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TBC The Consortium Reputation Boost

Here you can buy reputation farming with The Consortium in Burning Crusade Classic. The Consortium is a TBC Classic faction of ethereal smugglers, traders and merchants operating in different zones of Outland, reaching exalted with them will unlock numerous useful rewards: epic and rare items, profession recipes, ammo bag for hunters and more. Our player will reach exalted with The Consortium by completing quests and farming materials.

Rewards of The Consortium reputation boost

  • Exalted reputation with The Consortium faction in TBC Classic;
  • Rare and epic items;
  • Access to profession crafting recipes;
  • Ammunition bag for Hunters: Smuggler's Ammo Pouch;

Delivery time

Service takes up to 14 days to reach Exalted. It can be done faster depending on your current reputation level.

Where to find The Consortium vendor?

  • 1. Karaaz - one of the vendors of The Consortium faction located in Stormspire in Netherstorm.
  • 1. Paulsta'ats - quartermaster of The Consortium faction located in Western Nagrand.


  • Level 70 character on Burning Crusade Classic realms. If you don't have one, pleaes consider using our TBC Classic powerleveling service.
  • Account sharing is required for this service. We will use a VPN of your country for maximum security.
TBC The Consortium Reputation Boost
TBC The Consortium Reputation Boost
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