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2v2 Arena Rating Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,523 reviews on

WoW 2v2 Arena probably is the first rated PvP activity where every player tests their skill. 2s arena matches are fast-paced and brutal and the outcomes depends heavily on performance of both teammates. This is why buying 2v2 arena boost with our multi-gladiator player is your best way to boost your 2v2 rating in a comfortable and stress-free atmosphere.

With out 2s arena carry not only can you reach any desired rating and unlock rewards, but also learn some tips and tricks from our PRO player who will be your guide through the ruthless world of 2v2 arena if you choose the selfplay option.

WoW Arena 2v2 Boost Service Includes

Additional options

  • Express start - usually arena boost orders can be started within 1 day. With this option, we will put your order in priority queue and start it much faster.
  • Add 1 win the following week - doing weekly win at your current rating is required to maintain your ability to upgrade ilvl of PvP items.
  • Get full Conquest Points gear - we will farm enough Conquest Points for you to obtain PvP gear in every equipment slot. This is the most powerful PvP gear available in the game.


  • PvP gear of ilvl 515+ for DPS spec is required for the service. Choose the respective option if you don't have it.
  • If you have selected the Selfplay option you must follow our team's instructions and assist them in arena.

WoW 2v2 Arena Rating FAQ

How fast can you start 2v2 Arena Rating boost?
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How does 2v2 Arena boosting service work?
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Who will boost me on WoW 2v2 Arena?
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What 2v2 PvP Rating can I get Self Play?
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What is Coaching on Arena 2v2?
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Why buy WoW 2v2 Arena Rating boost?
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2v2 Arena Rating Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,523 reviews on
2v2 Arena Rating Boost
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Great service
Great service. Thanks.
1 day ago
It's easy to be skeptical about these kind of services but the price was very affordable so I decided to give it a shot. Communication was great. They reach out to me via Discord within 30 minutes of placing my order and gave me their next raid schedule. I logged on my character and it went by so smoothly. I've never done Heroic so I died within the first two minutes but they easily downed the boss and I still was able to loot what I paid for. About to make another purchase here in just a minute.
1 day ago
The speed and techniques used were…
The speed and techniques used were amazing! he was don in a matter of minutes and made it look easy even though I spent many weeks failing with my best efforts
Gus Kostic
1 day ago
My god, they are really good. The guy took 1 try and 2 minuts to do what i was spending 3 days
Humberto Ferranti
1 day ago
WOW service provider
Conquest capped is a great resource for getting your characters up to speed and properly geared. I love their services. They’re quick to deliver on the service when purchased too.
1 day ago
Perfect and friendly service
Perfect and friendly service! Sure is a good deal and very fair prices. Delivers what they promise and even more.
1 day ago
Pro and fast
Pro and fast ! Perfect service
2 days ago
best service and fast i mean very fast
best service and fast i mean very fast! best spot to get your service!
2 days ago
Mage Tower
Got done 2 attempts and a fraction of the time I spent trying. Well worth it!!!!
Frank Favre
2 days ago
This is my best experience with..
This is my best experience with Conquestcapped! They're always trying their best, friendly and very helpful. They answer question very quicklyI would say 10/10 service looking to purchase something again.
2 days ago
Very professional
Very professional. They were very timely and did everything I paid for
D D Sil
2 days ago
Very easy and fast
Very easy and fast, thank you guys so much:)
2 days ago
The service was very fast
The service was very fast, (even though I died ALOT! haha) I was able to pick up some good loot while seeing new content. I will use them again!
2 days ago
They were fast and very responsive
They were fast and very responsive. they helped me level several alts way cheaper than getting a wow level token.
2 days ago
Incredible company
Incredible company. They made my gameplay a lot easier
D D Sil

Arena 2v2 Rewards in Dragonflight PvP Season 4

Buying Dragonflight 2v2 arena carry will bring you many awesome rewards. But what exactly do you get? We have prepared a table of all 2s arena rewards in Dragonflight:

PvP Rank Rating Cosmetic rewards
Unranked 0-1000 --
Combatant I 1000-1200 Cloak
Combatant II 1200-1400 Legs, Bracers
Challenger I 1400-1600 Gloves, Boots
Challenger II 1600-1800 Chest, Belt
Rival I 1800-1950 Head, Shoulder
Rival II 1950-2100 --
Duelist 2100-2400 Gladiator's Cloak and Elite weapon appearance
Elite 2400+ Gladiator's Tabard

As you can see rewards of WoW 2s carry are mostly cosmetic since in Dragonflight Conquest gear always upscales to the maximum 528 ilvl in PvP mode. However, if you are after Elite pvp gear transmog then 2v2 Arena boost is an easy way to get it.

WoW PvP 2v2 Arena Guide and Overview

How do you boost Arena 2v2?

For optimal performance in WoW PvP Arena 2v2, meeting the PvP ilvl requirements is crucial. However, the specifics of talents, gear, and conduits are not a hindrance. Our expert team will meticulously curate a PvP team that perfectly complements your character. By ensuring the best possible class setup and fostering effective chemistry among team members, we pave the way for consistent victories in WoW PvP Arena 2v2. Put your trust in us to enhance your PvP experience and guide you towards triumph in the arena.

What rating do you start playing WoW Arena 2v2 with?

Embark on your PvP journey with our 2v2 Arena rating boost and rise in 2v2 PvP ladder, starting from scratch and ascending to your desired PvP rating. With our reliable 2v2 Arena carry service, we will accompany you every step of the way. Whether you aim for a solid 2100 rating or aspire to reach even greater heights, our team is here to support you. Showcase your skills and claim the exciting PvP rewards that await you. Trust in our expertise to guide you towards PvP success in WoW.

What is CR WoW Arena 2v2?

CR, short for Current Rating, refers to the rating a player has currently attained in the WoW Arena 2v2 PvP bracket. It represents their current standing and reflects their skill and performance at that moment. It's important to note that CR is different from the player's Maximum Rating, which is the highest rating they have achieved during the current PvP season. By understanding the distinction between CR and Maximum Rating, players can accurately assess their progress and set realistic goals as they strive for success in 2v2 PvP ladder.

What is MMR WoW Arena 2v2?

MMR, also known as Matchmaking Rating, is an essential component of 2v2 PvP matchmaking in WoW. It serves as an individualized rating that assesses a player's skill level and facilitates the creation of balanced matches against opponents of similar abilities. MMR is a hidden value that considers a player's performance in the 2v2 arena bracket, enabling the matchmaking system to create fair and engaging gameplay experiences. By utilizing MMR, the system aims to deliver competitive matches that challenge players, allowing them to showcase their skills and enjoy rewarding PvP encounters.

How much rating do you get per win 2v2 Arena in WoW?

In 2v2 Arena, the points gained or lost in a match depend on the relative ratings (MMR) of your team and opponents. If your team rating equals the opponents' MMR, a win earns you 12 points, and a loss deducts the same. If your opponents' rating is 100 points higher, a win can yield 16 points, while a loss costs only 9. Against significantly stronger opponents, you can potentially earn up to 96 points for a win. This point distribution system ensures fair competition, adjusting rewards based on skill levels for a balanced and competitive PvP experience in the 2v2 Arena.

Can I get Gladiator in WoW 2v2 Arena?

The prestigious title of Gladiator in World of Warcraft cannot be obtained through World of Warcraft Arena 2v2 battles. This highly sought-after title is exclusively awarded to players who achieve exceptional rankings in the 3v3 arena bracket.

Is it hard to get 1800 PvP Rating in WoW Arena 2v2?

To reach a rating of 1800 in WoW 3v3 Arena, it's vital to maintain a minimum win rate of 55%. This entails winning the majority of your matches, even when allocating the maximum available playtime. By consistently achieving victories, you can make steady progress towards your desired rating and ascend the competitive ladder in WoW 3v3 Arena. Develop your skills, refine your strategies, and dominate the arena to reach new heights of PvP excellence.

Can I buy WoW 2v2 Arena boost?

ConquestCapped presents a streamlined and effective WoW 2v2 Arena rating boost service, meticulously crafted to maximize your time and energy while reaping the bountiful rewards of PvP. Our committed team of seasoned players thrives in Dragonflight PvP engagements, offering unparalleled guidance during your Arena 2v2 rating pursuit. Whether your ambitions lie in reaching lofty ratings or conquering significant milestones, our adept PvP boosters possess the expertise and support to propel you towards resounding triumph. Place your trust in ConquestCapped to amplify your PvP journey and propel you towards your PvP aspirations in World of Warcraft.

How much does 2v2 Arena boost service cost?

ConquestCapped is a respected and reliable provider of WoW 2v2 Arena rating boost services. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering a high-quality and dependable experience for players looking to push their PvP rating.

We prioritize providing value for your investment, which is why we have meticulously designed our pricing structure. Our prices are carefully balanced to offer a combination of affordability and top-notch WoW PvP services. With ConquestCapped, you can expect to receive excellent value for your investment, maximizing your WoW 2v2 Arena experience.

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