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TBC Badge of Justice Farming

Here you can buy Badge of Justice farming in Burning Crusade Classic, PvE currency awarded for defeating bosses in TBC Heroic dungeons and raids and used to buy powerful epic PvE gear. Badges of Justice are an essential currency of TBC Phase 1 since it allows to buy Karazhan-level gear from vendor along with Primal Nether and fire resistance gear.

Farming Badges of Justice is not an easy task however since each boss in Heroic dungeons drops only 1 badge while raid bosses drop up to 3 badges. But worry not, epic gear is totally worth it and our players will take your character on an efficient badge run to Burning Crusade dungeons to get desired amount of Badges of Justice in the shortest possible time.

Rewards of TBC Badge of Justice farming

  • Selected amount of Badge of Justice;
  • Chance of get epic items from TBC Heroic dungeons;

Delivery time

ETA depends on your region, faction and the amount of Badges you want to get.

Additional options

  • Unlock heroic dungeons: each group of Burning Crusade heroic dungeons must be unlocked using a key. By unlocking access to more heroic dungeons we will have more opportunities to gather a group and thus make farming of Badges of Justice much faster.


  • Level 70 character on Burning Crusade Classic realms. If you don't have one, pleaes consider using our TBC Classic powerleveling service.
  • Account sharing is required for this service. We will use a VPN of your country for maximum security.
  • Your character must have access to TBC Heroic dungeons. It's fine if you don't have access to all of them, but the more dungeons you have unlocked, the faster it will be.
TBC Badge of Justice Farming
TBC Badge of Justice Farming
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TBC Badge of Justice amount
Rated Excellent5 stars on Trustpilot
1,196 reviews onTrustpilot

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Nelson Fernandez

Really good service, easy and quick rating push, helped me learn new things and playstyle for my class. Highly recommend this service...


Bought 3v3 100 wins with 2000 rating, it was selfplay (i was good in pvp but had no time to look for a team and season is ending in 2 days) and we reached 2125, the team i played with is very professional...


Great Service! Bought 2k and 100 arena wins selfplay, was done quick and great communication...

Gol D. Roger

Fast, Smooth and Trustworthy! I didn't know that titan's die so quick but with ConquestCapped they die fast! I ordered Argus kill + Mount for the cutting edge and it's been done in time and fast! I highly recommend ConquestCapped for your future pl..

Anton Kollecker

Fast, good and trustworthy Well, we all know how it feels to give your account to somebody else doing a service that's, let's say, isn't legal. But you know what. It's not a bot answering you, it's some guy, and you can ask him questions and feel se..


Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul - Done! Bought Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul mount. All has been done approximately in 1 hour. Now I can sleep well and to not think, how to get this mount after BFA will be released. Thanks! =)..

Poke Jinx

Very nice Run and i become a extra item ..


Great Service +Rep By far the best group I have bought from. I intended to only buy one Mythic Antorus run but ended up buying multiple.. these guys are GREAT. They are very professional and well-organized. Literally no problems whatsoever. ..

Brian Schilling

Fantastic job completed order as requested perfectly...


Ordered a full Mythic+ gear, they finished it within 1 day =)). Fast and reliable. I would recommend this service to everyone..

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