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Burning Crusade Classic Powerleveling

Leveling takes too much time? Tired of being ganked? Fel Reaver Alarm triggers your PTSD? TBC level carry is a fast and affordable solution to each of these problems! Powerleveling boost is great for players who only care about endgame or want to level an alt without having to go through Vanilla again. All of our boosters use VPN software, so you don't have to worry about the safety of your account. Place an order or contact our operator if you have any additional questions, and we'll get you to level 70 in no time!

TBC Classic 1-70 Custom Leveling
TBC Classic 1-70 Custom Leveling
TBC Classic 58-70 Powerleveling
TBC Classic 58-70 Powerleveling
TBC Heroic Dungeons Gear
TBC Heroic Dungeons Gear

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What are TBC power leveling services?

Leveling is an essential part of World of Warcraft; however, it's understandable that someone would want to skip this process entirely if they had the chance. Unfortunately, Outland features a lot of generic quests where you have to kill 12 specific mobs or escort an NPC to a safe zone. It wasn't until Wrath of the Lich King that Blizzard started to make quests more diverse and engaging. Many players have only so many hours they can dedicate to the game, and they would rather spend it on something engaging and fun instead. At the same time, TBC is not a new expansion, and we've had plenty of time to come up with optimal leveling routes, which brings us to the idea of powerleveling. Powerleveling is a process of getting your character to level cap as quickly as possible, which is something ConquestCapped excels at. There's a lot of variety to TBC leveling, as one can choose between different quest hubs in order to avoid large clusters of players. We know exactly when and where to go to maximize the experience gains and essentially speedrun your character to level 70.

Reasons to buy Burning Crusade Classic leveling service

  • Time – Burning Crusade expansion is far more focused on endgame content in comparison to Vanilla. And while it's true that leveling was made slightly faster in TBC, it still takes quite a bit of time. If you're playing casually, Burning Crusade leveling from 60 to 70 alone can take multiple weeks, so you can imagine how much time you would have to spend if you wanted to level an alt from scratch. If you played World of Warcraft Classic, chances are, you know someone who quit playing before they got to level 60, as they just couldn't be bothered with leveling. Burning Crusade leveling boost allows you to get to the juicy content straight away without having to go through the boring grind.
  • Ganking – Outland consists only of 7 locations which means that you will have to compete with other players when it comes to questing. Tagging mobs is one of the biggest concerns of Burning Crusade leveling, as players are cramped in relatively small quest hubs. More often than not, the opposing faction will be doing the same quests as you which essentially makes every Outland zone a ganking hotspot. And while outdoor PvP is one of the most prevalent features of TBC, it surely isn't loved by everyone. When you've only got some 3 or 4 hours per day to play World of Warcraft, you really don't want to spend 30 minutes being rez killed by a max level rogue who's got nothing better to do.
  • Introduction of Draenei and Blood elves – With two "new" races being released in Burning Crusade Classic, Alliance reinforced their army with Draenei shamans, while Horde got access to Blood elf paladins. Both of these races add something new to the table and make a solid addition to any raid or arena group. Unfortunately, if you want to play a new race, you have to level your character from scratch, as a one-off Blizzard level boost can't be used on either Draenei or Blood elf characters. Many players have already got the chance to try out Vanilla, so they don't want to go through 1-60 leveling process yet again. If you're of the same opinion, TBC power leveling boost is something you should probably consider getting.

Burning Crusade Classic Leveling Carry F.A.Q.

  • I've got a free character boost from Blizzard. Why would I pay for a leveling service? Free leveling boost is a great incentive for players to try out TBC without having to go through tedious Vanilla leveling, but there're a few things you should consider when using it. First of all, it's a single use boost, so if you decide to make a new character, you will have to level it from scratch. Secondly, it only gets you to level 58, so there will still be 12 levels to go through. Finally, you can't use Blizzard leveling boost on Draenei or Blood elf characters – those start at level 1, so it will take you quite a while to get them to level 70.
  • Do I need to be level 60 in order to order a TBC level carry from you? Not at all, the only thing that matters to us is what level you want to end up on. If you're not sure what leveling boost you should get, we recommend one of the following leveling ranges:
    1-70 level carry Perfect for those who want to level a Draenei or a Blood elf and those who already used their Blizzard character boost and want to level an alt
    58-70 level carry Players who used a one-time Blizzard character boost end up on level 58, so they still have to go through 12 more levels. This option saves you from this hassle
    60-70 level carry People who played World of Warcraft Classic and decided to transfer their character to Burning Crusade expansion start from level 60. This leveling option will allow you to skip Outland leveling entirely and you'll get straight to the content-packed endgame

    Please note that our powerleveling services are highly customizable. If you're looking for a more specific leveling range boost, check out our TBC Classic Custom Powerleveling Service or contact our operator, and we'll start working on your order in no time.

  • Is it safe to buy a TBC powerleveling boost? Leveling service involves account sharing, which is not allowed by ToS; however, Blizzard is more concerned with other activities such as gold selling and mythic raid carries on retail. Every single World of Warcraft player has to go through leveling, so tracking leveling boosts isn't easy without getting huge number of false positive alerts. We've completed thousands of powerleveling carries since we launched our website in 2015 and can say with certainty that it is one of the safest types of services. Despite that, we always take safety precautions, and all our boosters use VPN software to ensure maximum safety for your account.
  • Can I play my account when the leveling carry is in progress? Absolutely. When you place an order for TBC powerleveling service you can request a specific schedule for your boost. We will never log into your account outside of this schedule. You alone decide when your character should be leveled which essentially allows you to play the game whenever you want and not worry about us messing with your raid schedule or any other in-game activity.
  • Is there a way to track the leveling progress of my character? You can request a stream of your character being leveled and tune in whenever you want. Additionally, our support team works 24/7, so you can always ask one of our operators for updates on the boost, and we'll provide you with all necessary information.
  • Why ConquestCapped? We launched our boosting services in 2015, but most of our team started to play in Burning Crusade. This is the expansion that made us fall in love with with the game, and we're delighted to see it return. Our powerleveling boosters have solid experience of leveling in Outland, as all of them played TBC either on its initial release or on beta. Moreover, we've come up with our own fast TBC leveling Guide that features the fastest leveling routes and allows us to avoid ganking hotspots. Your account safety is our main priority, so all of our boosters use up-to-date VPN software. Place an order on our website or contact our operator and we'll start working on your character today!

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1 day ago
Brilliantly done. Very profess...
Brilliantly done. Very professional. What you need is what you get...
Connor Black
1 day ago
Amazing guys ! Ordered a boost...
Amazing guys ! Ordered a boost to gear a fresh char, they did it really fast. Customer service answered the next seconds I asked, and directed me to the process who resulted to be amazing ! Recommanding them 100% !..
1 day ago
i will not be using another bo...
i will not be using another boosting service, these guys are it. did the new toon + all legendary boost, and full hc BiS. great product!..
Andrew Smith
1 day ago
Really good service, easy and ...
Really good service, easy and quick rating push, helped me learn new things and playstyle for my class. Highly recommend this service...
Nelson Fernandez
1 day ago
Absolutely excellent. Communic...
Absolutely excellent. Communication is top notch, and all services are done ASAP with priority. I really can't rate them anything below 5-stars...
2 days ago
The Best! My 2nd order. Went ...
The Best! My 2nd order. Went all good! Thanks, you are my choice for anything wow related!..
- Z -
2 days ago
pro service and very fast ++++...
pro service and very fast ++++++++..
Hisham Max
2 days ago
Fast, communicative and afford...
Fast, communicative and affordable service. Many updates throughout purchase. Will buy from again..
2 days ago
Did a great job. Thank you..
Did a great job. Thank you..
William Rogers
2 days ago
Bought 2 PVP mounts...quick tu...
Bought 2 PVP mounts...quick turnaround, no problems. Good guys...
Gregory Tasonis

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