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Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,585 reviews on

Buy Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold Boost to get a swift and stress-free raid run for great loot. With the help of our PRO boosters you will easily kill all 3 bosses for 359-403 ilvl raid gear and tier 11-13 pieces depending on the boss and phase. You can get through Cata Classic Baradin Hold without a hassle and without a need to search for proper players among unskilled PUGs or GDKP runs. Our professional and highly experienced booster will guide you through the Baradin Hold raid on 10-Player or 25-Player modes. Opt for our Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold Carry for great loot, an easy raid run, and a pleasant experience only with ConquestCapped boosting service!

Note: We will kill only availible Cataclysm Baradin Hold boss. For current Cata Phase 1 Argaloth boss will be availible from June 4, 2024.

Cataclysm Baradin Hold Boost Includes

  • Full Baradin Hold raid clear on сhosen raid mode;
  • Chance to acquire 359-365 ilvl raid gear;
  • Guaranteed at least 1 raid item from 25 ppl run for your class and spec;
  • Valor Points currency gained;
  • Various Baradin Hold raid related achievements obtained.

Loot table

Cataclysm Baradin Hold is available in both 10-Player and 25-Player modes, in Normal difficulty only.

Boss Gear Item Level Raid Tier Boss Availability
Argaloth 359-365 ilvl Tier 11 June 4, 2024
Occu'thar 378-384 ilvl Tier 12 October 2024
Alizabal 397-403 ilvl Tier 13 January 2025

Additional options

  • Loot Priority - you will receive all raid drops that are suitable for your class and specialization.
  • Live Stream - you will have the opportunity to watch our boosters complete the Cata Baradin Hold run live.


  • 85 level Character. If you don't have one, consider using our Cataclysm Powerleveling Service.
  • Fresh cooldown to the chosen mode in Cata Baradin Hold raid.

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Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,585 reviews on
Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold Boost
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Order was completed in less than 15 minutes
Order was completed in less than 15 minutes. For those not sure if they should do it, I would 100% reccomend. very easy to get setup and finished!
1 day ago
Service rapide et sérieux je recommande…
Service rapide et sérieux je recommande ???
1 day ago
hat alles Wunderbar funktioniert
hat alles Wunderbar funktioniert, Gerne wieder!
1 day ago
Fel Werebear Druid Form
The service was super quick and was easy to deal with. the guide was super easy to understand. Finally after failing numerous attempt for myself, ConquestCapped came through the first time in less than 5 minutes.
Jesse Carter
1 day ago
Good service
Good service, fast and reliable. Good support service too.
1 day ago
Very helpful and Did the boost without…
Very helpful and Did the boost without any issue ! Will do more. If you want to buy a Boost, Conquest Cappes is the best option!Thanks ?
1 day ago
Very fast, very smooth gameplay dude is a legend even do it with the worst gear possible, i have a finger injure so i cant realy play and i couldn't ask for better service then this, he get on, put his keys on the game, check the gear all vanilla no addons, 2 minutes our so and his done
2 days ago
Fast and easy
2 days ago
Quick prompt responses
Quick prompt responses, great customer service. and step by step of the entire process. overall a great experience and will do business again. Thanks Conquest!
2 days ago
AMAZING ! There are here all the time to give you informations if needed on the website, they answer to all your questions the second after, they are kind, cool, efficient. Then I decide to order days after, and that was really fast organisation, easy communication, they accompany you from start to end. In game (For my order) Impressive gamers raiding, a BIG lesson of gameplay ! More they were kind, respectfull, a pure pleasure ! Don't hesitate, it's really serious and safe (if you ask yourself for payment) and I repeat it, an "amazing experience" ! Thank you, was so great ! ++++
Cam Scott
2 days ago
Proved my worries unnecessary
I was really anxious about giving anyone control of my account through a virtual desktop. I made sure to leave my character pre-selected, had WiFi ready to be cut off and watched like a hawk. Every little odd movement made me worried it was a scam but then the order was completed before I knew it. They even set my keybinds back before they logged off.
2 days ago
All the orders I placed with them went…
All the orders I placed with them went very well I never had a problem whether for pvp or pve they are professional. I recommend
2 days ago
Very fast and good Service
Very fast and good Service. I will come back for the Service.
2 days ago
Fyrak mount
I bought fyrak mount, was best price i saw in every website. First i was scared but there's no reason for it. Pretty happy with the service. Recommended
2 days ago
ich kann nicht irgend etwas negatives…sagen
ich kann nicht irgend etwas negatives über sie sagen alles klappt im Raid und auch vor allem beim Bezahlenmachen Sie weiter so ich wüßte nicht was sie besser machen könnten

Cataclysm Baradin Hold Raid Boosting

Do you want to learn more about the Baradin Hold boost purchase process? To be able to buy WoW Cata Baradin Hold boost with confidence, we've put together a comprehensive guide that includes everything you need:

  • Select Raid Mode: Select the raid mode you want from a range of options, including 10-man or 25-man formats for BH. Don't forget that not all Baradin Hold bosses available at the start of the Cataclysm expansion!
  • Customize Your Order: Personalize your order by adding extra options that suit your order preferences.
  • Complete Your Purchase: Payment is finalized after checking out. Don't forget to give us your character information.
  • Get in Contact: Within five to ten minutes, we'll get in touch to discuss the details and establish the raid schedule.
  • Raid Boost Schedule: Considering all the options you've given, your Baradin Hold raid boost will be finished in a week.
  • Complete the Raid: We can assure you that we will successfully complete the raid, ensuring that you receive every reward you can get!

With our simple Cataclysm BH raid boosting service, you can quickly and easily claim your Cata Classic Baradin Hold rewards. If you need assistance or want to customize your order, feel free to contact us. You can depend on our dedicated support team to help you. ConquestCapped today, take your Cataclysm Classic gaming to the next level!

Bosses in Cata Baradin Hold Boosting

Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold is available in two modes, 10-Player and 25-Player. While other Cataclysm raids also offer two difficulties, Normal and Heroic, Baradin Hold is only available on Normal difficulties. Beyond the scaled difficulty level, the primary difference between 10- Player and 25- Player versions is the loot table and amount of guaranteed loot by Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold Carry.

The bosses of Baradin Hold are located in three large rooms around a central hub. This area of the facility is accessed through a trapdoor on the west side, in the swamp area. Opt for our Cataclysm Baradin Hold Raid Boost to get a chance for item level 359 to 403 gear depending on the boss and phase.

During Cataclysm Phase 1 will be available only one boss of the Baradin Hold raid, two in Phase 2, and three in Phase 3. You will need to get prepared for Cataclysmn Phase 3 today because the final BH boss - Alizamal is one of Cataclysm's most challenging boss fights and is present in one of its other raids. Surely, to defeat this boss or all other available Baradin Hold Bosses you will need proper players in your group, and there are no players better than our PRO boosters with tons of experience and high skill.

Consider teaming up with seasoned professionals in a laid-back environment if you're tired of having to face difficult Cata Baradin Hold bosses in random group struggles. With the help of our affordable Cataclysm Classic Baradin Hold booster, you can defeat these difficult bosses quickly and easily.

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