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Legion Mythic+ Timewalking Dungeons

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,703 reviews on

Legion Mythic+ Dungeon boost is a perfect opportunity to experience a tinge of nostalgia during the Legion Timewalking event. Enjoy the good old dungeons brought back in Shadowlands patch 9.1.5 and skip the boring routine of farming gear and Timewarped Badges by buying a Legion m+ carry from PRO players.

Our group is ready to start Legion mythic plus carry within 30 minutes after order had been placed, usually we have all Legion mythic+ keys on both EU and US realms. Please note that choosing additional options like traders of your armor type or specific dungeon key may slightly increase wait time.

Rewards for Legion Mythic+ Timewalking carry

  • A quick run to one of the Legion Mythic+ dungeons in Timewalking mode;
  • You can choose any keystone difficulty from +10 to +20;
  • Items from Legion dungeons upscaled to Shadowlands ilvl: a guaranteed ilvl 246-252 weekly item from the Great Vault and ilvl 229-236 gear from the end-of-dungeon chest (depending on keystone level);
  • 135 Valor Points per run;
  • Timewarped Badge earned in every run;
  • Your Mythic+ rating greatly increased by doing a timed run. This is your ticket to joining the top groups in Group Finder!

Delivery time

ETA is 30/40 minutes per dungeon.

Additional options

  • Guaranteed timed run - we guarantee that the dungeon will be completed within time limit. As a result, group will get 1 additional item at the end of the run which means you will get up to 2 items.
  • Loot traders - your chance to loot something is doubled or tripled by adding extra characters of your armor type who'll be passing all their loot to you. Doing multiple carry runs this way is the fastest way of farming gear. Note: option for loot traders is available only for keystone level 15 and lower.
  • Specific dungeon - you can choose any Legion dungeon which we will clear for you. Please note that this option may slightly increase wait time.


  • No gear requirements for +10-17 runs;
  • Item level 230+ gear for DPS spec for a timed +20 run;
  • If you have selected selfplay and +20 timed run, we will need you to contribute with good DPS and follow the group's instructions;

Buying Legion Timewalking M+ boost

Shadowlands update 9.1.5 features the Legion Timewalking event and with it the long-awaited feature of Timewalking Mythic+ dungeons. If you are tired of running the current expansion dungeons over and over, the opportunity to experience the old Legion m+ dungeons will be a breath of fresh air! On top of that, all Legion mythic+ items upscale to the "modern" item level and can be further upgraded with Valor; potentially, this allows to obtain some best-in-slot combination of secondary stats on items which is otherwise unavailable.

Legion Mythic plus dungeons can be entered using a Timeworn Keystone; it's no different from regular m+ keystones in anything but name and a unique affix tied to Legion: Infernal. Similarly to regular mythic+ runs, finishing Legion m+ dungeons will grant you a guaranteed item from the weekly chest and up to 2 items from the end-of-dungeon chest; ilvl of these items depends on keystone difficulty. For example, completing a Legion dungeon at +15 difficulty will award you with items of the same quality as if you have completed a +15 dungeon of the current expansion.

Here's the list of Legion dungeons available in m+ mode during Timewalking:

We provide Legion mythic+ boosting service for every single dungeon on this list. Just choose any dungeon you want, add traders if you wish to stack the odds in your favor and our group will be ready to go in 20 minutes!

Legion Mythic+ Timewalking Dungeons
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,703 reviews on
Legion Mythic+ Timewalking Dungeons
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Richard S Weller
1 day ago
i will not be using another bo...
i will not be using another boosting service, these guys are it. did the new toon + all legendary boost, and full hc BiS. great product!..
Andrew Smith
1 day ago
Ordered 2x Carry from 2k to 2....
Ordered 2x Carry from 2k to 2.2k! They completed that quite fast. Plus, they streamed the order to make it feel safier for the buyer. Would work again...
1 day ago
The Best! My 2nd order. Went ...
The Best! My 2nd order. Went all good! Thanks, you are my choice for anything wow related!..
- Z -
1 day ago
fast service, excellent custom...
fast service, excellent customer support will order again when needed..
Darren Yorke
2 days ago
Very good company, I have used...
Very good company, I have used them several times. They always deliver, I was nervous first time I used them, but they are trustworthy...
2 days ago
Will only let the boys boost m...
Will only let the boys boost me! Super fast and super friendly! Cheap prices! keep it up!!!..
2 days ago
Bought 2 PVP mounts...quick tu...
Bought 2 PVP mounts...quick turnaround, no problems. Good guys...
Gregory Tasonis
2 days ago
Fast, communicative and afford...
Fast, communicative and affordable service. Many updates throughout purchase. Will buy from again..
2 days ago
Excellent support and communic...
Excellent support and communication during order. Was done in timely fashion, would recommend...
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