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Classic RBG set Boost Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,813 reviews on

Buy WoW Classic RBG set boost and get glorious old-school transmog gear only on WoW Retail servers. Classic PvP sets were re-introduced as a cosmetic reward for reaching 1800 rating in RBG, these epic and unique sets could be obtained for every Classic WoW class. To obtain them you would need to reach 1800 rating and this process could take a lot of your free time. Winning RBG in World of Warcraft requires a high level of coordination and team play, good gear, and a lot of PvP experience, not to mention a strong leader to organize a team of 10 players. It's not easy to farm WoW Classic RBG set with PUGs or low-skilled friends. You will spend a lot of your time on your way to 1800+ RBG rating without skilled and well-geared players by your side.

With our WoW Classic PvP gear boost, you could forget about low-skilled teammates, PUGs, and other difficulties on your way to Classic RBG gear. Forget about tedious rated battlegrounds farm and get all rewards with help of our PRO PvP teams that have high experience in any type of WoW PvP content. Don't spend any more time and buy Classic RBG set boost and get WoW Classic PvP transmog easily and stress-free!

Rewards of WoW Classic RBG set boost

  • 1800 RBG rating and all titles up to Knight-Captain/Legionnaire;
  • Classic armor set for your class;
  • Honor and Conquest Points earned during Classic RBG set boost.

Delivery time

Classic PvP gear boost may take 4-5 days. Please contact us in chat to learn our playing schedule.


Classic RBG gear Appearances

After reaching 1800 rating, you have to purchase these items from Classic PvP vendors in Area 52, Netherstorm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Classic PvP gear service work?
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Is there a guaranteed rating with the Selfplay option?
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When can you start my Classic PvP gear boost?
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What are coaching services?
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What happens after payment?
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Classic RBG set Boost Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,813 reviews on
Classic RBG set Boost Boost
4-5 days
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Great to work with Great people. I first ordered a character from them on 11/9. Right away they leveled it to 110 and began PvP boosting. Afterwards, I ordered many M+ and heroic kills from them, they were all delivered very quickly. they are respon..

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