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WotLK Valanyr Legendary Weapon

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,563 reviews on

Here you can buy WotLK Valanyr boost and we will help you to get it in the shortest possible time.

Valanyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings, is a legendary mace created by the titans and gifted to the first Earthen king to create and bestow life to more Earthen. It was believed to be lost for many millennia. You could obtain Valanyr legendary weapon for every class that could wear a one-hand mace weapon. This legendary weapon is one of the mightiest in WotLK Classic Phase 2. If you want to higher your gearscore and become an irreplaceable part of every raid or other activity in the game, you should get this legendary weapon for your Druid, Paladin, Priest, or Shaman character. Valanyr originally is targeted to healing classes; however, the high damage on this weapon still makes it viable for non-healing specs. For example, many shadow priest players agree that this weapon is BiS for damage dealing.

Like most legendary weapons, obtaining Valanyr is a big deal that will require you to farm Ulduar for a long time, complete tons of tedious and challenging quests, and defeat Yogg-Saron. Obtaining Valanyr also awards you with the Valanyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings Feat of Strength, not to mention other loot, gold, and achievement you could get during your Valanyr farm.

Buy Valanyr boost and our PRO player will get Valanyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings legendary weapon and Valanyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings FoS achievement for you easy and stress-free!

Rewards of WotLK Classic Valanyr Boost

Delivery time

WotLK Valanyr boost will take 3-5 months to complete.


  • Level 80 Druid, Paladin, Priest, or Shaman character. If you don't have one, consider using our WotLK Classic powerleveling service.
  • You will need to transfer your character on WotLK Classic sever where our PRO players are. If server matches we'll gladly help you without transfer.
  • This is a piloted service.

How to get WotLK Valanyr legendary weapon?

Buy Valanyr boost and obtain WotLK legendary weapon!

Druid, Monk, Paladin, Priest, or Shaman player (who is at least level 80) must collect Fragment of Val'anyr x30 from the bosses in Ulduar raid. Fragments are not guaranteed to drop off every boss, but the chance for a fragment to drop can be increased by killing boss on hardmode. Note: Ignis, Razorscale, Kologarn and Auriaya DO NOT have hardmodes.

Once all 30 fragments have been obtained, the player must assemble the fragments into Shattered Fragments of Val'anyr to obtain the quest Ancient History and then transport the fragments to the archivum (back of the Iron Council room) in Ulduar. At the archivum, the player will receive the quest Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings where they must throw the Unbound Fragments of Val'anyr into Yogg-Saron's mouth while he is casting Deafening Roar during phase 3 when 0 or 3 titan keepers are active.

After the old god has been defeated, the player must loot the quest item and return to the archivum to receive their Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. Obtaining Val'anyr also awards the player with the Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings feat of strength.

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WotLK Valanyr Legendary Weapon
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,563 reviews on
WotLK Valanyr Legendary Weapon
3-5 months
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1 day ago
Great Service
It was a quick, relatively easy process and I didn't have to wait long to be helped at all.
cole kerwin
1 day ago
Fast and smooth!
Andy Kennedy
1 day ago
as always best
as always best
1 day ago
Experience was great
Experience was great. Communication and speed were unbelievable and secure. Thanks Conquestcapped!
Jeremy Hendry
1 day ago
Great service
Quick, and efficient. Very trustworthy if you’re sketchy about someone logging into your account. Great prices, definitely recommend
1 day ago
i haven't tried before such services
i haven't tried before such services, but it was worth it.Very fast and straight to the point..The guys are awesome they did my mage tower in less than 5 minutes with all setups
1 day ago
Like always .
Like always .. best of the best love that guys
2 days ago
Excellent vary professional
Excellent vary professional
2 days ago
Fue rápido y muy bueno
Fue rápido y muy bueno, muy confiable
Jefferson Hurtado
2 days ago
fast and reliable
2 days ago
a thousand thanks it's incredible thank…
a thousand thanks it's incredible thank you thank you I'm so happy
Franc Pey
2 days ago
Super Service
Super Service, zuverlässig netter Kontakt, jederzeit wieder.
2 days ago
Fast, excellent, likely huge below the belt.
2 days ago
Alles Top
Verlässlicher, schneller und sehr freundlicher Service. Werde ich auf jeden Fall nochmal nutzen ?
Marcel Odinius
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Pandaria Remix Leveling 10-70
alles super. gerne wieder !!!!
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