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Cosmic Flux Farm

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,811 reviews on

Buying Cosmic Flux farming service is your easiest way of obtaining any amount of the new currency introduced in Shadowlands patch 9.2. Cosmic Flux will allow you to upgrade you Legendary items to Rank 7 and craft set items using Creation Catalyst.

Our player will farm Cosmic Flux for your character in the most efficient way possible by completing daily quests in Zereth Mortis, killing rare NPC and doing other activities. Skip the boring grinding and enjoy more interesting in-game activities with our Cosmic Flux boost!

Rewards of Cosmic Flux farm boost

  • Selected amount of Cosmic Flux farmed for your character;
  • Completion of different daily and weekly activities;
  • Rare monsters killed;

Delivery time

We will farm up to 500-700 Cosmic Flux per day.


  • Max level character. In case you don't have one, you can use our Powerleveling Service.
  • Access to Zereth Mortis zone unlocked. If you don't have it, please pick the respective option.

What is Cosmic Flux used for?

Cosmic Flux is used to upgrade Shadowlands legendary items to their final and most powerful Rank 7. Cosmic Flux is also used to transform Shadowlands Season 3 items into Sepulcher of the First Ones tier items. This done via Creation Catalyst which has a cooldown.

Upgrading Legendary items to Rank 7 costs 2000 Cosmic Flux.

The Cosmic Flux costs for Tier crafting depends on which piece you're going to craft:

Slot Cosmic Flux cost
Bracers, Cloak 600 Cosmic Flux
Belt, Boots 800 Cosmic Flux
Shoulders, Gloves 1200 Cosmic Flux
Helm, Chest, Legs 1500 Cosmic Flux

Keep in mind that only one piece can be crafted at a time and then you have to wait a cooldown time for the Creation Catalyst to recover.

How to get Cosmic Flux?

There are several ways to obtain Cosmic Flux:

  • 1. Completing various activities in Zereth Mortis;
  • 2. Completing Torghast layers;
  • 3. Completing high-en activities like Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids and Arenas;

The primary source to farm Cosmic Flux is Zereth Mortis. There are repeatable and one-time sources of Cosmic Flux in Zereth Mortis.

Source Is repeatable? Amount of Cosmic Flux
Treasures Repeatable 10-14 Cosmic Flux
Rare NPCs Repeatable 50-75 Cosmic Flux
Daily quests Repeatable 75 Cosmic Flux
Enlightened Broker Supplies (Enlightened Paragon chest) Repeatable 1000 Cosmic Flux
Patterns Within Patterns weekly quest Repeatable 150 Cosmic Flux
Treasures of Zereth Mortis One-time 200 Cosmic Flux
Kismetric Disc quest One-time 200 Cosmic Flux
The Catalyst Awakens quest One-time 500 Cosmic Flux

You can also farm Cosmic Flux from doing Torghast runs. Cosmic Flux can be gained repeatedly by completing layers 13-16, or once by completing each Jailer's Gauntlet floor.

Source Is repeatable? Amount of Cosmic Flux
Normal Torghast Wing (Layer 13) Repeatable 70 Cosmic Flux
Normal Torghast Wing (Layer 14) Repeatable 80 Cosmic Flux
Normal Torghast Wing (Layer 15) Repeatable 90 Cosmic Flux
Normal Torghast Wing (Layer 16) Repeatable 100 Cosmic Flux
Jailer's Gauntlet (Layer 1) One-time 50 Cosmic Flux
Jailer's Gauntlet (Layer 2) One-time 75 Cosmic Flux
Jailer's Gauntlet (Layer 3) One-time 100 Cosmic Flux
Jailer's Gauntlet (Layer 4) One-time 125 Cosmic Flux

There are other repeatable sources for obtaining Cosmic Flux.

Source Amount of Cosmic Flux
Mythic+ dungeons 100 Cosmic Flux per dungeon
Arena wins 22 Cosmic Flux per win
Sepulcher of the First Ones bosses 100 Cosmic Flux per boss
Great Vault 500 Cosmic Flux from Cosmic Flux Parcel

Probably arena at low rating will be the most efficient way of farming Cosmic Flux since it takes only a few minutes to win arena match.

Cosmic Flux Farm
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,811 reviews on
Cosmic Flux Farm
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