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Sergeant (Horde) Title Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,200 reviews on

Buy Sergeant (Horde) achievement boost on WoW Retail servers and get Sergeant (Horde) title by reaching 1300 RBG rating. RBG achievements such as Sergeant (Horde) are most important because they reflect your RBG rating success and give you access to many rewards. Winning RBG in World of Warcraft requires a high level of coordination and team play, good gear, and a lot of PvP experience, not to mention a strong leader to organize a team of 10 players. With our Sergeant (Horde) achievement boost, you could forget about low-skilled teammates, PUGs, and other difficulties on your way to Sergeant (Horde) title and get all rewards with the help of our PRO PvP teams. Don't spend any more time and buy Sergeant (Horde) achievement boost to get Sergeant (Horde) title on RBG easily and stress-free!

Rewards of Sergeant (Horde) achievement boost

Delivery time

Sergeant (Horde) achievement boost may take 2-3 days.


  • Max level character. If you don't have one, consider using our Powerleveling Boost.
  • Item level 437+ is required. If you don't have enough gear feel free to consider our Gear Boost Service.

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How does Sergeant Title (Horde) service work?
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How to get RBG Sergeant (Horde) Title

You will need to farm 1300 RBG rating to obtain Sergeant (Horde) achievement and title. All RBG rating rewards are summarized in the table below, so you can see what you can get on each RBG rating brackets.

Rating Title Additional rewards
1100 RBG Rating Scout/Private Access to Elite Transmog set Cloak
1200 RBG Rating Grunt/Corporal Access to Elite Transmog set Legs and Wrist
1300 RBG Rating Sergeant/Sergeant --
1400 RBG Rating Senior Sergeant/Master Sergeant Access to Elite Transmog set Hands and Feet
1500 RBG Rating First Sergeant/Sergeant Major --
1600 RBG Rating Stone Guard/Knight Access to Elite Transmog set Chest and Waist
1700 RBG Rating Blood Guard/Knight-Lieutenant --
1800 RBG Rating Legionnaire/Knight-Captain Access to Elite Transmog set Head and Shoulder; Classic PvP Transmog set
1900 RBG Rating Centurion/Knight-Champion --
2000 RBG Rating Champion/Lieutenant Commander --
2100 RBG Rating Lieutenant General/Commander Access to prestige Cloak and Elite PvP Weapon Enchants
2200 RBG Rating General/Marshal --
2300 RBG Rating Warlord/Field Marshal --
2400+ RBG Rating High Warlord/Grand Marshal Access to Elite Transmog set Tabard and any Elite weapon appearance
Sergeant (Horde) Title Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,200 reviews on
Sergeant (Horde) Title Boost
2-3 days
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
fast turn over
fast turn over. I needed help. I got fast response and step by step help. I highly recommend this service.
1 day ago
Auftrag wurde schnell ausgeführt
Auftrag wurde schnell ausgeführt, alle Fragen wurden freundlich beantwortet
1 day ago
Thank you
Veryx fast and Friendly
1 day ago
Sooooo fast done in 3h30 with unstuf…
Sooooo fast done in 3h30 with unstuf caracter great team Nice play
1 day ago
Very fast response time
Very fast response time, excelent service!
1 day ago
That was quick
That was quick, After you get all set up, it goes quick and smooth. Very good. gave it 5 stars.. Ill have to keep you guys in mind for more help in the future. Cant thank you enough
1 day ago
Fast and easy.
2 days ago
Very friendly and very fast
Im very happy with that i've recieved. Thank you.
2 days ago
Great and exceptional service
Great and exceptional service. great communication and flexibility, made it look easy
2 days ago
Well it was fast af monday i made the…
Well it was fast af monday i made the order and tuesday i had the order completed.Real professionals tbh.The questions were straight forward like professionals the job was done i was announced and that was it :)
2 days ago
Another great service
This is the third service i bought, each one finished within minutes. Keep up the good work guys!
2 days ago
Outstanding performance and service
The setup was insanely easy and quick. From order received to order completed it took about 50min.They made it look so easy. I almost feel ashamed of my skill level after trying to complete this objective for the last few months xD10/10 would recommend
2 days ago
Fast and easy
2 days ago
Nice and easy service they will guide you through it
Fast and easy experience
2 days ago
Very fast and safe boost would be happy…
Very fast and safe boost would be happy to buy again !

Best Selling Services with Sergeant Title (Horde)

Why buy RBG Sergeant Title boost on ConquestCapped?

Guaranteed PvP Achievement and Title: By availing our services, you can ensure the acquisition of the coveted RBG Sergeant Title. Our professional PvP teams have the expertise and experience to help you reach the required RBG rating, granting you the achievement and title without any uncertainty or frustration.

Expert PvP Team: Our highly skilled PvP teams consist of seasoned players who excel in RBG battles. They possess in-depth knowledge of strategies, tactics, and optimal team compositions, ensuring a smooth and efficient progression towards your desired rating and title. With their guidance and coordination, you can overcome the challenges posed by low-skilled teammates and other obstacles that may hinder your progress.

Time and Effort Savings: RBG battles require a significant time investment, coordination, and experience to excel. By purchasing our RBG Sergeant Title boost, you can bypass the need to spend countless hours grinding for the rating yourself. Our professional players will handle the challenging aspects, allowing you to save time and effort while still reaping the rewards.

Access to PvP Rewards: Achieving the RBG Sergeant Title unlocks various rewards, such as honor and conquest points, which can be used to obtain powerful gear upgrades and other valuable PvP items. By obtaining the title through our boost service, you gain immediate access to these rewards, enhancing your character's strength and capabilities.

Stress-Free RBG Experience: With our RBG Sergeant Title boost, you can eliminate the stress and frustration associated with solo queueing or relying on unreliable groups. Our teams are dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free experience, ensuring that you can enjoy the journey towards your desired title without any unnecessary hassle.

Account Safety and Security: At ConquestCapped, we prioritize the security of your WoW account. We employ strict measures to safeguard your personal information and ensure a safe boosting process. You can trust us to handle your account with professionalism and confidentiality.

By choosing ConquestCapped for your RBG Sergeant Title boost, you gain access to a reliable and reputable RBG Rating Carry that guarantees your desired achievement and title. Our focus on customer satisfaction, expertise in PvP gameplay, and commitment to account safety make us an ideal choice for achieving your PvP goals.

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