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Castle Nathria Boost

With WoW Shadowlands Season 4 Castle Nathria, also known as CN for short, first raid of Shadowlands expansion, returns! You can go back to gothic and stylish CN raid in brand new Fated mode and obtain ilvl 278-311 gear depending on raid difficulty. You will meet such well-known bosses as Sir Denathrius, Lady Inerva Darkvein and Artificer Xy'mox inside who will be ready to test your skill once again. Our Castle Nathria boost service is the fastest and easiest way to get high ilvl gear and other rewards in Fated Castle Nathria. Fated CN sell runs are available every day during the Fated Nathria week with several convenient time spots.

Glory of the Nathria Raider
Glory of the Nathria Raider
The Great Vault
The Great Vault
Castle Nathria Full Gear
Castle Nathria Full Gear
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Castle Nathria Single Bosses
Castle Nathria Single Bosses
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Fated Castle Nathria Heroic
Fated Castle Nathria Heroic
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Fated Castle Nathria Mythic
Fated Castle Nathria Mythic
Out of stock
Fated Castle Nathria Normal
Fated Castle Nathria Normal
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Fated Sire Denathrius Kill
Fated Sire Denathrius Kill
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Fates of the Shadowlands Raids
Fates of the Shadowlands Raids
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Jigglesworth Sr.
Jigglesworth Sr.
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CN Raid Boost and What Comes With It

In Shadowlands adventurers will travel to Castle Nathria from which Sire Denathrius used to rule the denizens of Revendreth as they harvested anima from prideful and arrogant souls. But as drought and fear gripped the Shadowlands, Denathrius revealed his true loyalty to The Jailer. In defiance of his former Master, the noble Prince Renathal gathers his few remaining allies for a desperate mission to infiltrate Castle Nathria and remove Denathrius from power.

Castle Nathria was the first raid of Shadowlands and dropped the most powerful of the first SL content patch. But now, CN is up to date again thanks to the the Faded Raid feature of Shadowlands Season 4. This is what you can get with our Castle Nathria raid carry service:

  • The most powerful weapons and armor of the entire Shadowlands expansion from CN in Fated Mode;
  • Defeat Sire Denathrius, and free Revendreth from his tyranny;
  • Get cool title from CN last boss on Mythic difficulty;
  • Cool CN achievements and progress towards Fated Raids achievements with amazing rewards.

We have summarized item level you can get from Fated Castle Nathria in the table below:

Difficulty Regular ilvl / Last 2 bosses ilvl
Raid Finder (LFR) 265-272
Normal 278-285
Heroic 291-297
Mythic 304-311

As you can see, Fated CN raid boost service will get you the most powerful gear of Shadowlands. Below, you can find detailed information on how our Castle Nathria sell runs work and how many items you may expect to get.

Loot Options for Castle Nathria Carry

The goal of any loot run is to provide loot, isn't it? We offer flexible looting terms to the buyers of Normal, Heroic and Mythic CN runs. Their differences are described in the table.

Loot mode Raid difficulty Description
Personal Loot Normal/Heroic Cheap and simple option. Our team invites you for Castle Nathria run and you will get everything that drops personally for your character. You have a 20% chance of looting something from each boss. We wish you the most luck with that!
Loot Trading Normal/Heroic When regular Personal Loot is not enough and you want more. We will assign several characters of your armor type without cooldown for CN raid and they will trade all their loot to you. This essentially multiplies the amount of items you may get by the number of Loot Traders. We offer a very flexible price for this option, as you can select the number of assigned traders. We guarantee you will get certain minimum amount of loot this way.
Guaranteed amount of loot Mythic Mythic raid is expensive so it's wasteful to run it in regular Personal Loot mode. We will make sure that you get at least certain number of items for different slots by trading them from players on our raid team. Exact amount of loot depends on how many bosses you want to kill.

Castle Nathria Bosses

There are 10 bosses in CN raid, including the infamous and treacherous Sire Denathrius. We offer not only full Castle Nathria boost runs, but also kills of single bosses.

List of all bosses:

  • 1. Shriekwing, the blind guardian of Castle Nathria's entry hall;
  • 2. Huntsman Altimor who captures the finest beasts for his Master’s entertainment;
  • 3. Hungering Destroyer, the monster always hungry for anima;
  • 4. Lady Inerva Darkvein who seeks to unlock anima mysteries;
  • 5. Artificer Xy'mox looking for profit which may require the end of Nathria's invaders;
  • 6. Sun King's Salvation in which you'll need to heal Kael'thas Sunstrider and kill his shadow;
  • 7. The Council of Blood, three venthyr who preside over courtly functions in Revendreth;
  • 8. Sludgefist, a monstrous creature that will do anything for his Sire;
  • 9. Stone Legion Generals Kaal and Grashaal leading the unstoppable legion of animated stone constructs;
  • 10. Sire Denathrius, tyrannical Eternal One who not only rules Revendreth, but IS Revendreth;

Why Buy Castle Nathria Boost Service?

You may wonder why it is worth spending money on some pixels? Well, it has many advantages!

  • Save time - you don't have to look for a guild and then stay up at night to attend all progression runs. You don't have to waste your nerve cells on wiping with pug groups only to have the group disbanded before the last boss. We have multiple CN boost runs every day done by experienced guilds and very flexible schedule. On top of that we don't require any minimum item level or extraordinary DPS to join the run.
  • Actually get loot - don't rely on RNG of Personal Loot mode with pug groups or wait for guild master's friends to gear up. In our Castle Nathria carries you will get personal traders of your armor type specifically assigned to boost your amount of loot.
  • Don't risk dealing with gold sellers - Group Finder and trade chat are infested with various sellers of runs "only for gold". Don't be tricked by these seemingly attractive offers. While paying in-game gold for in-game services seems to be perfectly within the Blizzard's ToS, it is in fact very risky as you essentially become the first link in gold sellers supply chain; these people run Castle Nathria sell runs all day; of course, they don't work full-time for WoW Tokens. Obviously, the gold paid for such a "only for gold" raid carry eventually will be sold for cash. Needless to say that Blizzard, being the largest gold seller, tolerates no competition and has technical ability to trace such gold transactions back to their source. Remember the Gallywix community and what happened to many of their customers? Selfplay runs without leaving unnecessary traces in game (discussing boosting in chat, trading gold, etc.) are by far the safest option.

What else to buy for CN carry services?

We offer a number of services for Fated Castle Nathria raid of Shadowlands Season 4:

What are Fated Raids in WoW: Shadowlands season 4?

In Season 4 of Shadowlands, there are no new raids - instead, players return to the 3 original Shadowlands Raids: Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination and Sepulcher of the First Ones. These raids will return back offering a higher level of difficulty with better loot, as well as a new raid affix that will further increase the difficulty of these raids.

Fated Raids mode applies to all raid difficulties: LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. With higher difficulty you will get higher item level loot. Because of the rotation these Fated Raids have, each week only one of them would be active in Fated mode. To understand which raid is Fated on this week, you will need to check your Adventure Guide in game.

The World Boss related to the Fated raid of the week will also become empowered dropping higher item level loot.

  • When Castle Nathria is Fated for the week, World Bosses Valinor, Mortanis, Oranomonos the Everbranching or Nurgash Muckformed will become Fated as well.
  • When Sanctum of Domination is Fated for the week, World Boss Mor'geth in the Maw will become Fated as well.
  • When Sepulcher of the First Ones is Fated for the week, World Boss Antros in Zereth Mortis will become Fated as well.

Fated Affix called Fated Powers will be active in the Fated raid for the week and could make your raid run even more painful and difficult. These affixes work similar to the Mythic+ affixes, adding new mechanics to each fight sucha as enemies who need to be interrupted and grant the raiders additional stats when defeated. At the moment, there are four of them: Fated Power: Chaotic Essence, Fated Power: Protoform Barrier, Fated Power: Creation Spark, and Fated Power: Reconfiguration Emitter.

The Fated Raid system also implies restrictions both on the gear and buffs you can use. For example, Shards of Domination won’t work in any Fated Raid, but you can still earn Tier tokens from regular and fated Sepulcher of the First Ones for Tier Set bonuses. Moreover, it is possible to turn high ilvl rewards into tier pieces using the Creation Catalyst.

The regular version of the raid is not accessible during the week it's Fated.

Rewards from Fated Raids are more than pleasant.

If you are interested in obtaining any or all of these cool rewards from Shadowlands Season 4 Fated Raids you should check our WoW Raid Boost service now!

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