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WotLK Honor Gear Boost

Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot based on 2,299 reviews on

Buy our WotLK Classic Honor Gear Boost and we will help you to get WotLK Honor Gear Season 8. Enjoy quick Honor Gear carry without stressful and long PvP grind!

Getting WotLK Honor Gear could take much time and effort. This blue honor gear reflects your skill and ability to be a skilled team player on BG while you farm honor points. You could buy this WotLK blue honor gear for Honor Points. You could do it alone or with friends, but because of premade groups on the battleground could be one of the reasons your honor farm could take a lot more time. BG farm could be an exhausting and tedious experience that would take a lot of your time. After you collect the Honor Gear set, it will be only a matter of time before you get significant success on the Wrath battleground in WotLK PvP Season 8.

You will need to spend much time grinding the WotLK battlegrounds, mastering your PvP skills. It would be even harder on new WotLK Classic Fresh Start servers. Not all players have time and skill to get full WotLK honor gear. Let out skillful and coordinated PRO help you with Honor Gear Boost on any WotLK Classic servers easy and stress-free!

Rewards of WotLK Classic Honor Gear Boost

  • Enough Honor Points farmed to buy full honor gear set;
  • 5-pieces of WotLK Honor Gear of PvP Season 8 obtained;
  • All other goods gained during boost obtained.

Delivery time

WotLK Honor Gear Gear Boost will take 5-10 days to complete. ETA on Fresh Servers might be increased.

Additional Options

  • Add weapon and we will get: the best honor gear weapons.
  • Add off-set and we will get: neck, cloak, wrist, waist, feet and rings.

WotLK Honor Gear Cost

WotLK honor cap is 75000 Honor Points. You will need to spend honor points if you want to buy full WotLK blue honor gear. To purchase a full WotLK honor gear set, you will need to get honor cap several times, meaning you will need to farm battleground for weeks or more.

Slot Cost
Head 60000 Honor Points
Shoulders 50000 Honor Points
Chest 60000 Honor Points
Hands 50000 Honor Points
Legs 60000 Honor Points

WotLK Honor Gear Vendor Location

You could buy Honor Gear gear and weapons for Honor Points from Knight-Lieutenant Moonstrike in Stormwind and Blood Guard Zar'shi in Orgrimmar. Also, you could buy Honor Gear gear for Honor Points and Arena Points from Zom Bocom Dalaran honor vendor.


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WotLK Honor Gear Boost
Rated Excellent 5 stars on Trustpilot
based on 2,299 reviews on
WotLK Honor Gear Boost
5-10 days
Time to complete
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Real Customer Reviews

1 day ago
Super fast and always my pleasure!
1 day ago
Crazy service!
After about 3-4 min i had the pro doing his thing. not a single mistake, he got it done in no time. worth every penny.
1 day ago
tour des mages
parfait 10 minutes pas plus
1 day ago
Best boost I got
Booster are very pro, efficient and didn’t fail once since I go with them. I can only recommend. Not the cheapest but definitely the best.
1 day ago
very professional service an very fast…
very professional service an very fast thank you so much will be back again
1 day ago
very professionnel and quick
1 day ago
Un très bon site pour aider les joueurs…
Un très bon site pour aider les joueurs débutants et chevronnés qui ont du mal à finir la tour des mages où qui n'ont pas le temps de l'a faire.Je recommande aux joueurs et joueuses qui ont des difficultés à faire ces défis.Bonne chance.
2 days ago
Quick and Easy
10/10 Was very nervous at first but will defiantly, recommend them will be trying it out again in the near future.
2 days ago
Reliable & Fast
fast order completion and good customer support
2 days ago
Super fast results
Super fast results! Was very nervous at first but will defiantly. Use them again soon!
2 days ago
Excellent service
I took the service for Legion HF. Excellent service.It was a first and everything went very well. I recommend !
2 days ago
I would like to thank you for the super…
I would like to thank you for the super order processing and the friendliness. Again and again with pleasure.
2 days ago
Quick service and experienced people
2 days ago
Got My Fel Werebear in a Flash - ConquestCapped Rocks!
Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my awesome experience with ConquestCapped and their lightning-fast Fel Werebear Druid Form Boost.Alright, so I decided to try out this boost because, honestly, who has the time to tackle that Mage Tower challenge? And let me tell you, these guys exceeded my expectations! They break down everything you're getting - like that epic Fel Werebear Form and a cool Tier 20-themed transmog set - in a way that's super easy to get.Now, let's talk about speed. They promised 30 minutes, but hold on – they smashed it in just about 9 minutes! I was pretty much in awe. It was like I blinked, and there it was, all done. These players are not messing around; they're seriously skilled.What I really appreciated was their use of Remote Desktop. No account sharing needed, which means no stress about getting banned. Plus, it was kind of fun to watch them do their magic in real-time.Their customer service is just as chill and helpful. They were there to guide me through all the prep stuff, like item levels and consumables. Super friendly and patient, even with all my questions.For anyone who’s into WoW and loves a good challenge, the always-open Mage Tower is a sweet deal. No waiting for special events – just jump right in whenever you feel like it.In short, ConquestCapped is legit. Super quick, totally professional, and they deliver exactly what you're looking for. If you want some cool WoW achievements without the grind, these are your guys. Highly recommend!Rating: 5/5 Stars – Totally blown away!
2 days ago
Amazing service!!!

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