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Dragonflight Jewelcrafting Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,895 reviews on

Buy Dragonflight Jewelcrafting Boost and don't waste any more time on boring material grind and crafting. Reach 100 skill level and get all glorious and helpful rewards easy and stress-free! If you looking for previous expansions Jewelcrafting Profession leveling, you should check our Legacy Jewelcrafting Boost.

With Jewelcrafting in Dragonflight, you can craft Profession Equipment - Accessories and Tools, which provide powerful bonuses to Crafting Secondary Skills. These items could be sold on Auction House for pretty high prices. Additionally, the number of sockets on the gear in Dragonflight means that the demand for Gems will increase your profit. New WoW Jewelcrafting crafting items can be equal to Heroic or Mythic raid ilvl which makes this profession even more valuable.

If you don't want to spend all your time on the material grind or profession leveling, buy our Jewelcrafting profession leveling boost and enjoy a fully leveled profession with access to all its features, rewards, and new crafting opportunities!

Rewards of Dragonflight Jewelcrafting Boost

  • Dragonflight Jewelcrafting 100 skill level reached;
  • Some specialization talents unlocked during profession leveling;
  • You will be able to craft high quality gems, jewelry accessories such as neck, rings and trinkets, and also statues, pets, profession tools and a lot more cool items;
  • Depending on chosen option Jeweler's Toolset Mastery (90 Knowledge points), Faceting (200 Knowledge points), Setting (210 Knowledge points) or Enterprising (130 Knowledge points) obtained;
  • All reagents, loot and gold we get during the boost.

Delivery Time

Jewelcrafting Profession leveling can be started the same day you've placed the order and takes 14 days to complete.

Additional Options

  • Add Specializations Leveling - choose one, two or all Jewelcrafting specializations you want to unlock and we will max it fast and easy!
  • Mining Leveling - add one and only WoW Jewelcrafting pair profession leveling.


  • Level 70 character. If you don't have one, consider using our Powerleveling Boost;
  • This is a piloted service.

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Is WoW Jewelcrafting Useful?

You can craft a wide range of items with Jewelcrafting, many of which are great for gold making. Combined with new specializations and quality systems, Jewelcrafting in Dragonflight is a varied and fun profession.

Gems, trinkets, and jewelry! You can craft them all and then sell most of them on Auction House and get as much profit as you can imagine. Moreover, you could and should craft gems for yourself, boosting your stats faster than other players, not to mention your professional access to epic gems, making a return in the Dragonflight expansion. The trinkets and necklaces now have unique effects based on the gems you’ve equipped, which offer a wider variety for build customization. For example, Tiered Medallion Setting adds one socket to an endgame Dragonflight necklace. A necklace can have up to three sockets. Be sure that this item will be in high demand, especially among the endgame players.

Dragonflight Jewelcrafting crafts a large number of reagents essential to other Professions. Creating these at high quality will fetch a premium, as the higher the quality, the better the craft - and with extremely common reagents such as Draconic Vial and Glossy Stone in their arsenal, Jewelcrafters will make a tidy sum enabling others in their work. All high ilvl gear that Jewelcrafters in Dragonflight can craft is BoP, meaning for those without skill in the Profession, Work Orders will be the only way to obtain that gear. Ruby and Onyx and Emerald, oh my! Jewelcrafting in Dragonflight has a veritable arsenal of new Whelpling Battle Pets to sell, and given how Battle Pets have been consistently high-value in the past, that trend is likely to continue. Joining them are several Cosmetics and Toys, so Dragonflight Jewelcrafters will have something to entice every collector!

Things you can make with WoW Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafting has never been the most accessible Profession (looking at you, Northrend and Cataclysm dailies!), but don't worry - it's not as bad as it looks. While cutting and shaping gems is the bread and butter of the Profession, Dragonflight Jewelcrafting also allows for the creation of profession equipment, pets, jewelry, crafting reagents, and consumables. WoW Jewelcrafters have plenty to work with until later in the expansion, when there are sure to be more updates.

  • Gemcutting: from basic cuts like Solid Eternity Amber all the way to the complex Epic-quality Skillful Illimited Diamond, Jewelcrafters certainly have stars in their eyes when looking at precious gems.
  • Jewelry: rings and amulets are easy creations for a skilled Jewelcrafter - some even having incredible effects, just like Elemental Lariat.
  • Profession Equipment: new to Dragonflight, profession equipment provides bonuses (and fashion!) to your Crafting abilities.
  • Consumables: while light on this category, Jewelcrafting boasts the Tiered Medallion Setting, which will be invaluable to all players throughout the Isles.
  • Crafting Reagents: as suppliers of high-quality glassware and stones, Jewelcrafters will be creating Vials for days!
  • Pets: who doesn't want to adopt a cute little whelpling while in the Dragon Isles? Jewelcrafters can help with this, offering a selection of the local flights such as Jeweled Sapphire Whelpling and Jeweled Onyx Whelpling.

New Dragonflight Jewelcrafting Specializations

Each Profession has its own set of unique Specializations, tailored to fit and enhance crafting and gathering capabilities thematically. Jewelcrafting in Dragonflight is no exception, with access to these Specializations: Jeweler's Toolset Mastery, Faceting, Setting, and Enterprising. Jewelcrafters will need to spend 630 Knowledge points to max out their Specializations: 90 in Jeweler's Toolset Mastery, 210 in Faceting, 200 in Setting, and 130 in Enterprising.

  • Jeweler's Toolset Mastery - this specialization is improve your overall Jewelcrafting skill, as well as granting large boosts to your Crafting skill, Inspiration, and Resourcefulness.
  • Faceting - Improving your gem cuts and learning new designs is the focus of this Specialization, which covers the brunt of Jewelcrafting crafts. Specialize into each type of gem, allowing for Finishing Reagents to be used during crafting Learn new designs such as Crafty Alexstraszite and Stormy Malygite.
  • Setting - jewelry, trinkets and statues are improved and learned from this Specialization. You also learn new plans such as Signet of Titanic Insight and Statue of Tyr's Herald. Improve your Jewelcrafting skill, granting large boosts to your Crafting skill for Jewelry and Stone Carving.
  • Enterprising - this specialization covers the rest of Jewelcrafting, granting bonuses to Prospecting and creating Glassware. You will improve your Jewelcrafting skill, granting large boosts to your Crafting skill for and learn new designs such as Projection Prism and Split-Lens Specs.

How do I learn Jewelcrafting in Dragonflight?

You have a few different opportunities to learn Dragonflight Jewelcrafting from several NPC.

  • Misty Catseye - Wingrest Embassy, The Waking Shores, /way 76.2 33.6.
  • Uluami - Emberwatch, Ohn'ahran Plains, /way 65.4 25.2.
  • Tuluradormi - The Artisan Market, Valdrakken, /way 40.6 61.2.
  • Midelys - Shady Sanctuary, Ohn'ahran Plains, /way 30.6 56.8.
  • Herrod - Camp Antonidas, The Azure Span, /way 46.2 40.6.

What profession goes with WoW Jewelcrafting?

Mining is the only pair to the WoW Jewelcrafting profession since ore will be your primary crafting material. But, if you have another source of gems, ore and stone, like an Auction House, you could always speak with our manager and add another secondary profession.

Dragonflight Jewelcrafting Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,895 reviews on
Dragonflight Jewelcrafting Boost
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