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Elemental Overflow Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 1,895 reviews on

Here you can buy Elemental Overflow Boost in any amount and forget about tideous mob grind during the Primalist Invasions. Get Elemental Overflow for you to buy amazing rewards like transmog, pets and mount fast and easy!

Elemental Overflow is a new currency that drops from Primalist Invasion mobs. Primalist Invasions are a new type of event that happens in Dragonflight. Every 6 hours, two Dragon Isles zones will receive a Primalist force invasion in certain areas. You can grind Elemental Overflow during these elemental attacks on Dragon Isles. Elemental Overflow currency is used to buy Primalistic gear and several collectibles, including a mount and a few pets. It is pretty simple to get Elemental Overflow, but it would take much of your free time on a non-stop, tedious grind.

Buy Elemental Overflow Farm, and don't waste any more time on the mindless farm. Focus on more exciting things in the Dragonflight expansion while our PRO players farm any amount of Elemental Overflow currency for you, easy and stress-free!

Rewards of Elemental Overflow Boost

  • Any chosen amount of Elemental Overflow farmed;
  • Primalist Invasions completed;
  • Progress towards Storm Chaser achievment;
  • Access to 359 ilvl gear;
  • Access to various juicy rewards like Ghostflame pet, Stormhide Salamanther mount and many other;
  • You will get all of the loot, gold and recources obtained during boost.

Additional Options

  • Add Storm Sigil Farm - we will farm enough Storm Sigil currency during Primalist Invasions for you to buy 385 ilvl gear.

Delivery time

Elemental Overflow Farm ETA depends on chosen amount of currency to farm. There are no limitations on how much Elemental Overflow players can farm per week. But you can get approx. 2000 Elemental Overflow in a day on average..

Requirements for Elemental Overflow Boost

  • Max level character If you don't have one, consider using our Powerleveling Service;
  • Dragonflight addon must be purchased for your WoW account;
  • No gear requirements;

What are Dragonfligh Primalist Invasions Farm?

Primalist Invasions are a new type of event that happens in Dragonflight. Every 6 hours, two of four Dragon Isles zones will receive a Primalist force invasion in certain areas. The events are marked with a red X on the world map. When you hover with your mouse over the X, you will see additional information about the event and how much time is currently left. Invasions last 2 hours, and the 6-hour timer starts once the current invasion ends.

You will see an obelisk on the ground when you enter the invasion zone. The obelisk type reveals the invasion type, but the invaded area also changes to match the attacking element more closely. Four types of Invasions can happen Air, Earth, Fire, and Water Primalist invasions. The area will be full of Elite NPCs carrying the Elementally Imbued buff, which indicates the mobs have been empowered by elemental energies and are more powerful than usual. The NPCs become pretty tough, so it's best to find a party to complete the quest faster.

The best way to farm Elemental Overflow is to kill Primalists in the invaded areas. Elites and stronger NPCs usually drop more Elemental Overflow, but still, these amounts are quite small. So it would take hours and hours to kill enough mobs, even in a group. With our Dragonflight Elemental Overflow Farm Boost, it would be easy and stress-free for you!

Dragonfligh Primalist Invasions Boost Rewards

Slain enemies drop Elemental Overflow currency that can be turned in for Primalist Invasions gear in Valdrakken, which will be handy, especially at the beginning of your raiding journey, expecially before you could farm Mythic+/PvP Seasons gear.

Let us see what gear and other rewards you could buy and what it would cost you.

Items Cost
Bracers, Belts, Cloaks gear 200 Elemental Overflow
Shoulders, Boots, Gloves gear 350 Elemental Overflow
Helms, Legs, Chests gear 500 Elemental Overflow
Weapons 800 Elemental Overflow
Stormie pet 1000 Elemental Overflow
Ghostflame pet 1000 Elemental Overflow
Stormhide Salamanther mount 2000 Elemental Overflow

Any Raging Tempests gear and weapons could be upgrated from the rare 359 ilvl version to epic 385 ilvl gear for curtain amount of Storm Sigil.

Items Cost
Bracers, Belts, Cloaks gear 5 Storm Sigil
Shoulders, Boots, Gloves gear 7 Storm Sigil
Helms, Legs, Chests gear 10 Storm Sigil
Weapons 13 Storm Sigil

Dragonflight Primalist Invasion mobs drop special quest items which can be redeemed for 1 Storm Sigil each. While you can farm an unlimited amount of Elemental Overflow during an invasion, you can only get 1 Storm Sigil. With 4 invasion types, you'll get a maximum of 4 Storm Sigils per week.

Each type of Primalist Invasion has it own quest listed below.

Dragonflight Primalist Invasion Sets Appearance

Cloth Set

Leather Set

Mail Set

Plate Set

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Elemental Overflow Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 1,895 reviews on
Elemental Overflow Boost
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