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Classic Era Swift Zulian Tiger Mount

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,439 reviews on

Buy Classic Era Swift Zulian Tiger mount boost and secure this incredibly rare mount, exclusive to WoW Classic. With the arrival of the Cataclysm expansion, Zul'Gurub underwent significant changes, transforming from a raid to a dungeon. This shift resulted in the removal of the Swift Zulian Tiger from the loot table, making it unobtainable through regular gameplay and only accessible via the Black Market. However, in WoW Classic, this prestigious mount is still available as a raid drop, offering you a unique opportunity to add it to your collection.

WoW Classic Swift Zulian Tiger Boost Includes

  • Swift Zulian Tiger mount;
  • Zul'Gurub raid clear;
  • A chance to get 71 ilvl gear;
  • High Priest Thekal boss defeated;
  • You will keep all the gold, experience points, and any items obtained during the course of the boosting service.

Delivery time

  • We will assign a booster who will start the order within 1-7 days.
  • Additional options

    • Live Stream - We will provide you with stream to follow the progress of your boost in real-time.


    • Max level character on WoW Classic Era realm.

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    Classic Era Swift Zulian Tiger Mount
    Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
    based on 2,439 reviews on
    Classic Era Swift Zulian Tiger Mount
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    Real Customer Reviews

    1 day ago
    Quick and super efficient
    The service was quick and efficient. Contact support team is amazing fast answering every request or question. I really recommend all service !
    1 day ago
    top service !!!
    1 day ago
    Amazing service
    Amazing service, great customer relations. Highly recommended!
    1 day ago
    Very smooth
    Very smooth, fun and easy process!
    1 day ago
    Unkompliziert und einfach freundlich
    Unkompliziert und einfach freundlich. Top
    1 day ago
    Amazing Service
    Amazing Service
    1 day ago
    Just had a service completed
    Just had a service completed! 10/10, friendly customer service, and friendly booster. Quick and easy, would highly recommend !
    2 days ago
    Extremely proffesionel!
    Quick response after the purchase. 1 shot completiondidnt moved a finger. 5 out of 5 stars. couldnt ask for more.
    2 days ago
    Great boost once again.
    2 days ago
    went fast and went well.
    went fast and went well.very satisfied
    2 days ago
    I've used this service twice now and…
    I've used this service twice now and each experience was amazing. Fast response time, easy and clear instructions, and the pro was a pleasure to work with. I was skeptical about using remote desktop but now I wouldn't hesitate to use it again with ConquestCapped. Highly recommend.
    2 days ago
    Simple the best on the interwebs
    Simple the best on the interwebs. Great service
    2 days ago
    Very easy and very nice guys
    Very easy and very nice guys, just Great!!
    2 days ago
    sher gut und schnell
    sher gut und schnell
    2 days ago
    Reliable, friendly service
    Started promptly, great communication and efficient. I highly reccomend them.

    WoW Classic Era Swift Zulian Tiger Boosting

    Enhance your WoW Classic experience with the Swift Zulian Tiger mount, a symbol of prestige and rarity. In the Classic version, this mount is a sought-after prize from the original Zul'Gurub raid, a feature lost in later expansions when Zul'Gurub was restructured. The Swift Zulian Tiger stands out with its unique design, a testament to your achievements in the game.

    Our Classic Era Swift Zulian Tiger mount boost ensures a focused effort to obtain this elusive mount. The boost involves repeated runs through the Zul'Gurub raid, targeting the specific boss that drops this coveted item. Given its extremely low drop rate, this service saves you countless hours of grinding, offering a more efficient path to acquiring one of the most iconic mounts in WoW history.

    In addition to the prestige of owning the Swift Zulian Tiger, this service also provides a chance to experience the classic Zul'Gurub raid, a nostalgic journey for veteran players and a new adventure for newcomers. With our professional team, the raid will be conducted smoothly, ensuring an enjoyable and successful raiding experience.

    How to Buy Classic Swift Zulian Tiger Mount Boost

    To secure your Swift Zulian Tiger Boost, here is the simple process:

    • Choose your desired options and place your order for Swift Zulian Tiger.
    • Our team will reach out to you through live chat, discord or email for confirmation.
    • We will discuss all necessary details and schedule the boost according to your availability.
    • We'll assign a skilled booster who aligns with your schedule.
    • At the agreed time, our expert will begin the boost by entering Stratholme to farm for Swift Zulian Tiger mount.
    • Our booster will ensure thorough completion of the raid, focusing on defeating High Priest Thekal.
    • Once the mount is successfully obtained, we will inform you about the completion of your order.
    • Enjoy your new Swift Zulian Tiger! We appreciate feedback on Trustpilot.

    This service guarantees you a hassle-free experience in acquiring one of the rarest mounts in WoW Classic.

    DELIVERY_TIME order completion

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