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Tower Overwhelming Achievement Boost

Buying Tower Overwhelming achievement boost is your shortest path to collecting every single reward of Mage Tower timewalking event. It's a truly epic achievement requiring you to complete Mage Tower challenge with characters of all 36 specs, but the rewards are worth it. Our PRO players did thousands of the original Mage Tower runs back in Legion and will save gladly help you not only with getting Tower Overwhelming feat of strength, but also with preparing all necessary characters!

Rewards of A Tour of Towers boost

  • Tower Overwhelming Feat of Strenght achievement;
  • Mage-Bound Spelltome mount and A Tour of Towers achievement;
  • Tier 20-themed transmog sets for all classes;
  • If you need to prepare additional characters to cover all challenges we are ready to provide powerleveling and gearing for them;

Delivery time

A Tour of Towers boost takes 4-5 days to complete. It can be done only during Legion Timewalking event.


  • Level 45+ characters of all classes. If you don't have one, consider using our powerleveling service;
  • Item level requirements: ilvl 52+ epic gear for level 45; ilvl 115+ epic gear for level 50; ilvl 210+ epic gear for level 60;
  • Account sharing is required for this service. We will use VPN of your country for maximum security.

Buying Tower Overwhelming achievement boost

The ultimate achievement of Mage Tower timewalking event is simple in formulation, but hard in execution: you have to complete Mage Tower challenge with a character of each specialization. There are 36 specs in game which makes preparation of characters the hardest part of this achievement since each spec has to be decently geared in order to survive the MT challenge. On top of that, time is pressing against you since Mage Tower event occurs only once in every 4 months and lasts only 7 days. Your characters must be prepared for battle long before Legion Timewalking event starts, otherwise it would be simply not possible to prepare characters and complete 36 Mage Tower challenges within a single event.

Luckily, we provide not only Mage Tower boost for sale, but also powerleveling and gearing service which will guarantee that none of your characters is not fit for the MT challenge. Just choose how many characters you need to level and gear up, select which challenges you need to complete consider the Tower Overwhelming achievement done!

Tower Overwhelming Achievement Boost
Tower Overwhelming Achievement Boost
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Tower Overwhelming progress
Rated Excellent5 stars on Trustpilot
856 reviews onTrustpilot

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Real Customer Reviews

Hisham Max

pro service and very fast ++++++++..


Fast and reliable.. couldn't be more happier..

Brian Schilling

Fantastic job completed order as requested perfectly...


Amazing guys ! Ordered a boost to gear a fresh char, they did it really fast. Customer service answered the next seconds I asked, and directed me to the process who resulted to be amazing ! Recommanding them 100% !..


Went smooth, can recommend...


Ordered a mage tower and it was done within the hour. Brilliant service, not my first time using them and not my last either...


Perfect Service! I bought rep farming for argus. They worked very professional, and did the worldquests every day till i reached exalted. Would buy again!..


Very good company, I have used them several times. They always deliver, I was nervous first time I used them, but they are trustworthy...

Darren Yorke

fast service, excellent customer support will order again when needed ..


no problems whatsoever, helped and coached all the way through..

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