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WoW Burning Crusade Classic Boost

Tired of people calling you unprepared? Prove the haters wrong with ConquestCapped, your #1 ally in Outland! We offer a wide array of Burning Crusade boosting services that range from leveling all the way to raid carries and arena rating boost. Your satisfaction is our main priority; our roster consists of experienced PvE and PvP players who withstood the might of the Burning Legion back in 2007 and will be happy to assist you in your journey beyond the Dark Portal. Check out our various TBC boosts or contact our operator if you have any questions, and we'll take care of the rest.

PvP Boost
PvP Boost

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How can TBC boosting services help me?

The Burning Crusade is finally here! Venture into Outland and experience what many claim was the best World of Warcraft expansion; TBC added rated arena battles, truly challenging raid fights, flying mounts, various daily activities and lots of other things that make endgame fun and engaging. Many of us at ConquestCapped started to play WoW seriously in Burning Crusade, and we still remember those glorious days as if they were yesterday. We also remember just how difficult the game had become in comparison to Vanilla, as the focus shifted from leveling and world exploration to rated PvP and raiding. The Burning Crusade features some of the most challenging raid fights (M'uru, anyone?) and gruesome arena battles, where winning required immense skill and dedication. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to spend months on leveling, wiping or learning arena, especially if you already play retail and/or WoW Classic on top of that. So why not make the journey a bit easier? Ordering a Burning Crusade carry service is a fast and affordable opportunity to save tons of time or get your hands on prestigious trophies, and there're plenty of those in Outland!

What Burning Crusade Classic services do we provide?

Our list of PvE and PvP TBC carries covers all essential in-game activities. The core of our team played Burning Crusade back when it was first released, and we achieved various heights both in PvE (Black Temple – world #34; Sunwell Plateau – world #27) and PvP (multiple gladiator titles throughout the entire TBC expansion). We know all ins and outs of this expansion, and we are absolutely delighted to help our clients overcome the dangers of Outland. Here are just a few examples of services we provide:

  • Burning Crusade powerleveling services – While leveling was made slightly faster in TBC, it still very time-consuming; Burning Crusade features lots of annoying escort quests, and since there're only 7 zones in Outland, you will have to spend the majority of leveling trying to tag mobs and NPCs before others do. You also need to remember that the opposing faction will be doing the same quests as you, so playing on a PvP server means you will be getting ganked over and over again. Leveling boost can help you avoid this process entirely and get straight to the endgame content. This option is also great if you want to level an alt and don't want to go through Vanilla quests again.
  • TBC gear boost – Gear makes a BIG difference in TBC, and you will most likely be expected to have full 5-man dungeon BiS gear before you can get yourself a spot in a raid. Unfortunately, getting gear isn't all that easy; some items have extremely low drop rates and you will have to compete with others. Moreover, you need to be attuned to a dungeon before you can enter it on a heroic difficulty, which is also a lengthy process. Ordering a TBC gearing carry will save you tons of time and we'll get your character fully equipped with powerful gear!
  • TBC Heroic Dungeons and Raids unlock – Most Burning Crusade heroic dungeons and raids are locked behind attunements, which require you to complete lengthy questlines and earn reputation. For a cheap price we will do all the dirty work for you, so you can focus on progression rather than on tedious rep grind.
  • TBC reputation boost – Outland is a home to many factions, some of which can directly impact the strength of your character. Reputation plays a major part in Burning Crusade Classic; you will need it to unlock raids and heroic 5-man dungeons and get access to strong gear, crucial profession recipes, various mounts, consumables and plenty of other things. There're many important factions you want to be exalted with, and grinding rep with all of them takes a lot of time. If you'd rather spend it on something more fun, Burning Crusade reputation farming service is an excellent solution.
  • TBC PvP boosting and Honor farm – Old Classic ranked system is gone in TBC – now players are expected to farm copious amounts of honor in order to buy PvP gear. "But why do I need PvP gear", you ask? With an introduction of rated arena, Burning Crusade PvP allows players to complete against each other in a 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 brackets. High item level gear, unique tabards and titles and a chance to get a gladiator mount all prove to be a strong incentive, and TBC arena will see more bloodshed than Blackrock Mountain did upon Classic release. If you feel intimidated by PvP or would simply like to get your hands on prestigious rewards, buy a Burning Crusade Classic PvP boost and start dominating today.
  • TBC Classic Raid boost – In Burning Crusade, getting the strongest items in the game is not possible without raiding. However, TBC raids feature some of the most difficult boss fights ever seen in this game, such as M'uru, Lady Vashj and Archimonde. These and many other bosses will become the bane of many inexperienced raid groups. Burning Crusade Raid carry will help you avoid wiping on 13 year old boss fights and eliminate the need to farm pre-raid BiS gear in order to get a spot in PuG raids.
  • TBC Classic Dungeon carry – Burning Crusade dungeons is a way for players to farm pre-raid gear and earn much needed faction reputation. Getting access to heroic dungeons, however, is not a fast thing to do – you have to get attuned to the dungeon before you can enter it on a heroic difficulty. Buying a TBC Classic Dungeon Boost allows you to get powerful gear and complete dungeon attunements in the process!

Remember that our scope of services is not limited to what you see here. If you'd like to order a specific kind of service that isn't listed on our website, please contact our operator and we'll most likely be able to assist you.

Reasons to buy a TBC boost

  • Time – There're plenty of things to do in Burning Crusade Classic, however, in order to get to the fun part you have to spend a lot of time grinding. Unlocking raids and heroic dungeons requires reputation grind, and if you're more interested in PvP you'll have to farm honor points which is also a lengthy process. If you have a full-time job or spend most of your time studying, it might feel difficult to keep up with other players. Leveling an alt also seems hardly feasible in such circumstances. A Burning Crusade carry service allows you to play the game at your own comfortable pace and not be overtaken by other players.
  • Ganking – We've already mentioned that there are only 7 zones in Burning Crusade, which means that players of both factions are cramped up in relatively small quest hubs across each location. There is plenty of ganking going on in TBC, and fly mounts will not make things easier for players who simply want to get to 70, level their profession or do dailies. Dying over and over again is not fun, especially if there're only so many hours you can dedicate to Warcraft per day. ConquestCapped is ready to take one for the team – we'll endure the ganking for you, so you don't have to worry about losing any time on undesired PvP, and if we encounter an especially persistent ganker...well, let's just say our PvP department has characters across most TBC Classic realms ;)
  • Inexperienced teammates – The Burning Crusade Classic attracts all kinds of players, both strong and weak. Mostly weak, actually. Classic raids were much easier than many of us anticipiated; however, that's not the case with TBC. Burning Crusade raids are challenging and time-consuming, and farming pre-raid BiS gear only to end up getting in a mediocre raid group that spends weeks wiping on easy bosses is not something we would wish upon anyone. For PvP, the situation can get even worse. Arena offers unique and prestigious rewards, but if you don't have a teammate, finding one is a tough challenge. ConquestCapped works with experienced players who will make sure that your carry is fast and smooth.

Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul - D...
Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul - Done! Bought Mythic Argus kill + Ur'zul mount. All has been done approximately in 1 hour. Now I can sleep well and to not think, how to get this mount after BFA will be released. Thanks! =)..
1 day ago
ezpzcheapandfast fast and coo...
ezpzcheapandfast fast and cool nice work from 0 to the skies in less than 24 horses..
Sexy Playboy
1 day ago
Did a great job. Thank you..
Did a great job. Thank you..
William Rogers
1 day ago
Trusted and fast. I'm really h...
Trusted and fast. I'm really happy with my €150+ order. Perfect communication btw...
Lucius Icognito
1 day ago
Very good service. Bought 100...
Very good service. Bought 100 3vs3 wins and 2000 rating. I ended up with 100 games played and 2291 rating. The extra rating they didn't charge extra for! No botting, every game was streamed for free...
2 days ago
Fantastic job completed order ...
Fantastic job completed order as requested perfectly...
Brian Schilling
2 days ago
no problems whatsoever, helped...
no problems whatsoever, helped and coached all the way through..
2 days ago
Ordered a mage tower and it wa...
Ordered a mage tower and it was done within the hour. Brilliant service, not my first time using them and not my last either...
2 days ago
Awesome service highly recomme...
Awesome service highly recommended Honestly very fast and did everything I ask perfectly, this wasn’t the first time I’ve worked with them and won’t be the last. Thanks guys highly recommended..
2 days ago
Excellent support and communic...
Excellent support and communication during order. Was done in timely fashion, would recommend...
Michael Deiparine

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