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WotLK Heirloom Gear

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,563 reviews on

Here you can buy WotLK Classic heirlooms boost and we will help you to get any WotLK heirlooms for you in the shortest possible time.

WotLK Heirlooms are account-bound armor, weapons, and trinkets you can purchase for Emblem of Heroism or Stone Keeper's Shard WotLK currency; you also could get one of the heirlooms during WotLK Kalu'ak Fishing Derby event. WotLK Heirlooms such are one of the main expansion feature, which is greatly boost your alts leveling speed and give them a bit early advantage in any type of WotLK content: PvE, PvP, leveling and etc. Also, Heirlooms could be enchanted. You can use heirlooms through level 80. WotLK Heirlooms are Bind on Account, which means you can send them to any characters on your account, or on accounts shared by your Battle.net ID. You cold send heirlooms via mail through all your characters regardless of their server and faction.

If you don't want to spend all your time farming Emblems of Heroism, Stone Keeper's Shard or specific fishing event, our PRO players gladly help you to get WotLK heirlooms fast and easy!

Rewards of WotLK Heirlooms Boost

  • Enough Emblem of Heroism or Stone Keeper's Shard farmed for you to buy any PvE or PvP WotLK Heirloom;
  • You will get any WotLK Heirloom of your choosing;
  • You will get all loot and gold dropped during boost.

Delivery time

Delivery time varies and depends on the number and type of heirloom items you need.


How to get WotLK Heirlooms?

To get WotLK PvE heirlooms you will need to farm curtain number of Emblem of Heroism currency. Best way to farm Emblem of Heroism is to grind WotK dungeons, you also could get 187-200 ilvl gear there, not to mention other additional loot and gold. Surely, if you don't want to spend your time on WotLK dungeons grind, you could check our WotLK Emblem of Heroism Boost!

And if you want to boost your alt PvP gear, you should start farming Stone Keeper's Shard currency. Best and only way to farm Stone Keeper's Shard is to grind WotK Wintergrasp PvP zone that you could conquer in honor of your faction and get access to the Archavon Vault raid. Many other players will farm Wintergrasp, and if you don't have friends, it will be hard for you to find a party that will accept you. The fastest way to get as much Stone Keeper's Shard as you need is to rely on our PRO players with WotLK PvP Boost!

To get heirloom from Kalu'ak Fishing Derby event, you woul need to win in this event. The goal in the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby is to catch one fish: Blacktip Shark. These can be caught in any area of any Northrend zone that can produce Pygmy Suckerfish. This means no fishing in Dalaran, Icecrown, Storm Peaks, Wintergrasp, Zul'Drak, dungeons, along the coastlines of Coldarra, the North Sea off Sholazar, or Daggercap Bay south of Valgarde.

WotLK Heirloom Vendor Location

You can buy PvE Heirlooms for Emblem of Heroism from Enchanter Isian in Dalaran on 38.0 56.2 coordinates for Alliance players only and from Enchanter Erodin in Dalaran on 65.0 22.6 coordinates for Horde players only. In addition, you could buy Heirloom from Brammold Deepmine in Dalaran on 51.2 54.6 as any faction player.

PvP heirlooms could be bought for Stone Keeper's Shard only from your faction's Quartermaster when your faction wins and controls Wintergrasp. As Alliance player, you should visit Knight Dameron and as Horde players, you should meet Stone Guard Mukar.

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WotLK Heirloom Gear
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,563 reviews on
WotLK Heirloom Gear
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WotLK Classic Heirlooms Boosting

WotLK Heirlooms represent a significant feature in the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, a nostalgic nod to the original Wrath of the Lich King era. These unique, account-bound items can be obtained using various in-game currencies or as prizes from specific events. Almost every heirloom item is a homage to well-known items from the early days of classic World of Warcraft, complete with similar names and appearances.

The advantages of using WotLK Heirlooms are manifold. They offer boosts to experience points, making the leveling process much faster and more efficient. Additionally, they provide enhanced stats, which can be a substantial aid in your character's development and progression through the game. This makes them particularly valuable for players looking to level alternate characters more quickly and efficiently.

For those eager to add WotLK Heirlooms to their collection without the grind, our WotLK Heirlooms Boost service is an ideal choice. Our team of experienced players will help you acquire any of the WotLK Heirlooms swiftly and without any stress. This service is perfect for players who wish to maximize their time in-game, focusing on enjoying the broader aspects of WoW Classic without the time-intensive process of heirloom acquisition. With our help, you can enjoy the benefits of these powerful items and enhance your overall gaming experience in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

WotLK Classic Heirloom Boosts Include

WotLK Heirlooms are an exciting addition to the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion, originally introduced during the era of the first Wrath of the Lich King. These account-bound items can be acquired through various currencies or as rewards from specific events. Almost all heirloom items carry names reminiscent of iconic items from the early days of classic World of Warcraft, and they also share the appearance of these classic items. The primary benefits of WotLK Heirlooms include boosts to experience and stats, significantly easing the leveling process for your alternate characters.

WotLK PvE Heirlooms Farming

Various PvE activities are the main source of most powerful and useful leveling WotLK Heirlooms that you can buy in the buy. To do so, you will need to farm enough Emblem of Heroism and travel to Dalaran, where you can find special WotLK Heirloom vendors. Enchanter Isian sells heirlooms for Alliance players only and Enchanter Erodin sell heirlooms for Horde players only. In addition, you could buy WotLK Heirlooms from Brammold Deepmine as any faction player.

WotLK PvP Heirlooms Farming

To get WotLK PvP Heirlooms you will need to farm enough Stone Keeper's Shard. Best and only way to farm these is to grind WotK Wintergrasp PvP zone that you could conquer in honor of your faction and get access to the Archavon Vault raid and start proper Stone Keeper's Shard currency farm. You can any WotLK PvP Heirloom only from your faction's Quartermaster when your faction wins and controls Wintergrasp. As Alliance player, you should visit Knight Dameron and as Horde players, you should meet Stone Guard Mukar.

WotLK Event Heirloom Farming

There is one WotLK Heirloom ring available in Wrath of the Lich King - Dread Pirate Ring. This is one of the possible two prizes you can choose for winning the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby. It is Unique-Equipped, which means that a character can only equip one at a time. WotLK Dread Pirate Ring gives a 5% experience bonus from killing monsters and completing quests through level 80. This stacks with the armor bonuses, giving a possible total bonus of 25%.

WotLK Heirlooms Enchants

You cannot use enchants with a level requirement on heirlooms in WoTLK Classic. BC and WoTLK-era enchants all have a minimum level requirement to use, and the system see all heirlooms as level 1 for this purpose. You will need to limit yourself to Classic-era enchants only, since these do not have level requirements.

For exmaple, you can and you should enchant your heirlooms with Enchant Chest - Major Mana, Enchant Chest - Greater Stats, Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect, Enchant Weapon - Spellpower and many others available enchants.

How to Send WotLK Heirlooms to Alts

WotLK Heirlooms are separate inventory items that will need to be stored when not in use. You should spend some more currency to buy additional copies of a particular heirloom item, which means you may need to set priorities for leveling alts who will want to use the same weapons or armor type. If you're trying to level both a warrior and a paladin, they can certainly mail their plate chest armor back and forth, but that can get annoying with the mail delay.

  • Heirlooms stay bound to the account, not the character - you can re-use items for multiple characters. Done leveling your priest? Send that your cloth armor heirlooms to your warlock!
  • Heirlooms can be mailed cross faction - as Alliance player, you can mail heirlooms to your Horde alts, and vice versa.
  • Heirlooms cannot be passed through a guild bank - since these are bound to your account, you can't use the guild bank to pass these items, even if you're the only person in the guild.
  • You cannot use faction-specific heirlooms on the opposite faction - The Wintergrasp trinkets can only be used by members of the appropriate faction.

Why you should buy WotLK Heirlooms Boost

If you want to level up your alt fast, you should consider farming some heirlooms on your main character. WotLK Heirlooms increase in power as your alt-character increases in level, ensuring you will have almost always the best item for the slot in which the heirloom is equipped. With these items, you can kit any of your alts from level 1 onward to give them a significant early advantage. Don't forget that WotLK Heirlooms are Bind on Account, which means you can send them to any characters on your account or accounts shared by your Battle.net ID.

In WotLK Classic, there are much fewer items available as heirlooms compared to the game's retail version. You can get these items on WotLK Classic servers:

  • Chest and Shoulder Armor in cloth, leather, mail, and plate;
  • 2-Handed, Main Hand, One-Hand, and Ranged Weapons;
  • Trinkets;
  • Ring.
  • But before you could send any of WotLK Heirlooms items on your alt, you will need to farm them from your main character. WotLK Heirlooms require from you a lot of dungeons or Wintergrasp open-world PvP zone farming and spending many hours on this tedious and stressful activity that you could complete alone. If you want to speed up your alts leveling process on WotLK Classic servers, you should buy WotLK Heirlooms Boost, and our PRO players will gladly help you to get any available WotLK Heirlooms fast and easy!

    Benefits of WotLK Heirlooms Carry

    • Experience Bonus - Chest and Shoulder armor both provide a 10% experience bonus for killing monsters and completing quests. These stack for a total of 20% extra experience with both items.
    • Improve as you level - all WotLK Heirloom items increase armor class, DPS, and/or stats as you level, meaning you don't have to replace these items until you reach level 80. These are about the same level and power as a blue item appropriate to the character's level.
    • Automatically switch armor types if applicable - for classes such as Hunter and Shaman, who graduate from Leather to Mail armor at level 40, or Warriors and Paladins, who switch from Mail to Plate, Heirloom armor shifts with the change. Once you can use the next highest type of armor, the Heirloom armor will switch to the correct type. The automatic armor type switch only happens if you purchase the correct armor type to reflect what you'll need after level 40, not before. If you have a low-level Hunter, don't buy the leather armor chest because it will not switch to mail when you get to level 40. It will be leather at 1 and leather at 80. You need to buy your low-level Hunter mail armor type, which they can wear from level 1 onward. It will appear as leather at 1, but it will automatically switch from leather to mail at 40.
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