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WotLK Gondria Spirit Pet

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,511 reviews on

Here you can buy WotLK Classic Gondria pet boost and we will farm this spirit beast for your Hunter character in the shortest possible time.

Gondria is one of the tamable spirit beasts introduced in the WotLK. Currently, there are four spirit beasts in WotLK Classic that can be acquired only by BM hunters. It is a unique companion with an extremely rare model and a powerful set of skills. Gondria spirit beast is an ultra-rare tamable spawn with awesome-looking skin. WotLK spirit beasts are pretty challenging to due to other player could kill them accidentally or intentionally while leveling and they have a very long respawn timer, which varies in time and can go from 6 to 72 hours. Let our players do all the farming and get Gondria for you!

How WotLK Gondria pet boost works?

  • Gondria pet tamed on your hunter character;
  • You will get all loot dropped during boost.

Delivery time

WotLK Gondria pet boost will take 1-2 days to complete.


How to tame WotLK Gondria pet?

WotLK Spirit Beasts are everything other pets have powerful special abilities, unique models and skins, celestial and amazing, and only beast mastery hunters can have them! Not one spirit beast is exactly like another. All these means that whichever one you tame, you can be sure the next one you tame will be different. To even try to tame such beasts, you must have Exotic Beasts as the last talent in your Beast Master Hunter talent tree. The most challenging part of your journey to owning a spirit beast will be locating and camping one. Hundreds of players will wait to get a particular pet, not to mention hostile faction hunters that will be ready to kill you on sight. Respawn time is not fixed and ranges from 6 to 72 hours. You will need to be online all this time. Don't forget that some players could kill a pet by accident or intentionally, depriving you of the opportunity to tame it. Each Spirit Beast has its taming strategy.

WotLK Gondria is a rare level 80 elite spirit beast founded at one of the four known locations in Zul'Drak zone at 69.6 48.0, 61.4 62.4, 67.8 78.0 and 77.6 70.0 coordinates. This spirit beast has unique purple spectral saber skin and powerful skills.

To tame Gondria pet, you need to have level 80 hunter in Beast Master specialization with learned Beast Mastery talent. Then you should follow the general hunter pet taming process. Gondria has a respawn time varying from 8–10 hours. All hunters seeking to get this beautiful pet should note that the server restarts and weekly maintenance reset the spawn timer. Gondria camp requires your full attention and, at times, a 24/7 camping method. This game content is tedious, long, and full of despair and stress, mainly when someone kills your wanted NPC. Despite being rare, Gondria is not on the list of creatures needed for the Northern Exposure achievement. However, other hunters could try to kill you while you tame Gondria or kill the pet. The fastest and easiest way to tame Gondria rare pet is our WotLK Hunter Pets Boost.

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WotLK Gondria Spirit Pet
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,511 reviews on
WotLK Gondria Spirit Pet
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
The service was very fast
The service was very fast, (even though I died ALOT! haha) I was able to pick up some good loot while seeing new content. I will use them again!
1 day ago
They were fast and very responsive
They were fast and very responsive. they helped me level several alts way cheaper than getting a wow level token.
1 day ago
Incredible company
Incredible company. They made my gameplay a lot easier
1 day ago
Professional and quick
Professional and quick, explained everything perfectly and was done in minutes.
1 day ago
Went smoothly. A++
1 day ago
Fast & Professional
Really good, fast and professional service
1 day ago
High quality
High quality, great job again ;)
2 days ago
To be honest I was very nervous at…
To be honest I was very nervous at first. But this experience was the best hands down if I ever need any help again I know that I will be looking for this service again. Please keep doing what your doing. Worth every penny
2 days ago
Always fast and best
Always fast and best
2 days ago
Very satisfied
Very satisfied, friendly, courteous and fast service, always happy
2 days ago
Super Fast Deliviry
Super Fast Deliviry ! First time on the page though very professional and helpful support. The boost started like minutes after i placed the order i can only recommened the guys ! Thanks a lot
2 days ago
Excellente expérience travail rapide…
excellente expérience travail rapide efficace contacte courtois et professionnel je recommande
2 days ago
Der Service ist Super
Der Service ist Super! Alles Perfekt gelaufen und das Team ist wirklich sehr Nett!!!Danke euch!!!! :-)
2 days ago
Fast and Safe
Fast, reliable and safe service. Highly recommended!
2 days ago
they are doing great team and smooth…
they are doing great team and smooth run i wish i can work with them lol :D
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