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Dragonflight Gear Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,895 reviews on

Here you can buy Dragonflight Gear Boost and get fully geared character ASAP. Choose any WoW item level option, and our group will complete Mythic+ dungeons, raids, arenas RBGs, and other activities depending on the desired gear ilvl. Powerful ilvl PvP/PvE gear for each slot allows for fast NPC kill instead of a half-minute fight with every quest mob and helps to dominate in PvP matches and be irreplaceable in any raid or M+ group.

Gearing is one of the most exciting parts of WoW and isn’t easy as it requires a well-geared and organized group. It can be pretty tedious, especially if you play more than one character or start your journey. But you can shortcut all these grindy activities with WoW Dragonflight Gear Boost and get WoW PvE 370-405 ilvl gear or PvP 411-424 ilvl gear faster than any other players. Buy WoW Gear Boost and get the fully prepared character for any endgame content quickly and stress-free!

Rewards for WoW Gear Boost

  • Gear of any chosen ilvl for your character's class and spec.
  • Depending on the chosen option, you will get gear of average item level from Heroic or Mythic+ dungeons, Raid, or world quests;
  • Achievements for completing dungeons and killing raid bosses;
  • All gold, currency, and other items collected during the service.

Item level options

Item level option ETA Source of gear
370 item level 1-2 days Mythic+0 dungeons, world quests
380 item level 3-4 days Mythic+0 dungeons, low M+ dungeons, world quests, rares
390 item level 4-5 days Low Mythic+ dungeons, Elemental Storms, world quests, rares
398 item level 7-8 days M+15 dungeons
405 item level ~2 resets Mythic +20 dungeons
411 PvP item level 1-2 days Battlegrounds
424 PvP item level 5-7 days Rated Arena

Delivery time

Dragonflight Gear Boost ETA depends on various factors. You should check the table above to know the current ETA for chosen ilvl gear.


What is the fastest way to gear up in Dragonflight?

You can get several types of high ilvl gear in the game, but to do so, you will need to collect proper ilvl gear in Dragonflight to start farming complex high-end content. You can start gearing up for Dragonflight endgame from basics like local and world quests or special faction events and switch to Heroic or Mythic +0 dungeons, LFG or Normal raids for average item level PvE gear, or farming BGs for average item level PvP. After this, you will need to start farming M+ dungeons in high difficulty, up to the Mythic +20. Also, you can get BiS gear from Mythic raid difficulty for high ilvl PvE gear and rated PvP activities, like RBG or Arena, for high item level PvP gear.

The fastest way to get suitable gear of high ilvl for any type of content is to buy WoW Gearing service. We will farm any ilvl gear you need in both PvE and PvP. You will get chosen ilvl in Dragonflight easily, cheaply, and stress-free. Prepare your character today and start your journey in any endgame content tomorrow!

What's the highest ilvl in WoW?

The highest ilvl in Dragonflight Season 1 is 424 ilvl gear and 430 ilvl bonus items from the Mythic raid. Full Mythic raid run is hard enough, but getting various high ilvl PvE items from it is nearly impossible without a long and tedious grind. Also, you can get high item level PvP for BGs, RBGs, and rated Arenas, with the highest 424 ilvl PvP gear. But getting gear in PvP is even more challenging, mainly because premade groups of highly skilled players will demolish you if you don't have the proper gear and a skilled team.

What ilvl is Dragonflight gear?

The high-end PvP and PvE item levels start from 370 ilvl (Mythic +0) and end with 424 (Mythic raids and high-rated Arena items). You can always get full high ilvl gear with our cheap Item Level Boost fast and easy.

Dragonflight Gear Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,895 reviews on
Dragonflight Gear Boost
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Nelson Fernandez
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Bought 3v3 100 wins with 2000 rating, it was selfplay (i was good in pvp but had no time to look for a team and season is ending in 2 days) and we reached 2125, the team i played with is very professional...
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Fast, communicative and affordable service. Many updates throughout purchase. Will buy from again..
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fast service, excellent customer support will order again when needed..
Darren Yorke

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