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WotLK PvP Gearing Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,521 reviews on

Buy WotLK PvP Gearing to secure the essential PvP set for your character, and consider enhancing their prowess further with optional off-sets and weapons. Transform your character into an Arena champion, equipped and ready to face any adversary. Acquire the necessary PvP gear swiftly and efficiently with our WotLK PvP Gearing boost service.

WotLK PvP Gearing Service Includes

  • Selected PvP set up to 270 ilvl for your class and specialization;
  • A lot of of Honor points;
  • Arena and BG wins;
  • Various PvP activities and challenges completed;
  • PvP achievements unlocked.

Additional options

  • PvP Weapon - you will get chosen T1 or T2 weapon for your class and specializations.
  • Off-Sets - you will get chosen non-set equipment such as neck, cloak, wrist, waist, feet and rings.
  • PvP Trinket - you will receive PvP trinket that is appropriately matched to their class and specialization.
  • Wrathful Tabard - with this option we will help you achieve a 2300 Arena rating, earning you the prestigious Wrathful Gladiator Tabard.
  • Live Stream - with this option you can track the advancement of your WotLK PvP Gearing boost through online streaming service.


Note: For chosen rank of PvP weapon you must have previous rank set and current rank off-sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does WotLK PvP Gear service work?
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Is it safe?
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Is it a problem that I have Authenticator?
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Can I use my account during the boost?
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How fast can you begin the service?
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What happens after payment?
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WotLK PvP Gearing Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,521 reviews on
WotLK PvP Gearing Boost
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
The speed and techniques used were…
The speed and techniques used were amazing! he was don in a matter of minutes and made it look easy even though I spent many weeks failing with my best efforts
Gus Kostic
1 day ago
My god, they are really good. The guy took 1 try and 2 minuts to do what i was spending 3 days
Humberto Ferranti
1 day ago
WOW service provider
Conquest capped is a great resource for getting your characters up to speed and properly geared. I love their services. They’re quick to deliver on the service when purchased too.
1 day ago
Perfect and friendly service
Perfect and friendly service! Sure is a good deal and very fair prices. Delivers what they promise and even more.
1 day ago
Pro and fast
Pro and fast ! Perfect service
1 day ago
best service and fast i mean very fast
best service and fast i mean very fast! best spot to get your service!
1 day ago
Mage Tower
Got done 2 attempts and a fraction of the time I spent trying. Well worth it!!!!
Frank Favre
2 days ago
This is my best experience with..
This is my best experience with Conquestcapped! They're always trying their best, friendly and very helpful. They answer question very quicklyI would say 10/10 service looking to purchase something again.
2 days ago
Very professional
Very professional. They were very timely and did everything I paid for
D D Sil
2 days ago
Very easy and fast
Very easy and fast, thank you guys so much:)
2 days ago
The service was very fast
The service was very fast, (even though I died ALOT! haha) I was able to pick up some good loot while seeing new content. I will use them again!
2 days ago
They were fast and very responsive
They were fast and very responsive. they helped me level several alts way cheaper than getting a wow level token.
2 days ago
Incredible company
Incredible company. They made my gameplay a lot easier
D D Sil
2 days ago
Professional and quick
Professional and quick, explained everything perfectly and was done in minutes.
2 days ago
Went smoothly. A++

WotLK PvP Gearing Service

Here's the simple process for acquiring our Wrath Classic PvP Gearing Carry service:

  • Choose Your Options: Select your preferred options and place your order for the Wrath Classic PvP Gearing Carry.
  • Initial Contact: We'll reach out to you via live chat, Discord, or email to confirm your order.
  • Scheduling and Planning: Before starting, we'll discuss all the details with you and schedule the boost according to your availability in both real life and WoW Classic.
  • Team Selection: We’ll assign the best team of boosters tailored to your specific Warcraft Classic order.
  • Boost Commencement: At the agreed time, our professional player will begin the WotLK Classic PvP Gearing boost on your behalf.
  • Order Completion Notification: Once the boost is complete, we'll inform you about the completion of your World of Warcraft Classic order.
  • Feedback Appreciated: After receiving our WotLK Classic PvP Gearing boost service, we would be grateful if you could share your experience and rate us on Trustpilot.
DELIVERY_TIME order completion

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