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TBC Classic 1-70 Custom Powerleveling

Here you can buy Burning Crusade Classic custom 1-70 powerleveling service and quickly prepare your fresh Draenei or Blood Elf toon to explore what lies beyond the Dark Portal. Our TBC Classic 1-70 level boost is done by pro players with solid experience of Vanilla WoW Classic who know all tips and tricks of efficient leveling and will follow the optimal quest route.

Looking for more options such as full gear from heroic dungeons? They are available with our TBC 58-70 powerleveling service.

Rewards of Burning Crusade Classic leveling service

  • Start on TBC Classic expansion launch day;
  • Depending on selected option:
  • Burning Crusade Classic 60-70 level boost;
  • 58-70 TBC carry if you decide to use Blizzard's boost;
  • 1-70 TBC power leveling if you decide to make a fresh character or roll a Draenei/Blood Elf;

Requirements for TBC classic 1-70 powerleveling

  • Account sharing is required for this service. We will use a VPN of your country for maximum security.

Reasons to buy TBC 1-70 level boost

Real game in WoW Burning Crusade Classic begins at level 70 so reaching it becomes the number 1 priority for all fresh characters. While Blizzard sells paid level up to 58, it cannot be applied to Draenei and Blood Elf characters. This is where our 1-70 powerleveling service comes into play!

  • Blazing fast speed - we will assign one of our best players who has experience of completing many leveling orders in regular WoW Classic and will make sure to complete 1-70 leveling in the shortest possible time.
  • Skip boring Vanilla quests - doing the same quests over and over while leveling alts in regular WoW Classic was boring. Doing it again in TBC? Escape this routine with the help of our PRO players and start exploring Burning Crusade content at maximum level.
  • Fair play guaranteed - we will never use any 3rd party hacks or bots to advance TBC leveling progress. Our powerleveling service is done 100% by hand without use of any exploits.
TBC Classic 1-70 Custom Powerleveling
TBC Classic 1-70 Custom Powerleveling
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TBC Classic - Custom Leveling speed

Rated Excellent5 stars on Trustpilot
840 reviews onTrustpilot

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fast service ,and cheap ,most important is trust worthy , would recommend anyone...

Filip Matic

Ordered 2000 3v3 rating with 100 wins for the vicious war saddle and they completed it all within 3 days. Best and most trusted service possible. buy from here an no one else...

Wu Jack

Great run, service was professional ..

Spencer Andersen

Fast and efficient! I was surprised they were done so fast, but I was decently geared I suppose...


Very good service. Bought 100 3vs3 wins and 2000 rating. I ended up with 100 games played and 2291 rating. The extra rating they didn't charge extra for! No botting, every game was streamed for free...


Great to work with Great people. I first ordered a character from them on 11/9. Right away they leveled it to 110 and began PvP boosting. Afterwards, I ordered many M+ and heroic kills from them, they were all delivered very quickly. they are respon..


The transaction was smooth, and quick. everything was done really quickly and professionally and i was always treated with a lot of respect. I would recommend them to anyone and i plan to only use their services from now on. ..


Amazing Service I bought a Mythic Argus kill + the Shackled Ur'zul through these guys they set up a date and got it done for me quick and painlessly. I would recommend them to anyone who needs any of their services...


Ordered a 2k pilot, was really quick and well done..

Hisham Max

pro service and very fast ++++++++ ..

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