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Dragonflight Skinning Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,179 reviews on

Buy Dragonflight Skinning profession boost and don't waste any more time on boring material grinding. Reach 100 skill level and get all glorious and helpful rewards easy and stress-free! If you looking for previous expansions Skinning Profession leveling, you should check our Legacy Skinning Boost.

Skinning in Dragonflight has undergone a welcome change, which applies to all zones: more than one skinner can now skin a kill, as long as they've all tagged the mob in question. Skinners can also immediately skin kills that were tagged only by non-skinners, whether the mob has been looted out or not. Dragonflight Skinning still provides valuable Leather, Hides, and Scales for Leatherworking and is a great source of steady income.

If you don't want to spend all your time on profession leveling, buy our Skinning profession leveling boost Buy our boost and enjoy a fully leveled profession with access to all its features, rewards, and new gold-making opportunities!

Rewards of Dragonflight Skinning Boost

  • Dragonflight Skinning 100 skill level reached;
  • Some specialization talents unlocked during profession leveling;
  • You will be able to gather materials from skinning various mobs on Dragon Isles, for leather, hides, and scales and use them in Leatherworking profession or sell them on Auction Hose for great profit;
  • Depending on chosen option Tanning (120 Knowledge points), Harvesting (160 Knowledge points) or Bait Crafter (120 Knowledge points) obtained;
  • All reagents, loot and gold we get during the boost.

Delivery Time

Skinning Profession leveling can be started the same day you've placed the order and takes 4 - 12 hours to complete.

Additional Options

  • Add Specializations Leveling - choose one, two or all WoW Skinning specializations you want to unlock and we will max it fast and easy!
  • Crafting Profession Leveling - add Leatherworking pair profession leveling.


  • Level 70 character. If you don't have one, consider using our Powerleveling Boost;
  • This is a piloted service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Dragonflight Skinning service work?
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Is it a problem that I have Authenticator?
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Is WoW Skinning Useful?

The obvious benefit of Dragonflight Skinning is collecting the various leathers, hides, and scales needed to create items for Leatherworking, but Skinning in Dragonflight has so much more to offer. Scales and specialty leathers are a common reagent in Dragonriding mount customizations created by Inscription, so they will also be in great demand. It has the most interesting specialization tree of all the gathering professions, with some truly novel and exciting possibilities. Skinning now has a small crafting component unique to them as gatherers, since with the Lure Crafter talents, they can create special fish lures such as Thousandbite Piranha Lure for targeting specific fish. Other sub-specialties for Skinners give them the ability to harvest meat and skins, which is excellent for cooking.

Most interesting is the Bait Crafter specialty. Instead, the skinner can create bait to lure special skinnable creatures in the Dragon Isles, including Rares and Elites! Even opening the Harvesting talent tree gives Skinners increased damage against beasts and dragonkin while adventuring outdoors in the Dragon Isles, so this should always be your first pick.

Leatherworking is the primary user of Skinner's wares. Still, as mentioned above, Inscription also has a high demand for Flawless Proto Dragon Scale and Rockfang Leather for Dragonriding mount customizations. Skinners are the source of all fish-specific lures, such as Cerulean Spinefish Lure in the Dragon Isles, and you'll need scales to create those as well. Other than the ability to combine scraps into leathers through several expansions, Skinners have never had items they could craft directly. These baits cannot be acquired in any other way.

New Dragonflight Skinning Specializations

Each Profession has its own set of unique Specializations, tailored to fit and enhance crafting and gathering capabilities thematically. Skinning in Dragonflight is no exception, with access to these Specializations: Tanning, Harvesting, and Bait Crafter. In total, Skinners will need to spend 400 Knowledge points to max out their Specializations: 120 in Tanning, 160 in Harvesting, and 120 in Bait Crafter.

  • Tanning - allows you to learn to refine your skins and scales from Quality 1 to Quality 3, as well as specialize in either Leather Mastery or Scale Mastery. This will improve your relative skill, Deftness, Perception, and Finesse when skinning. Improving Quality is almost always a money-losing proposition, since you must combine x5 of a lower quality to turn it into x1 of the next higher quality. Sell your lower-level skins and hides and buy the higher quality when you need it.
  • Harvesting - has three interesting sub-specializations, one of which introduces a potentially valuable crafting component. Lure Crafter allows you to make fish-specific Fishing Lures such as Thousandbite Piranha Lure, including the skill to find one of the ingredients only Skinners can produce to make them. Since this is the only source for fish-specific Fishing Lures in Dragonflight, this gives Skinners a corner on this market. Meat Carver gives you a chance to butcher Meat off kills as well as harvest them for skins, which is valuable for Cooking. Trophy Collector increases your chance of collecting rare species-specific gathers.
  • Bait Crafter - allows you to craft Elusive Creature Bait, which draws Elusive, Rare, and even Elite skinnable monsters to you. Mastery further hones your ability to make the most of your creature bait, reducing the cooldown and giving you better chances to get more interesting mobs. Elemental Infusion allows you to learn Infusions, which imbue lured creatures with elemental properties of Frost, Decay, Titan, or Earth, giving you chances to loot corresponding Rousing Essences. Not only that, many of these Elusive creatures can be Tamed by Hunters, and there are some recolors that only seem to be available through this system, such Elusive Rimeclaw Bear with green or purple back spikes. Anyone can tame these, but only Bait Crafters can summon them. Any specific Elusive creature is a totally random summon.

How do I learn Skinning in Dragonflight?

Skinning in Dragonflight is the one profession you don't have to go to a trainer to learn, although you can do that if you wish to. If you know basic Skinning going into Dragonflight, all you have to do is skin something, and you're learn Dragonflight Skinning. Simple as that!

If you don't know any Skinning going into the Dragon Isles or wish to switch to Dragonflight Skinning, you'll have to see a trainer to learn basic WoW Skinning first.

  • Ralathor the Rugged - Valdrakken, Thaldraszus, /way 28.0, 60.6.
  • Makhul - Timberstep Outpost, Ohn´aran Plains /way 84.4 23.2.

What profession goes with WoW Skinning?

Dragonflight Skinning provides valuable leather, hides, and scales for Leatherworking and is a great source of steady income. Only with this profession will you get maximum effort from your crafting and gathering profession and make a lot of gold and valuable items and consumables for yourself. You could choose another crafting profession and sell all your materials on Auction House.

Dragonflight Skinning Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,179 reviews on
Dragonflight Skinning Boost
4 - 12 hours
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Quick and easy transactions
Quick and easy transactions. Also service was fast and professional, with no problems.
1 day ago
Amazing service
It was like my 4th boost with conquestcapped and it's amazing. Support is always here to listen, they're super good at the game that's a 10/10
1 day ago
Juste parfait
Juste parfait. Partis en vacances et à mon retour tout étais nickel. Propre, rapide. Je recommande fortement sans crainte. Equipe pro, vous m'avez conquis. Vous gagner un nouveau client pour longtemps =)
1 day ago
It was fast and look very easy I would…
It was fast and look very easy I would recommend to use especially for someone like me spend hours to do. Very good and fast to respond to your request
1 day ago
One word: ProfessionalThe order was too hard due to my connection so they adapted theimself to my needs and helped me the best they could.Ty so much i'll ask for your help another day for sure ^^
1 day ago
good pricing with fast service that got…
good pricing with fast service that got the job done. would gladly use CC again
1 day ago
Very Skilled run
Run made to look easy by a player with huge game knowledge
2 days ago
Awesome, love the service. Definitely recommended.
2 days ago
ConquestCapped is the GOAT
CC is the best company around for boosting services. They have the best customer service I've experienced and they always complete my orders quickly. I've lost count of how many times I've ordered from them but I've never been disappointed.
2 days ago
My command command was fully completed…
My command command was fully completed in a short time, i really recommand conquestcapped for their services !
2 days ago
Im very happy of getting help
Im very happy of getting help! Thanks alot
2 days ago
Reacio a dejar acceder a alguien a mi pc, pero contento al final
Tenia miedo por el tema de dejar acceder a alguien a mi ordenador, pero ha salido todo perfecto. La explicación y el chat por discord sin problemas. Esto me lo regalo por mi cumpleaños :3
2 days ago
Thank you
Thank you ! All good :)
2 days ago
Wonderful Service !
Best service at all communication is great and the quality is amazing ! I have been choosing them from 2019 none single issue faced me ????????
2 days ago
Amazing work and very fast

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