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Sanctum of Domination Raid Boost

Sanctum of Domination is the second raid tier of Shadowlands expansion released in patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. Join our pro players in a SoD carry, venture deeper into Torghast's inner chambers and defeat elite and forces of the Jailer including not only well-known characters such as Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas Windrunner, but also the notorious Tarragrue who quickly gained his fame by causing countless wipes in Torghast. Sanctum of Domination boost service is the quickest way of getting the best gear of patch 9.1, our SoD runs are available every day at several convenient time spots.

SoD Raid Boost and What Comes With It

In Shadowlands patch 9.1 Chains of Domination, Torghast Tower will open its deeper levels and let the champions of Azeroth venture deep into the private chambers of the Jailer and his minions - Sanctum of Domination (also known as SoD for short), the new 10-boss Shadowlands raid. Many dangers await the brave heroes in this cursed sanctum as they will have to confront the most powerful of the Jailer's servants including the traitorous Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner.

Of course, raiding in WoW is all about getting loot and Sanctum of Domination boost run certainly is the source of best gear in patch 9.1.

This is what you may get from buying a SoD raid carry service:

  • best armor sets and weapons for all classes with item level higher than that of items available from other sources;
  • unique Maw-themed transmogrifaction appearances for your items. Remember that the Lich King's awesome armor and Frostmourne were forged in the Maw;
  • achievements, titles and other cosmetic rewards;
  • Feat of Strength achivement for defeating Sylvanas Windrunner;
  • SoD last boss mount for defeating Sylvanas on mythic difficulty;

So the list of rewards is impressive, but what about item level you will get from Sanctum of Domination loot run? We summarized it in the table:

Difficulty Ilvl from regular bosses Ilvl from the last 2 bosses
Raid Finder (LFR) 213 220
Normal 226 233
Heroic 239 246
Mythic 252 259

As you can see SoD boost service awards the highest item level of patch 9.1. You may wonder how exactly it is done and how many items you should expect to get.

Loot Options for Sanctum of Domination Carry

The goal of any loot run is to provide loot, isn't it? We offer flexible looting terms to the buyers of Normal, Heroic and Mythic SoD runs. Their differences are described in the table.

Loot mode Raid ifficulty Description
Personal Loot Normal/Heroic Cheap and simple option. You will get everything that drops personally for your character. You have 20% chance of looting something from each boss. We wish you the most luck with that!
Loot Trading Normal/Heroic When regular Personal Loot is not enough and you want more. We will assign several characters of your armor type to trade all their loot to you. This essentially multiplies the amount of items you may get by the number of traders. We offer very flexible price for this option as you can select the number of assigned traders. We guarantee you will get certain minimum amount of loot this way.
Guaranteed amount of loot Mythic Mythic raid is expensive so it's wasteful to run it in regular Personal Loot mode. We will make sure that you get at least certain number of items for different slots by trading them from players on our raid team. Exact amount of loot depends on how many bosses you want to kill.

Sanctum of Domination Bosses

There are 10 bosses in SoD raid, some of them are familiar to players since Warcraft 3; others were designed completely from scratch. We offer not only full Sanctum of Domination boost runs, but also kills of single bosses.

List of all bosses:

  • 1. The Tarragrue;
  • 2. Eye of the Jailer - Long ago, the Titan Watcher Odyn traded his eye to Loa of Death Mueh'zala to glimpse into the Shadowlands. Now this eye is in Jailer's possession used to watch over the Maw.;
  • 3. The Nine - a LoTR Nazgul-themed encounter, a pack of Sylvanas Val'Kyr minions;
  • 4. Remnant of Ner'Zhul - soul of the former Lich King tortured by the Jailer;
  • 5. Soulrender Dormazain;
  • 6. Painsmith Raznal;
  • 7. Guardian of the First Ones;
  • 8. Fatescribe Roh-Kalo;
  • 9. Kel'Thuzad - the dreaded lich is back and scheming again even in afterlife!
  • 10. Sylvanas Windrunner - traitorous Banshee Queen will likely escape at the end of the fight, but it's still only speculations;

Why Buy Sanctum of Domination Boost Service?

You may wonder why is it worth spending money on some in-game pixels? Well, it has many advantages!

  • Save time: you don't have to look for a guild and then spend weeks on progression runs. You don't have to waste your nerve cells on wiping with pug groups only to have the group disbanded before the last boss. We have multiple SoD boost runs every day done by experienced guilds and very flexible schedule. On top of that we don't require any minimum item level to join the run.
  • Actually get loot: don't rely on RNG of Personal Loot mode with pug groups or wait for guild master's friends to gear up. In our Sanctum of Domination carries you will get personal traders specifically assigned to increase your amount of loot.
  • Don't risk dealing with gold sellers: Group Finder and trade chat are infested with various sellers of runs "only for gold". Don't be deluded by these seemingly great offers. While paying in-game gold for in-game services seems to be perfectly within the Blizzard's ToS, it is in fact very risky as you essentially become the first link in gold sellers supply chain; none of these people work full time for WoW Tokens. Obviously, the gold paid for such a "only for gold" raid carry eventually will be sold for cash. Needless to say that Blizzard, being the largest gold seller, tolerates no competition and has technical ability to trace such gold transactions back to their source; their algorithms are not perfect and might automatically flag accounts which never actually sold gold for cash, but only traded large amounts of gold in exchange for some services. Remember the Gallywix community and what happened to many of their customers? Selfplay runs without leaving unnecessary traces in game (discussing boosting in chat, trading gold, etc.) are by far the safest option.

What else to buy for SoD carry services?

We offer a number of services for the second raid tier of Shadowlands expansion:

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Fast delivery, easy to follow instructions..

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The Best! My 2nd order. Went all good! Thanks, you are my choice for anything wow related!..

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