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Operation: Mechagon Boost

Get an Operation: Mechagon carry with our group of players - defeat all bosses in piloted or selfplay mode and get ilvl 415+ loot.

Operation: Mechagon is a new 5-ppl dungeon introduced in patch 8.2 dropping items with unique steampunk-themed looks and usable effects.

Why us

  • 100% positive customer feedback on independent websites.
  • We are selling boosting services since 2015.
  • Friendly and responsive customer support.


  • Full clear of Operation: Mechagon dungeon.
  • Ilvl 415+ items in personal loot mode. Picking options for additional loot traders will drastically improve the number of items you can get.
  • Mount Aerial Unit R-21/X from King Mechagon if you choose the Hard Mode option.
  • Rank 4 of the Vision of Perfection essence if you choose the option to complete Hertz Locker achievement.
  • Unique transmog appearances like this gun Light Auto Stabilizing Energy Rifle looking like an alien blaster.

Delivery time

Run can be started within 30-50 minutes and will take 40-60 minutes to complete.

Available options

  • Selfplay: personally join our group if you don't want to share your account.
  • Extra loot traders: your chance to loot something is doubled or tripled by adding extra characters of your armor type who'll be passing all their loot to you.
  • Complete in Hard Mode and add mount: you will also get Keep DPS-ing and nobody explodes achievement and awesome mount Aerial Unit R-21/X.
  • Add Hertz Locker achievement and Mount: you will obtain Hertz Locker achievement for completing Hard Mode without dying, mount Aerial Unit R-21/X and Rank 4 of the Vision of Perfection essence.


  • Level 120 character. In case you don't have one, you can use our Powerleveling Service.
  • Your login and password if you choose the account sharing option. We can use a VPN of your country for maximum secuirty.