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TBC Classic Powerleveling

Here you can buy Burning Crusade Classic leveling boost and quickly reach max level of the next WoW Classic expansion. Our TBC Classic 60-70 powerleveling service is done by pro players who know all quest shortcuts and other tricks (legit of course, no exploiting!). We offer options for leveling new characters from 1-70 if it's a new alt, 58-70 for boosted characters and 60-70 level carry for characters transferred from original Classic servers.

TBC Classic 60-70 level boost is available for purhcase as pre-order! We will start your order on expansion's release day.

Rewards of Burning Crusade Classic leveling service

  • Start on TBC Classic expansion launch day;
  • Depending on selected option:
  • Burning Crusade Classic 60-70 level boost;
  • 58-70 TBC carry if you decide to use Blizzard's boost;
  • 1-70 TBC power leveling if you decide to make a fresh character or roll a Draenei/Blood Elf;

Requirements for TBC classic powerleveling

  • Level 58 or 60 character depending on the selected option;
  • Account upgraded to Burning Crusade Classic expansion;

Reasons to buy TBC 60-70 level boost

Real game in WoW Burning Crusade Classic begins at level 70 with heroic dungeons, raids and brand new arena PvP mode. TBC 60-70 leveling surely will be an exciting and adventure, but also a time-consuming one requiring much dedication and effort if character is to reach level 70 shortly after expansion release! This is why Burning Crusade Classic powerleveling service is an sure solution if you don't have much time to spend on questing, but still want to push your character to max level in a timely manner.

  • Get started on release day - our Burning Crusade Classic level boost is available for pre-order. We will assign one of our best players who has experience of completing many leveling orders in regular WoW Classic and will make sure to complete 60-70 leveling in the shortest possible time.
  • Skip the hell of Hellfire Peninsula - Hellfire Peninsula zone is loved by all sorts of gankers and it will be literal hell in the first few days after release of expansion. Bloodthirsty Orcs (and Humans!) of PvP servers won't miss the chance to make 60-70 leveling a little bit more complicated for everyone they can catch doing quests. Escaping this hell of ganking is possible with express TBC powerleveling service.
  • Fair play guaranteed - we will never use any 3rd party hacks or bots to advance TBC leveling progress. Our powerleveling service is done 100% by hand without use of any exploits.
TBC Classic Powerleveling
TBC Classic Powerleveling
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TBC Classic - Leveling Speed
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Excellent Service! Ordered 2T20 mythic pieces, was lucky and got 4! Excellent! Very recommended!..

Brandon Nguyen

Quick and fast service. They let me know the date ahead of time, so that I could prepare. Great communication. Won't be the last time I use their services...

Filip Matic

Ordered 2000 3v3 rating with 100 wins for the vicious war saddle and they completed it all within 3 days. Best and most trusted service possible. buy from here an no one else...

Fredrik Warfvinge

Fast delivery, easy to follow instructions..


Will only let the boys boost me! Super fast and super friendly! Cheap prices! keep it up!!!..


Quick and responsive Quick, as well as prompt and consistent updates on the entire process from start to finish. You will not be disappointed. Would buy again...


Ordered 2x Carry from 2k to 2.2k! They completed that quite fast. Plus, they streamed the order to make it feel safier for the buyer. Would work again...


Great to work with Great people. I first ordered a character from them on 11/9. Right away they leveled it to 110 and began PvP boosting. Afterwards, I ordered many M+ and heroic kills from them, they were all delivered very quickly. they are respon..

Sexy Playboy

ezpzcheapandfast fast and cool nice work from 0 to the skies in less than 24 horses..

Ryan Woods

Very quick and good communication, got a lot more than I hoped for! Really impressed to say the least, I will use again! ..