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TBC Level 60 PvP Gear Boost

Significant PvP changes came with WoW Burning Crusade Classic: gear for Honor Points no longer requires grinding PvP rank and can be simply bought from vendor if you have enough Honor Points and battleground Marks of Honor.

Needless to say, this epic PvP gear is immensely good as catch-up gear in preparation for the opening of the Dark Portal at the end of TBC pre-patch. Even after the release of TBC Classic, this gear will remain fairly good if you want to have fun in battlegrounds with your alt.

Our experienced PvP player will take care of farming Honor Points and battleground medals until your character is fully equipped with these awesome items.

Rewards for buying TBC Level 60 PvP gear

  • Depending on the chosen options:
  • Epic Grand Marshal or High Warlord weapon. You can choose between Two-Handed weapon, 2 One-Handed weapons, or One-Handed weapon + Off-Hand;
  • Full 6/6 set of epic PvP armor;
  • Full 6/6 set of blue PvP armor;


  • Level 60 character on Burning Crusade Classic realms. If you don't have one, pleaes consider using our TBC Classic powerleveling service.
  • Account sharing is required for this service. We will use a VPN of your country for maximum security.
TBC Level 60 PvP Gear Boost
TBC Level 60 PvP Gear Boost
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Real Customer Reviews

Hisham Max

pro service and very fast ++++++++ ..

Crystal T.

A+ Service Quick service, no problems. Looking forward to working with again!..


Ordered 2x Carry from 2k to 2.2k! They completed that quite fast. Plus, they streamed the order to make it feel safier for the buyer. Would work again...


Perfect Service! I bought rep farming for argus. They worked very professional, and did the worldquests every day till i reached exalted. Would buy again!..


no problems whatsoever, helped and coached all the way through..


Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul - Done! Bought Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul mount. All has been done approximately in 1 hour. Now I can sleep well and to not think, how to get this mount after BFA will be released. Thanks! =)..

Hisham Max

pro service and very fast ++++++++..

William Rogers

Did a great job. Thank you..


Very good service. Bought 100 3vs3 wins and 2000 rating. I ended up with 100 games played and 2291 rating. The extra rating they didn't charge extra for! No botting, every game was streamed for free...


Ordered a full Mythic+ gear, they finished it within 1 day =)). Fast and reliable. I would recommend this service to everyone..

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