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Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,574 reviews on

Awakened Vault of the Incarnates Heroic carry involves a smooth run through all 8 bosses of the VotI raid with seasonal affix, giving you a chance to loot 506-515 ilvl items. Buying Awakening Heroic VotI carry is the best and most cost-effective method of gearing. Place an order now and complete raid with assist of Top guilds on both EU and US realms who will ensure that your run is as fast and efficient as gnomishly possible.

Awakened VotI Heroic Carry Includes

Ahead of the Curve: Raszageth the Storm-Eater achievement is no longer available with the release of the next raiding tier.

Delivery time

We have multiple Vault of the Incarnates heroic runs every day. Pick convenient time on our schedule, and prepare yourself for a fast and smooth run.

Our regular daily schedule applies only to Group Loot runs. If you want a run with Armor Priority please contact us and we'll find the first available spot.

Loot options

Awakened Vault of the Incarnates Heroic raid boost is available with the group loot setting:

  • Group Loot: Choosing the Awakened VotI heroic group loot journey gives you the chance to vie for items suited to your specialization. This might yield up to 3 items in a single run, though loot isn't assured. Moreover, post the server's weekly reset, the Great Vault will offer you three unique item choices. Please be mindful: Other members follow the same rules, and the allocation of loot is determined by the roll results.
  • Unsaved Group Loot: Your raid boosting team will consist of players with fresh CD. This setup allows for the possibility of 2-3 items dropping from each boss, significantly boosting your odds of securing relevant loot during the carry.
    Unsaved Group Loot runs are available for 2 days following the weekly reset.
  • Armor + Tier Priority: When you select this VotI heroic run variant, you sidestep competition with other clients for identical armor categories or tier tokens. However, off-set pieces, including rings, weapons, necklaces, trinkets, and cloaks remain up for grabs by all. Our elite team abstains from rolling on any loot, ensuring a fair distribution. You're free to designate your ideal raid size, up to a cap of 26 uncommitted members. A larger group equates to an increased loot haul from every boss encounter!
  • Full Priority: By choosing this HC VotI boost variant, you position yourself as the sole customer in the raid. Additionally, you can bring along up to 2 friends to share the loot without incurring extra costs. Every piece of loot that bosses drop belongs to you, and this includes items from personal loot that can be traded. Your chosen options will determine the raid size and the number of items each boss drops.

VotI Heroic loot Guarantee

Loot trading mode Guaranteed amount of items
Group Loot No items guaranteed
Unsaved Group Loot 2-6 items per boss for roll
Armor + Tier Priority 4-7 items depending on chosen option
Full Priority All loot from the raid
Important Note: Bear in mind that opting for "pass" or "greed" on loot, even deliberately, contributes to the guaranteed loot count. Items lost during a "need" roll are exempt from this tally. Should you end up with two identical items, you can trade one back to the raid leader. Every item in your possession, including repeats, counts towards your loot assurance.
If the amount of guaranteed items don't fall during the run, we commit to completing the run for you the following weeks again with Awakened affix for VotI raid to fulfill the order.


  • A level 70 character. If you're not level 70 yet, consider getting our Dragonflight Powerleveling Boost.
  • No VotI heroic lockout.
  • Awakened affix active for VotI raid.

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Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,574 reviews on
Vault of the Incarnates Heroic Boost
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Pro as always
mohannad babagi
1 day ago
Fast, excellent, likely huge below the belt.
1 day ago
Alles Top
Verlässlicher, schneller und sehr freundlicher Service. Werde ich auf jeden Fall nochmal nutzen ?
Marcel Odinius
1 day ago
Pandaria Remix Leveling 10-70
alles super. gerne wieder !!!!
1 day ago
It was inexpensive
It was in expensive, fast and easy. Great professionalism and customer service.
1 day ago
Fast, easy, and entertaining to watch. I am speechless. Highly recommended, and I will definitely be purchasing more services. NOTE: I was worried at first, but found myself overwhelmingly excited once they finished.
1 day ago
Incredibly fast completion of Mage…
Incredibly fast completion of Mage Tower challenge - guy loaded in and it took about 5 minutes tops. Made it look too easy :D
Peter Kristiansen
2 days ago
Krass. Ich war am Anfang skeptisch. Aber es ist noch besser als beschrieben. Und es hat mega Spaß gemacht zuzuschauen. Krass wie die abgehen.
Christoph Grubert
2 days ago
mythic bundle
Very smooth and fast. recommend
2 days ago
a thousand thanks it's incredible thank…
a thousand thanks it's incredible thank you thank you I'm so happy
Franc Pey
2 days ago
AMAZING ! There are here all the time to give you informations if needed on the website, they answer to all your questions the second after, they are kind, cool, efficient. Then I decide to order days after, and that was really fast organisation, easy communication, they accompany you from start to end. In game (For my order) Impressive gamers raiding, a BIG lesson of gameplay ! More they were kind, respectfull, a pure pleasure ! Don't hesitate, it's really serious and safe (if you ask yourself for payment) and I repeat it, an "amazing experience" ! Thank you, was so great ! ++++
Cam Scott
2 days ago
Hassle free experience
Hassle free experience , made it all easy and a pleasure to watch big thanks
2 days ago
Service rapide et sérieux je recommande…
Service rapide et sérieux je recommande ???
2 days ago
hat alles Wunderbar funktioniert
hat alles Wunderbar funktioniert, Gerne wieder!
2 days ago
Fel Werebear Druid Form
The service was super quick and was easy to deal with. the guide was super easy to understand. Finally after failing numerous attempt for myself, ConquestCapped came through the first time in less than 5 minutes.
Jesse Carter

WoW VotI Heroic Raid Boosting Service

Vault of the Incarnates marks the inaugural raid of the Dragonflight expansion, drawing heroes of Azeroth into an epic confrontation with the Primalists. This nefarious cult has harnessed elemental powers to challenge the Dragon Aspects, weaving a tale of deception and ancient rivalries. Led by Kurog Grimtotem, the Primalists have turned the proto-drakes against the Aspects and unleashed Raszageth, the Storm Eater, who seeks retribution against the Blue Dragonflight for their arcane practices, much to Kalecgos's dismay.

This raid offers a quintessential World of Warcraft experience: a captivating storyline featuring dragons, elementals, familiar allies, and adversaries, complemented by a treasure trove of loot, collectibles, titles, and achievements. However, the Vault's allure is matched by its difficulty, filled with intricate boss mechanics that pose a significant challenge even to seasoned guilds. The path to victory is paved with trial and error, and those without a guild face an uphill battle in assembling a capable raid group through LFG PUGs.

ConquestCapped's Awakened VotI heroic HC raid boost is the solution to navigating this challenging dungeon effortlessly. Experience a stress-free raid, save time, and avoid toxicity, all while gearing up with the latest epic loot, including Primalist tier pieces. Choose between selfplay and piloted options and raid at your convenience, ensuring a seamless and rewarding raiding experience.

Awakened Heroic VotI Bosses Loot Table for Sale

The deeper you traverse through the vault, the better loot you will get. It'll take months before random LFG groups will be able to reliably clear Raszageth, and the loot dropped by the first bosses has a much lower iLvL. Awakening Heroic VotI boost run enables you to get your hands on the best loot in only a couple of hours:

VotI heroic boss Raid loot
Eranog 506 ilvl
Terros 506 ilvl
The Primal Council 509 ilvl
Sennarth, the Cold Breath 509 ilvl
Dathea, Ascended 512 ilvl
Kurog Grimtotem 512 ilvl
Broodkeeper Diurna 515 ilvl
Raszageth the Storm-Eater 515 ilvl

Hroic Primalist tier sets

The final five bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates are key targets for anyone looking to enhance their character's power, as they drop the coveted class tier set pieces – Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, and Legs. When worn together, these items unlock potent bonuses tailored to your class and specialization, making them invaluable across all PvE formats, whether you're tackling mythic+ dungeons, participating in raids, or engaging in casual content. While it's possible to obtain tier pieces through the Great Vault, raiding presents a more reliable method to secure these essential gear upgrades. Opting for a VotI heroic boost significantly increases your chances of acquiring these powerful items, thereby elevating your character's performance:

Ordering Awakening VotI heroic boost runs stands out as the most efficient strategy for farming the Primalist tier sets, especially when factoring in the additional benefits that accompany the run. These bonuses further bolster your character's power and credentials within the game, making the boost an invaluable investment for any player looking to excel in PvE content.

If you have any questions regarding the boost, the Primalist tier sets, or any other aspect of our service, our 24/7 support team is readily available to assist you. We're committed to providing clarity and support, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. We're here to help and ensure your boosting experience is seamless and beneficial.

If you're a dedicated raid farmer, be sure to explore our WoW Raids category. We've curated a selection any types of raids in the game just for you.

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