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Soul Cinders Farm

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,188 reviews on

Soul Cinders is the new currency of patch 9.1 required to upgrade Shadowlands legendary items to ranks 5 and 6. Buying Soul Cinders farming service is the fastest and easiest way of fully upgrading all your Legendaries.

Soul Cinders drop at Torghast layers 9, 10, 11, and 12 along with some amount of Soul Ash.

By the way, we also offer a service for unlocking all legendary powers for your class.

Rewards for Soul Ash farm carry

  • Any amount of Soul Cinders from maximum layer of Torghast. Layer 12 awards 350 Soul Cinders per run;
  • We will unlock Torghast up to the maximum layer. Choose the maximum unlocked layer if you don't have access to layer 12 yet.

Delivery time of Soul Cinders cap

One run at maximum layer takes 30 minutes.

Additional options

  • Extra Soul Cinders from weekly quests - we will complete weekly activities in the Maw to get up to 300 extra Soul Cinders added to the amount farmed in Torghast.
  • Unlock Torghast Layers - we will unlock all Torghast layers up to 12.

What is Soul Ash and how to farm it?

Soul Cinders is an essential ingredient for further empowering Shadowlands Legendary items to higher ranks, the key resource if you want to boost your characters power as much as possible. The amount of Soul Cinders needed to craft or upgrade a Legendary depends on the item level of legendary you are going to craft. This is why it's important to farm maximum weekly cap of Soul Cinders, even if you don't use it right away, you can still stockpile it for future use.

Soul Cinders currency is used by the Runecarver, a prisoner to Torghast Tower who will help you to craft new and upgrade existing legendary items. Each legendary costs certain amount of Soul Ash and Soul Cinders to create and additional amount to upgrade its item level. The cost of all upgrades will quickly add up to an impressive amount so buying a Soul Cinders farm boost would be the best option to keep your character competitive while saving your time.

Legendary rank Item level Soul Ash cost Soul Cinders cost
Rank 1 ilvl 190 1250 - -
Rank 2 ilvl 210 2000 --
Rank 3 ilvl 225 3200 --
Rank 4 ilvl 235 5150 --
Rank 5 ilvl 249 5150 1100
Rank 6 ilvl 262 5150 1650

Primary way of farming Soul Cinders:

  • Completing Wings of Torghast Layers 9-12. Every week, 2 different wings of Torghast are randomly chosen out of a total of 6 wings to be available for players. Completion of each wing awards certain amount of Soul Ash depending on Layer. Maximum amount of Soul Cinders obtainable from Torghast Layer 12 is 350 per run.

Obviously it makes sense to unlock the maximum layer of Torghast and then start running it over and over to farm any amount of Soul Cinders, this is what we do in our Soul Cinders carry service. Completing a run of Layer 12 award a total of 350 Soul Cinders, this amount can be increased by doing more runs.


  • Level 60 character. In case you don't have one, you can use our Powerleveling Service.
  • Maximum layer of Torghast unlocked.
Soul Cinders Farm
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,188 reviews on
Soul Cinders Farm
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Nice and easy service they will guide you through it
Fast and easy experience
1 day ago
Very fast and safe boost would be happy…
Very fast and safe boost would be happy to buy again !
1 day ago
Real professional organization They deliver wat they offer in a fast and professional way.
1 day ago
Super schnelle Lieferung!!!
Super schnelle Lieferung!!!Alles sehr Korrekt gelaufen.
1 day ago
this is real ... i was a bit scare but i tried it and had great time watch and learning .. thank u
watching everything ... learning and the best part is u get what u want.. thank you conquest I'm use u guys again .... for sure
1 day ago
perfect players and very serious!!!
1 day ago
Very fast service for PvP i would…
Very fast service for PvP i would really buy from many times ????????
2 days ago
Incroyable, mon war n as jamais aussi bien jouer challenge first try rien à dire Bon boulot
2 days ago
Fast and reliable!
2 days ago
Quick and easy transactions
Quick and easy transactions. Also service was fast and professional, with no problems.
2 days ago
Amazing service
It was like my 4th boost with conquestcapped and it's amazing. Support is always here to listen, they're super good at the game that's a 10/10
2 days ago
Juste parfait
Juste parfait. Partis en vacances et à mon retour tout étais nickel. Propre, rapide. Je recommande fortement sans crainte. Equipe pro, vous m'avez conquis. Vous gagner un nouveau client pour longtemps =)
2 days ago
It was fast and look very easy I would…
It was fast and look very easy I would recommend to use especially for someone like me spend hours to do. Very good and fast to respond to your request
2 days ago
One word: ProfessionalThe order was too hard due to my connection so they adapted theimself to my needs and helped me the best they could.Ty so much i'll ask for your help another day for sure ^^
2 days ago
good pricing with fast service that got…
good pricing with fast service that got the job done. would gladly use CC again

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