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Riddler's Mind-Worm Mount

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,905 reviews on

Here you can buy Riddler's Mind-Worm mount boost and we will farm this mount for your collection in the shortest possible time.

Riddler's Mind-Worm is a secret mount awarded for reading 9 hidden books in different Azeroth zones. Obtaining Riddler's Mind-Worm in Shadowlands is still possible, but it is no less lengthy and boring. Let our players do all the farming of Riddler's Mind-Worm for you!<

How Riddler's Mind-Worm boost works?

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ETA is 2-3 hours.


How to get Riddler's Mind-Worm mount?

In order to obtain the Riddler's Mind-Worm, a series of intricate puzzles must be completed. This step-by-step guide will explain what exactly has to be done.

In order to get Riddler's Mind-Worm for your collection you have to find and read 9 book pages that located over the world. Pages have to be found in a specific order. Here's is the list of all pages and their locations:

  • 1. Page 9 can be found in Dalaran at 48.7 41.8 point, in Legerdemain Lounge on the bookshelf on the ground level.
  • 2. Page 78 can be found in Duskwood at 49.1 34.1 point, on small table next to the well.
  • 3. Page 161 can be found in Firelands near Ragnaros spot.
  • 4. Page 655 can be found in Uldum at 70.5 78.0 point
  • 5. Page 845 can be found in Siege of Orgrimmar in the room, where Sha of Pride is, southwest corner.
  • 6. Page 1127 can be found in Well of Eternity. When you dropped off form drake, check the east edge of the stairs to the well.
  • 7. Page 2351 can be found in Kun-Lai Summit at 34.6 50.8 point, between tiger's paws (statue).
  • 8. Page 5555 can be found in Uldum at 76.4 53.6 point.
  • 9. Finally, Gift of the Mind-Seekers can be found in Westfall at 30.5 27.6 point. Open it and Riddler's Mind-Worm mount is yours!

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Riddler's Mind-Worm Mount
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,905 reviews on
Riddler's Mind-Worm Mount
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