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Season of Discovery The Blood Moon PvP Event Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,439 reviews on

Buy Season of Discovery Stranglethorn PvP Event Boost and participate in Phase 2 Blood Moon Open World PvP event in Stranglethorn Vale, and get any number of Silver Blood Coin swiftly and stress-free.

In Season of Discovery Phase 2, you will dive into a new zone-specific PvP event Blood Moon in signature Stranglethorn Vale. Players familiar with WoW Vanilla probably remember how difficult it was to go through Stranglethorn Vale and not run into a player of the opposite faction. More often than not, these encounters ended poorly. Stranglethorn Vale is a real battle zone that has rattled the nerves of many players. In SoD Phase 2, Stranglethorn Vale becomes even more dangerous yet exciting due to The Blood Moon rise event, which is the only way to farm Silver Blood Coin. With enough Silver Blood Coins, you can buy a lot of valuable rewards, including prestigious mounts and new epic BiS PvP gear, not to mention a lot of honor farmed during the boost.

If you don't have enough experience in WoW Classic PvP or just don't want to spend time on it, then our Season of Discovery Silver Blood Coins Farm is your best way to get any amount of Silver Blood Coins currency and enter the realm of skilled and experienced PvP players easy and stress-free!

WoW SoD The Blood Moon PvP Event Boost Includes

  • Chosen amount of Silver Blood Coin farmed;
  • Participation in The Blood Moon PvP event;
  • A lot of Honor Points farmed.

Delivery time

WoW Classic SoD Stranglethorn The Blood Moon PvP Event boost can be started within 1-3 hours.


  • Level 40 character on Season of Discovery realm. If you don't have one, take a look at our SoD Powerleveling service.
  • This is a piloted service.

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Season of Discovery The Blood Moon PvP Event Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,439 reviews on
Season of Discovery The Blood Moon PvP Event Boost
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1 day ago
Quick and super efficient
The service was quick and efficient. Contact support team is amazing fast answering every request or question. I really recommend all service !
1 day ago
top service !!!
1 day ago
Amazing service
Amazing service, great customer relations. Highly recommended!
1 day ago
Very smooth
Very smooth, fun and easy process!
1 day ago
Unkompliziert und einfach freundlich
Unkompliziert und einfach freundlich. Top
1 day ago
Amazing Service
Amazing Service
1 day ago
Just had a service completed
Just had a service completed! 10/10, friendly customer service, and friendly booster. Quick and easy, would highly recommend !
2 days ago
Extremely proffesionel!
Quick response after the purchase. 1 shot completiondidnt moved a finger. 5 out of 5 stars. couldnt ask for more.
2 days ago
Great boost once again.
2 days ago
went fast and went well.
went fast and went well.very satisfied
2 days ago
I've used this service twice now and…
I've used this service twice now and each experience was amazing. Fast response time, easy and clear instructions, and the pro was a pleasure to work with. I was skeptical about using remote desktop but now I wouldn't hesitate to use it again with ConquestCapped. Highly recommend.
2 days ago
Simple the best on the interwebs
Simple the best on the interwebs. Great service
2 days ago
Very easy and very nice guys
Very easy and very nice guys, just Great!!
2 days ago
sher gut und schnell
sher gut und schnell
2 days ago
Reliable, friendly service
Started promptly, great communication and efficient. I highly reccomend them.

WoW Season of Discovery The Blood Moon PvP Event

With Phase 2 of Season of Discovery, we are introducing a new PvP event called The Blood Moon. This new event brings a bit of mayhem to Stranglethorn Vale, and the Blood Moon will shine above the zone, casting an eerie red fog on the area. During The Blood Moon event, killing players will allow you to earn Silver Blood Coin currency, which can be traded for various rewards listed below. While you can still group up with your allies for the event, the Blood Moon is a harsh mistress and will punish those in raid groups.

The The Blood Moon World PvP event will promote player activity and community in Season of Discovery. With new rewards, honor, and reputation, it's a great way for level 40 players interested in PvP activityes to get BiS items for their classes and spec outside of raiding. Buy Season of Discovery Silver Blood Coin Boost and get all epic rewards!

WoW Season of Discovery The Blood Moon PvP Event Rewards

You will get Silver Blood Coin for participating in the event. By killing enemies, including both players and world mobs, players will increase their stacks of the Blood For The Blood Loa buff. Players get about five or six Blood For The Blood Loa stacks for every enemy they kill and lose a percentage-based amount on death. The buff maxes out at 255 stacks, but you should be well on your way to turn in your Blood For The Blood Loa in exchange for Blood Coins before then.

An incredibly powerful World Boss will spawn somewhere in the zone during the event, too. Though it might be possible to kill this enemy, just being in its vicinity grants a huge boost to Blood earned for every kill. Find this World Boss and stay near it without aggravating it to get even more Blood.

There are several altars to the Blood Loa around Stranglethorn Vale during the event, which will be highlighted on your World Map of the zone while the Blood Moon is active. After getting enough stacks of Blood For The Blood Loa, head to one of these Altars to convert your current stack amount into Copper Blood Coins. It should happen automatically as you approach the Altar – there's no special NPC to interact with, Blood Coins just get added to your inventory.

An NPC named Mai'zin stands just outside the Gurubashi Arena in central Stranglethorn. At Mai'zin, players can purchase Blood Coin PvP rewards, and convert their Copper Blood Coin into Silver Blood Coin and Gold Blood Coin versions. 100 Copper Blood Coins can be converted to a Silver Blood Coin, and 100 Silver Blood Coins can be converted into 1 Gold Blood Coin. You can buy weapons for 10-15 Silver Blood Coins, trinkets, rings, off-hand items for 5 Silver Blood Coins, hunter quiver and ammo pouch for 3 Silver Blood Coin and other items for 1-2 Silver Blood Coins.

You can spend Blood Coin currency on SoD The Blood Moon rewards that include powerful BiS class items tailored for each specialization. Besides a specific exception for Hunters, you can wear only one Blood Moon item at a time. There are also two new faction agnostic mounts that you will be able to acquire for 1 Gold Blood Coin each: Reins of the Golden Sabercat for the Alliance and Whistle of the Mottled Blood Raptor for the Horde. These level 40 mounts also have new appearances of cat and raptor.

Druid Blood Moon Items

Druids have a choice of a Nature/Arcane Spell Power Off-Hand, a Feral Attack Power Two-Handed Mace or a Healing Trinket.

Hunter Blood Moon Items

Hunters have the option to choose between a Bow with a stat proc and a Trinket that increases your Pet Critical Strike chance and causes pet crits to regenerate Mana. In addition to this, Hunters can also purchase a 16-slot Ammo Pouch and Quiver, which are not included in the Blood Moon item equipment limitations.

Mage Blood Moon Items

Mages can wear one of three rings, each increasing Spell Power for a specific school.

Paladin Blood Moon Items

Paladins have a choice of four items - Two Trinkets (one healing and one AOE damage), a Two-Handed Sword with Holy Spell Power or a One-Hand Sword with Holy Spell Power.

Priest Blood Moon Items

Priests can choose between a Healing Power Ring, a Shadow Spell Power Ring and a Healing trinket.

Rogue Blood Moon Items

Rogues can choose between two Daggers, one One-Hand and one Off-Hand, as well as a fast Off-Hand Fist Weapon.

Shaman Blood Moon Items

Shaman have the option of choosing between an AOE damage Trinket, a Healing Trinket, a Spell Power Shield and a Two-Handed Mace with a knock down effect.

Warlock Blood Moon Items

Warlocks can choose between a Shadow Spell Power Ring, a Fire Spell Power Ring, or an AOE Damage Trinket that also improves your pet's Stamina and Intellect.

Warrior Blood Moon Items

Warriors have the choice of a slow One-Handed Mace, a Two-Handed Mace with Critical Strike, and a Main Hand Sword with an AOE damage proc.

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