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Mysterious Fragments Farm

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,624 reviews on

Buy Mysterious Fragments Boost to acquire your preferred quantity of this Azerothian Archivists event currency. You can use these fragments to redeem various cosmetic rewards. Opt for our service and say goodbye to the tedious grind, saving your time with the help of our professional player!

WoW Mysterious Fragments Boost Includes

  • Desired number of Mysterious Fragments;
  • Azerothian Archives event tasks completion;
  • Access to cosmetic rewards and transmog sets pieces;
  • Azerothian Archives reputation and related achievements;
  • All loot, gold, reagents and other rewards obtained during the boost.

Delivery time

We will assign PRO WoW player to your order, who will start Mysterious Fragment farming within 1 hour.

Additional options

  • Live Stream - we will provide you with a live stream for you to view the service being completed in real-time.


Mysterious Fragments Farm
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,624 reviews on
Mysterious Fragments Farm
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Very friendly and helpful
Sturmfall HD
1 day ago
Super fast and easy
Super fast and easy, ended the frustration of being unsuccessful in my own attempts
Kyle Worthington
1 day ago
Perfect Service
my experience with Conquest was AMAZING!the price was right, the sighing for the raid was easy and the loot process (mount) was perfect! 5/5 from me.defiantly going to use there service again!
Dan Shalit
1 day ago
Fast quick and efficient
Fast quick and efficient
Kyson Cornwall
1 day ago
Perfect very fast
Perfect very fast
Nick Grammens
1 day ago
Quick and easy experience
Service was incredibly fast and the instructions were easy to follow. I have attempted this myself multiple times and the booster made this look so easy.
Colin Morton
1 day ago
Great experience
Great experience, professionals with a dedicated costumer service team that really listens and does its best to adapt your orders for your particular needs. My order was done successfully and the team was able to accommodate my rushed timeline without any issues.
2 days ago
es war alles ok wie immer
es war alles ok wie immer
2 days ago
Great communications
Great communications, fast delivery. I ordered from them for around 2 years now and I can only praise their professionalism it’s definitely worth a try
2 days ago
Very friendly and helpful
Sturmfall HD
2 days ago
Fast deliveri and verliebt god service
Fast deliveri and very god service
2 days ago
Great and fast.
Fast delivery good skills. recommended
2 days ago
Quick easy service completed on time as…
Quick easy service completed on time as promised. Good communication and polite customer service.
2 days ago
Einfach mega
Es ging super schnell und einfach. Kann ich nur empfehlen.
2 days ago
Quick and fast service
Quick and fast service! Using again!
Logun Saenz

WoW Mysterious Fragments Boosting

Our Mysterious Fragments Boost service is tailored to help you efficiently collect this new event currency without the grind. Once the event at Traitor’s Rest begins, you have 9 minutes to complete a series of tasks assigned by Eadweard. Completion of these tasks rewards you with Mysterious Fragments, used at the Archives vendor.

Additionally, each task contributes pages to a progress bar on your screen. Similar to other Dragonflight events, filling this bar with enough pages unlocks one of nine different Tomes, such as the Dusty Niffen Tome, the Preserved Dragonkin Tome, or the Preserved Djaradin Tome. These Tomes not only provide more Azerothian Archive reputation but also additional Mysterious Fragments.

The climax of the event is defeating Doomshadow, a formidable two-headed shadowflame dragon. Upon completing this task, you receive an initial reward of 5000 Mysterious Fragments and 3000 Azerothian Archive reputation in the first week. After the event's conclusion, there's a brief interval of four to five minutes before it restarts.

With our Mysterious Fragments Boost, you can bypass the repetitive aspect of these tasks, ensuring you gather the necessary fragments and reputation efficiently. Our service allows you to maximize your rewards with minimal effort, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Mysterious Fragments Boosting Rewards

This currency is particularly valuable for those keen on collecting the cosmetic items available from the Azerothian Archives event. Located close to the event site, you'll find a vendor named Provisioner Aristta. She offers an array of items that can be purchased with Mysterious Fragments. Let’s explore her selection and see how many Mysterious Fragments each item will cost.

Explorer's Stonehide Packbeast mount cost 20000 Mysterious Fragments.

Historian Transmog Set cost:

Set Piece Mysterious Fragments Set Piece Mysterious Fragments
Historian's Dapper Cap 15,000 Historian's Hefty Habersack 15,000
Historian's Fitted Vest 7,000 Historian's Trousers 7,000
Historian's Striders 5,000 Historian's Utility Belt 5,000
Historian's Fingerless Gloves 5,000 Full Historian Set 59,000

Archivist’s Transmog weapon and armor cost:

How to Get Mysterious Fragments in WoW

Our Mysterious Fragments Farming Service simplifies your participation in the event, streamlining the process of gathering this valuable currency. During the event, a progress bar appears at the top of your screen. You can fill this bar by engaging with objectives and collecting pages. Once the bar reaches 100%, you are rewarded with tomes. This bar can be completed multiple times while the event is active.

The event culminates with the appearance of Doomshadow, a dragon whose defeat grants an additional 1000 pages.

Tomes you collect are categorized into three rarities: Dusty, Preserved, and Immaculate. Interacting with these tomes converts them into Mysterious Fragments, which can be exchanged for new cosmetic items at a nearby vendor.

Participation in the event also contributes to the Azerothian Archives reputation. Furthermore, completing a weekly quest in the same area rewards you with a substantial number of event-related items.

So how does Mysterious Fragments Farming looks like:

  • The event has a 9-minute duration and occurs every 5 minutes.
  • Interacting with objectives rewards you with pages.
  • Collecting pages fills the event bar, which can be filled multiple times.
  • Defeating Doomshadow at the event’s end grants 1000 additional pages.
  • Filling the bar to 100% yields tomes.
  • Tomes can be converted into Mysterious Fragments for purchasing cosmetic rewards.
  • Participation advances the Azerothian Archives reputation.
  • A weekly quest offers a significant quantity of event-related rewards.

With our Mysterious Fragments Farming Service, you can efficiently gather these fragments and reap the rewards without the grind, allowing you more time to enjoy other aspects of the game.

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