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Glacial Tidestorm Mount

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,570 reviews on

Buy Glacial Tidestorm mount and elevate your in-game experience with style! This impressive mount gained its fame as a symbol of skill for players who triumphed over Lady Jaina Proudmoore in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid. Acquiring it is a feat achieved by few due to its challenging nature.

Picture the scenario of waiting endlessly, potentially years, in anticipation of obtaining it. Well, we offer a faster and simpler solution to secure this coveted mount. Our team is adept at navigating the Black Market, sparing you the exhaustive grind and constant vigilance. Allow us to take on the challenge and procure this unique Jaina's mount for you. Then, you can proudly parade through the game, turning heads with your impressive acquisition!

Prepare to journey in elegance atop the mount from Mythic Jaina!

WoW Glacial Tidestorm Boost Includes

  • Glacial Tidestorm mount;
  • A significantly high success rate in BMAH buyout (above 95%).

Delivery time

  • We will start farming within 1 day after you have placed your order.
  • In our experience, delivery from BMAH takes approximately 2-8 weeks.


  • Access your main/sub account or a new account with the same first and last name, updated to the latest WoW expansion.
  • Level 70 Character Boost token purchased for this account.
  • You don't need to have any gold.
Note: If you want it done on your main Bnet account, we strongly recommend creating an additional WoW account so we could work there. It is much safer and more convenient.
Glacial Tidestorm Mount
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,570 reviews on
Glacial Tidestorm Mount
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Incredibly fast completion of Mage…
Incredibly fast completion of Mage Tower challenge - guy loaded in and it took about 5 minutes tops. Made it look too easy :D
Peter Kristiansen
1 day ago
Fue rápido y muy bueno
Fue rápido y muy bueno, muy confiable
Jefferson Hurtado
1 day ago
fast and reliable
1 day ago
Great Service
It was a quick, relatively easy process and I didn't have to wait long to be helped at all.
cole kerwin
1 day ago
Super Service
Super Service, zuverlässig netter Kontakt, jederzeit wieder.
1 day ago
Fast, excellent, likely huge below the belt.
1 day ago
Alles Top
Verlässlicher, schneller und sehr freundlicher Service. Werde ich auf jeden Fall nochmal nutzen ?
Marcel Odinius
2 days ago
Pandaria Remix Leveling 10-70
alles super. gerne wieder !!!!
2 days ago
It was inexpensive
It was in expensive, fast and easy. Great professionalism and customer service.
2 days ago
Fast, easy, and entertaining to watch. I am speechless. Highly recommended, and I will definitely be purchasing more services. NOTE: I was worried at first, but found myself overwhelmingly excited once they finished.
2 days ago
Very helpful and Did the boost without…
Very helpful and Did the boost without any issue ! Will do more. If you want to buy a Boost, Conquest Cappes is the best option!Thanks ?
2 days ago
Krass. Ich war am Anfang skeptisch. Aber es ist noch besser als beschrieben. Und es hat mega Spaß gemacht zuzuschauen. Krass wie die abgehen.
Christoph Grubert
2 days ago
mythic bundle
Very smooth and fast. recommend
2 days ago
a thousand thanks it's incredible thank…
a thousand thanks it's incredible thank you thank you I'm so happy
Franc Pey
2 days ago
Pro as always
mohannad babagi

WoW Glacial Tidestorm Boosting

The Glacial Tidestorm, a majestic and epic mount, offers an exclusive drop from Mythic Jaina with a slim 1% chance, making it a prized and rare acquisition for any player. Our specialized services are designed to aid players in securing this extraordinary flying water elemental mount, renowned for its standout appearance and the prestige it brings. Its rarity and the challenge in acquiring it, especially outside the realms of the Black Market, make it a highly coveted item in the gaming community.

We provide an opportunity to purchase the Jaina mythic mount through the Black Market Auction House directly from our platform. This approach is significantly more advantageous than the traditional raid method. By choosing this route, you benefit from a guaranteed 100% chance of obtaining the mount, thereby bypassing the unpredictability and frustration associated with random number generation in raids. Our method ensures that your gold remains untouched, offering a peace of mind and financial security.

Furthermore, the delivery time when opting for the BMAH route is substantially faster than the typical, often fruitless, weekly raid runs. This efficiency not only saves time but also enhances your gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy the prestige of the Glacial Tidestorm without the repetitive grind. Choose our service for a straightforward, reliable, and hassle-free way to add this exceptional mount to your collection, and stand out in the gaming world with one of the most sought-after mounts.

How to Get Jaina Mythic Mount

Glacial Tidestorm mount randomly drops from Jaina Proudmoore in Battle of Dazar'Alor with 1% drop chance. We offer you a fast and easy way to get Glacial Tidestorm mount from BMAH and don't waste any more time on the tedious Battle of Dazar'Alor grind. Glacial Tidestorm appears on Black Market Auction House several times a month on a random realm. Since it's impossible to obtain by any alternative means, competition is brutal; players from all over the region will transfer gold caps of 10 million gold in guild banks for a chance to place the winning bid. Preparing gold cap beforehand, constantly monitoring BMAH on all realms and checking status of character transfer every minute is the key to success. Needless to say that buying Glacial Tidestorm from professionals with experience of delivering any BMAH items is the easiest way to obtain one of the rarest mounts in game!

Why Buy Glacial Tidestorm Mount Boost Service

Wondering why it's worthwhile to invest in virtual items? There are several compelling reasons!

  • Firstly, the Glacial Tidestorm is a prestigious mount that has become extremely rare, almost unattainable through conventional methods. Currently, the primary means of acquisition is through intense bidding wars on the Black Market Auction House. It's a well-known fact that only a handful of players boast the Glacial Tidestorm in their collections.
  • Secondly, you save valuable time. Securing items from the Black Market goes beyond regular gameplay activities like questing or achievements. It involves daily monitoring of BMAH across multiple realms and keeping tabs on item histories and their pricing trends to bid effectively. Rely on our extensive experience in trading BMAH items, like the Glacial Tidestorm, to achieve this seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Lastly, we prioritize safety. We understand the concerns around account sharing, which is why we offer an alternative method to acquire the Glacial Tidestorm. This involves transferring it from a different Battle.Net account, ensuring a secure and trustworthy process. Opting for our service means gaining that elusive mount while maintaining the integrity and security of your account.

If you harbor any uncertainties or queries about procuring the Glacial Tidestorm mount, don't hesitate to reach out to us through our online chat service. We offer 24/7 assistance to guide you through the process. Our devoted management team is consistently available to address your questions and supply you with all the pertinent information you require.

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