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Riddler's Mind-Worm Mount

Here you can buy Riddler's Mind-Worm mount boost and we will farm this mount for your collection in the shortest possible time.

Riddler's Mind-Worm is a secret mount awarded for reading 9 hidden books in different Azeroth zones. Obtaining Riddler's Mind-Worm in Shadowlands is still possible, but it is no less lengthy and boring. Let our players do all the farming of Riddler's Mind-Worm for you!<

How Riddler's Mind-Worm boost works?

Delivery time

ETA is 2-3 hours.


  • Max level character. If you don't have one, consider using our powerleveling service.
  • Account sharing is required for this service. We will use VPN of your country for maximum security.

How to get Riddler's Mind-Worm mount?

In order to obtain the Riddler's Mind-Worm, a series of intricate puzzles must be completed. This step-by-step guide will explain what exactly has to be done.

In order to get Riddler's Mind-Worm for your collection you have to find and read 9 book pages that located over the world. Pages have to be found in a specific order. Here's is the list of all pages and their locations:

  • 1. Page 9 can be found in Dalaran at 48.7 41.8 point, in Legerdemain Lounge on the bookshelf on the ground level.
  • 2. Page 78 can be found in Duskwood at 49.1 34.1 point, on small table next to the well.
  • 3. Page 161 can be found in Firelands near Ragnaros spot.
  • 4. Page 655 can be found in Uldum at 70.5 78.0 point
  • 5. Page 845 can be found in Siege of Orgrimmar in the room, where Sha of Pride is, southwest corner.
  • 6. Page 1127 can be found in Well of Eternity. When you dropped off form drake, check the east edge of the stairs to the well.
  • 7. Page 2351 can be found in Kun-Lai Summit at 34.6 50.8 point, between tiger's paws (statue).
  • 8. Page 5555 can be found in Uldum at 76.4 53.6 point.
  • 9. Finally, Gift of the Mind-Seekers can be found in Westfall at 30.5 27.6 point. Open it and Riddler's Mind-Worm mount is yours!
Riddler's Mind-Worm Mount
Riddler's Mind-Worm Mount
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Rated Excellent5 stars on Trustpilot
1,096 reviews onTrustpilot

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Good team! Good player! You can trust them . I watched at twitch..

Michael Gray

Fantastic service! I ordered a power leveling service from 100-110 for my DH. Estimated time for completion was 24hrs, however, it was completed within 9 hours. Currently, have a second order with them, and I cannot wait for it to be completed as I ..

Gregory Tasonis

Bought 2 PVP mounts...quick turnaround, no problems. Good guys...

Philip Nospickel

Great Service! Smooth, quickly and got a free package upgrade! Recommended!..


Great company. Will be using their services again soon ..

Bajabandit Milo

They did what was asked of them and it was a quick service!..

Crystal T.

A+ Service Quick service, no problems. Looking forward to working with again!..

Filip Matic

Ordered 2000 3v3 rating with 100 wins for the vicious war saddle and they completed it all within 3 days. Best and most trusted service possible. buy from here an no one else...


Perfect Service! I bought rep farming for argus. They worked very professional, and did the worldquests every day till i reached exalted. Would buy again!..

Nelson Fernandez

Really good service, easy and quick rating push, helped me learn new things and playstyle for my class. Highly recommend this service...

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