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Torghast & Maw Boost

Welcome to Torghast, the Tower of the Damned! Champions of Azeroth who set foot on the gloomy Shadowlands will be able to test their strength in an epic journey to the top of the Tower.

In Torghast you can get some essential loot upgrade, achievements, epic rewards, as well special materials Soul Ash, Soul Cinders, Cosmic Flux needed to create customizable Legendary Armor.

Buying Torghast boost not only helps you to achieve any of your goals but also brings a lot of fun doing it in great company of our professional players!

Torghast, Tower of the Damned
Torghast, Tower of the Damned
Cosmic Flux Farm
Cosmic Flux Farm
Cyphers of the First Ones Farm
Cyphers of the First Ones Farm
Soul Cinders Farm
Soul Cinders Farm
Stygia Farm
Stygia Farm
The Maw Unlock
The Maw Unlock
Twisting Corridors
Twisting Corridors
Soul Ash Farm
Soul Ash Farm
Corridor Creeper
Corridor Creeper
Korthia Unlock
Korthia Unlock
Mawsworn Charger
Mawsworn Charger
Zereth Mortis Daily Activities
Zereth Mortis Daily Activities
Zereth Mortis Unlock
Zereth Mortis Unlock

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Why you should buy WoW Torghast boost?

Torghast – new location and type of gameplay added in World of Warcraft Shadowlands: dynamic instance content featuring new challenges every time you visit it, with changing floor layouts and enemy mob types. With dynamic changes and increasing difficulties, Torghast has other unique mechanics like a specific UI, temporary abilities, and unique encounters with different types of mobs and bosses. At the core of this – grind, which can take a lot of time, that you could spend on other more interesting activities.

Torghast has many levels and the challenges within will grow stronger as you progress up the tower. To help overcome these too long, too grindy and too boring challenges, you should Torghast Boost and have an exciting journey with our great team!

(!) Do not forget that you need to have Level 60 character and to unlock Torghast before you buy Torghast boost. If you don’t have Level 60 character, you should think about our powerleveling service and if you didn’t unlock The Maw yes, we also can help you with our The Maw Unlock boost.

What about things that made Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, that special, unique and essential for the game? Why do you want to clear it all and get as many rewards as you could?

  • You will get special materials Soul Ash, Soul Cinders, Cosmic Flux needed to create Legendary items and upgrade them to maximum 7 Rank. These materials, as Legendary, are essential if you want to boost your Legendary gear and be on top of every other activity that Shadowlands can offer to you!
  • The Box of Many Things is a talent progression tree within Torghast in Patch 9.1. This talent system gives you access to a variety of effects that will aid you in your journey through regular wings to the top of Torghast. To open talents in this tree, you would need to earn Tower Knowledge currency by completing Torghast layers. More layers you complete, the more Tower Knowledge you get.
  • Patch 9.2 introduces a new type of Torghast encounter with the Jailer's Gauntlet. This time, you’ll skip all mobs and trash and go straight to bosses. The Jailer's Gauntlet is made up of 8 floors with 4 difficulty layers. Each layer have own recommended ilvl requirement so as a unique reward: Lightless Tormentor battle pet, Dominated Hearthstone toy, Gauntlet Runner title, Colossal Ebonclaw Mawrat mount. Even though you will only face bosses in Jailer's Gauntlet, it is no less grindy than Torghast itself, so it can take you a lot of valuable time to complete. If you value your time, but want to get cool rewards in this mode, then you should pay attention to our Torghast Boost service!
  • The Twisting Corridors is a special endless mode with wings like normal Torghast, but unlike normal Torghast runs, each layer of Twisting Corridors has a whopping 18 Floors! This alone means enemies and bosses will scale even further in difficulty, so it takes more of your time to move forwards for precious rewards! From cosmetics for your transmog collection, pets like Death Seeker, epic mount Corridor Creeper and Spirestalker title! We have a special boost to help you in your journey through Twisting Corridors.
  • You think that you didn't see enough floors in Torghast? What about some moor floors and more cool rewards? Welcome to Adamant Vaults!
    To unlock The Adamant Vaults you need to obtain The Adamant Vaults perk from Box of Many Things. However, if someone in the party has it, you would pass to the Adamant Vault. Expet that, you must complete a Layer 9 or higher Torghast run with a Flawless score. Therefore, as you can see, this will require you to grind and a huge amount of time.
    As for rewards, in addition to the bonus Tower Knowledge, for completing The Adamant Vaults to the last floor, you could get cool rewards like cosmetics Gilded Agony Cage and Gilded Eye Crescent and unique Gilded Darknight pet.

Even more rewards!

Torghast, the Tower of the Damned is a long and grindy journey in any mode that it has to offer. So, why should you buy our Torghast, the Tower of the Damned Boost? Rewards! More unique, rare and cool rewards that expand your collection of many collectible items!

Mounts Available from Torghast

Sturdy Soulsteel Mawrat Harness mount from The Jailer's Gauntlet: Layer 4 achievement, Iska's Mawrat Leash mount from rare mob Iska, Outrider of Ruin, Mawsworn Charger's Reins mount for Flawless Master (Layer 12) achievement and many more other mounts are available as rewards for completing floors and layers and gathering achievements.

Pets Available from Torghast

Many pets in Torghast are random drop, like Jar of Ashes, Severs, Frenzied Mawrat and many others. Some of them are available via achievements like Mord'al Eveningstar from Many, Many Things.

Toys Available from Torghast

There are few toys, half of them like Box of Rattling Chains are random drop, and the other half like Dominated Hearthstone rewards for achievements.

Transmogs Available from Torghast

In Torghast you could find a decent amount of cosmetics to expand your transom collection! There are many ways to earn this transmog. From special vendors on specific floors to random drop from specific enemies or boss drop.

You could get Adamant Vault Shoulderplates, Jailer's Eye Crescent, Sterling Shoulder Skewers, Veiled Tormentor's Mantle and many more other thematic Maw cosmetic pieces. It can take a lot of your time, but with our Torghast, Tower of the Damned boost you can expand your transmog collection without boring grind!

Achievements Available from Torghast

In addition to the above rewards, in Torghast you can also get a lot of achievements like A Taste of Perfection, Extremely Ravenous, Flawless: The Soulforges (Layer 12), Phantastic, Tower Ranger and many, many others!

Delivery time of Torghast boost

Almost all the activity inside Torghast is boring and long, soaked in grind to the core.

Do not be afraid, because it is not your problem anymore. Professionals from our team get down to business - they are not afraid of any difficulties and they do not know fatigue.

However, there are only 24 hours in a day and our team needs time to get the rewards, achievements, progress and items you need.

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Great Service! Done quick and professional!..
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They did what was asked of them and it was a quick service!..
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i will not be using another boosting service, these guys are it. did the new toon + all legendary boost, and full hc BiS. great product!..
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The transaction was smooth, and quick. everything was done really quickly and professionally and i was always treated with a lot of respect. I would recommend them to anyone and i plan to only use their services from now on. ..

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