leveling, and immediately begin mastering the endgame content.

WotLK Classic Leveling Service Includes

  • Desired level for your character;
  • Huge number of quests completed during level up;
  • Various related achievements unlocked;
  • All gold and loot earned during WotLK Classic boosting.

Delivery time

  • Depending on the selected leveling speed and level range, the service may take up to a maximum of 12 days.
  • We will assign a booster to start order within 1-3 hours. Completion time starts counting once driver is assigned.
Speed Option Description ETA for 1-80 Leveling
Regular This option provides you with a basic start and completing time the WotLK level boost. ~11-12 days
Fast Your order is given elevated priority, reducing the completion time by 30%. ~8-9 days
Express Your order is granted top-tier priority for start and is carried out by our elite boosters, ensuring the swiftest completion time feasible. ~6-7 days

Additional options

  • Speed Execution Options - You have the flexibility to select from three distinct speed options for WotLK leveling. By opting for the fast or express choices, your order receives a higher priority to start and the completion time is reduced.
  • Cold Weather Flying - We will unlock flying riding skill in Northrend.
  • Epic 280% Flying Mount - We will obtain 280% speed flying mount for your character.
  • Exalted with Sons of Hodir - We will reach max reputation level with faction Sons of Hodir.
  • Unlock Head Enchant - We will reach Revered with one of the following factions: Knights of the Ebon Blade, Argent Crusade, Wyrmrest Accord, or Kirin Tor, depending on your choice and role.
  • Professions - You can add up to 2 main and x3 secondary professions and we will boost selected professions to max 450 skill.
  • Gearing - Enhance your WotLK Classic leveling experience by adding a gear boost option. With this, you can elevate your character with equipment reaching up to 245 ilvl, ensuring a stronger, more capable character upon completion of the leveling process.
  • Full Heroic+++ Dungeon Runs - We will complete all 16/16 heroic dungeons in Protocol Gamma mode, providing you with the opportunity to acquire 232 ilvl items and guaranteeing a minimum of x16 Defiler's Scourgestones.
Note: Additional options such as farming gear, obtaining 280% mount, etc. are done after reaching level 80 and increases order completion time.


  • A character with the selected current level on the WotLk Classic account.
WotLK Classic Leveling
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,521 reviews on
WotLK Classic Leveling
1-3 hours
Time to start
Choose your region
Boost Method
Execution Speed
current Level
Desired level
Riding Skills & Flights
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DELIVERY_TIME order completion

Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
The speed and techniques used were…
The speed and techniques used were amazing! he was don in a matter of minutes and made it look easy even though I spent many weeks failing with my best efforts
Gus Kostic
1 day ago
My god, they are really good. The guy took 1 try and 2 minuts to do what i was spending 3 days
Humberto Ferranti
1 day ago
WOW service provider
Conquest capped is a great resource for getting your characters up to speed and properly geared. I love their services. They’re quick to deliver on the service when purchased too.
1 day ago
Perfect and friendly service
Perfect and friendly service! Sure is a good deal and very fair prices. Delivers what they promise and even more.
1 day ago
Pro and fast
Pro and fast ! Perfect service
1 day ago
best service and fast i mean very fast
best service and fast i mean very fast! best spot to get your service!
1 day ago
Mage Tower
Got done 2 attempts and a fraction of the time I spent trying. Well worth it!!!!
Frank Favre
2 days ago
This is my best experience with..
This is my best experience with Conquestcapped! They're always trying their best, friendly and very helpful. They answer question very quicklyI would say 10/10 service looking to purchase something again.
2 days ago
Very professional
Very professional. They were very timely and did everything I paid for
D D Sil
2 days ago
Very easy and fast
Very easy and fast, thank you guys so much:)
2 days ago
The service was very fast
The service was very fast, (even though I died ALOT! haha) I was able to pick up some good loot while seeing new content. I will use them again!
2 days ago
They were fast and very responsive
They were fast and very responsive. they helped me level several alts way cheaper than getting a wow level token.
2 days ago
Incredible company
Incredible company. They made my gameplay a lot easier
D D Sil
2 days ago
Professional and quick
Professional and quick, explained everything perfectly and was done in minutes.
2 days ago
Went smoothly. A++

WotLK Level Boost Service

There are not many variants for fast leveling in the game. You either complete thousand of quests, grind dungeons or kill a bunch of bears and boars. You also need to prepare your character for endgame content, which is not only about gear but also your skill and class build understanding. Our PRO players will gladly help you with class tips and advice about your class leveling talents and the best leveling specs. Wrath of the Lich King Classic Powerleveling boost is your fastest way to get 80 level.

Our WotLK Powerleveling service offers:

  • Boosters prepared to level up your character to any desired level in Wrath of the Lich King.
  • A variety of level carry options to suit your needs.
  • Assurance of manual boosting for authenticity and quality.
  • Maximum security measures to protect your account.
  • Availability of our leveling teams to boost, even during nighttime.
  • Flexibility to accommodate specific leveling hours upon request.
  • Use of optimal WotLK XP boosting routes and guides for efficient and swift leveling.

WotLK Classic Power Level Boost Route

WoW Classic has been extended with a cool and atmospheric Northrend continent with the return of Wrath of the Lich King expansion. You will need to go on a fantastic journey through several massive new zones to level up your characters from level 70 to level 80 and dive into cool and one of the best WoW addon endgame content.

The usual WotLK zones leveling route looks like this:

Fastest Ways of WotLK Leveling Boost

WotLK Classic has two main ways to get to the 80 level. You can complete quests from your race, starting with the higher level zones, until you get to the top. Also, you can grind dungeons, with or without the help of your friends. Undoubtedly, the dungeon grinding method is one of the fastest and could bring you lots of powerful gear that would be useful for some time. But without friends and especially friends with 80 level characters, it could take even more time than questing. That said, a quest might be a better option if you are a solo player, and the dungeon grind method is suitable if you have buddies by your hand. Surely, the fastest way to get 80 level in Wrath would be our Wrath of the Lich King Classic Powerleveling boost.

Why Buy WotLK Classic Power Leveling Boost

Real game in WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic begins at level 80 so reaching it becomes the number one priority for all fresh characters. While Blizzard sells paid level boost up to 68, you could customize your powerleveling experience with our boost as you want. You could skip WoW Classic quests and do TBC quests by yourself, or skip them all straight to WotLK quest at 68 or 70 lvl. Thats why our WotLK 1-80 Custom Leveling boost it what you need!

Total amount of leveling time in Wrath of the Lich King expansion from level 70 to level 80 is approximately 2 weeks of casual questing for a regular player, it could take less time if you play from 8 to 12 hours per day and this is nearly impossible if you are short for free time in your life. And if you wish to start a new character, then it could take even more time! However, knowing leveling routes and fast-leveling techniques can lower this time to 1 week or even several days.

So we are talking about almost a month or even more time of leveling. Large amount of time before you can actually enjoy the end-game WotLK Classic content - most interesting type of content in WotLK. But what if you don’t have no time to spend on leveling and still want to enjoy the fun end-game activities, high-level PvP, dungeons and raids runs? It simply to reach high level with our Wrath of the Lich King Classic custom powerleveling boost!

  • Blazing fast speed - we will assign one of our best players who has experience of completing many leveling orders in regular WoW Classic and TBC Classic and will make sure to complete WotLK 1-80 leveling in the shortest possible time.
  • Skip boring quests - doing the same quests over and over while leveling alts in regular WoW Classic and then in TBC Classic was boring. Doing it again in WotLK for your new char? Escape this routine with the help of our PRO players and start exploring Wrath of the Lich King content at maximum level.
  • Fair play guaranteed - we will never use any 3rd party hacks or bots to advance WotLK leveling progress. Our powerleveling service is done 100% by hand without use of any exploits.
DELIVERY_TIME order completion

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