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Shadowlands Paladin Legendaries

Here you can buy any Shadowlands Paladin Legendary powers from any source. There are 4 general powers available to Paladin characters of any spec, and 4 spec-specific powers available only to Holy, Prot and Retri Paladins. Some of them are versatile, while others are the top-choice only for certain circumstances and play styles. This is why it is common for experienced Paladin players to have several fully upgraded legendaries and switch them whenever necessary. We have a prepared a service for you to get the best Paladin legendaries with the help of you players!

Shadowlands Paladin legendaries are important not only for their unique effects, but also for their superior ilvl much higher than that of items even from Mythic raid. We also offer an option to farm any amount of Soul Ash to fully upgrade your legendaries to maximum ilvl. If you need a custom amount of Soul Ash, check our Soul Ash farming service.

We have compiled a list of all Paladin legendaries also known as Memory of the Runecarver recipes grouped by spec so you could find which one better suits your needs.

General Paladin Legendary Powers in Shadowlands

Name Source Note
The Mad Paragon Quest: The Great Vault Best legendary for Prot Solo target DPS and Ret Paladin for Raiding
The Magistrate's Judgment Dungeon Drop: Theater of Pain One of the Best legendaries for Prot Paladin Raiding
Of Dusk and Dawn Raid Drop: Stone Legion Generals
Uther's Devotion Honor Points

Holy Paladin Legendary Powers in Shadowlands

Name Source Note
Inflorescence of the Sunwell Drop: Torghast, Tower of the Damned. The Soulforges, Layer 3+
Maraad's Dying Breath Dungeon Drop: Sanguine Depths
Shadowbreaker, Dawn of the Sun Raid Drop: Sun King's Salvation
Shock Barrier Drop: Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Coldheart Interstitia, Layer 3+ Best Holy Paladin Legendary for any situation.

Prot Paladin Legendary Powers in Shadowlands

Name Source Note
The Ardent Protector's Sanctum Raid Drop: Sludgefist
Bulwark of Righteous Fury Dungeon Drop: Halls of Atonement Best Prot Pala Legendary for Mythic+ dungeons and AoE
Holy Avenger's Engraved Sigil Drop: Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Fracture Chambers, Layer 3+
Reign of Endless Kings Drop: Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Mort'regar, Layer 3+

Retri Paladin Legendary Powers in Shadowlands

Name Source Note
Final Verdict World Boss Drop: Valinor, the Light of Eons Best Retribution Paladin legendary for Solo target and Raiding
Relentless Inquisitor Drop: Torghast, Tower of the Damned. The Upper Reaches, Layer 3+
Tempest of the Lightbringer Dungeon Drop: Spires of Ascension Best Ret Paladin legendary for Mythic+ dungeons and AoE encounters
Vanguard's Momentum Raid Drop: Sire Denathrius

Delivery time

It really depends on the chosen legendary. Typically legendaries dropped by certain boss in raids, dungeons or Torghast can be obtained in 1 day. For other legendaries delivery time may vary.


  • Character level 60. If you don't have one, consider using our powerleveling service.
  • Selfplay is possible for legendaries obtained in dungeons, raids or Torghast.
  • Account sharing is required for legendaries obtained through solo playing (Honor farming in battlegroups, world bosses, reputation, farming of specific boss in Torghast). Our player will use a VPN of your country for maximum security.
  • Farming of Soul Ash can be done with or without account sharing.
Shadowlands Paladin Legendaries
Shadowlands Paladin Legendaries
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WoW - Shadowlands Paladin Legendaries
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846 reviews onTrustpilot

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Ordered a full Mythic+ gear, they finished it within 1 day =)). Fast and reliable. I would recommend this service to everyone..


Quick and simple! Ordered a 100-110 powerleveling for my wow character, and they knocked it out in under 24 hours as stated. Clear and concise communication along the way, met and surpassed all expectations, and they treated the account very discrete..


Great company. Will be using their services again soon ..


Will only let the boys boost me! Super fast and super friendly! Cheap prices! keep it up!!!..

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Amazing guys ! Ordered a boost to gear a fresh char, they did it really fast. Customer service answered the next seconds I asked, and directed me to the process who resulted to be amazing ! Recommanding them 100% !..

Poke Jinx

Very nice Run and i become a extra item ..

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