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Weekly Gear Package

Get a bundle of powerful weekly rewards by completing both Mythic+ run and Weekly Conquest Points cap with our team. We can also get a guaranteed ilvl 470 Corrupted item from Horrific Visions scenario. There's no need to share your account details so this service is not only 100% safe, but also you can learn some tips and tricks from our team in process!

Why us

  • 100% positive customer feedback on independent websites.
  • We are selling boosting services since 2015.
  • Friendly and responsive customer support.


  • Mythic +10 or Mythic +15 boost completed with our group. 2 items randomly distributed between the group members drop at the end of the run (3 if you choose the "complete in time" option) plus you get a guaranteed high-ilvl item from the weekly chest after reset. Our group will gladly trade you their loot if possible.
  • Keystone level Dungeon chest ilvl Weekly chest ilvl
    10 455 465
    15 465 475
  • Weekly PvP Cap (500 Conquest Points) completed at the chosen rating. This will get you a guaranteed item from the weekly chest, PvP title and Feat of Strength achievement, Elite transmog set (at 1400+ rating) and valuable experience of playing with skilled arena team. Currently there are no PvP-specific item stats which are useless in PvE encounters so PvP rewards are great for raiding and doing dungeons because of their high item level.
  • Rating Weekly item ilvl Title Cosmetic reward
    0-1399 445 -- --
    1400-1599 455 Combatant Elite gear: Waist/Wrists
    1600-1799 460 Challenger Elite gear: Hand/Legs/Feet
    1800-2099 465 Rival Elite gear: Head/Shoulders/Chest
  • Note: PvP titles are temporary and last only until the end of season. However, each title has a corresponding Feat of Strength achivement which stays forever. All cosmetic rewards such as mounts or transmog appearances also stay forever.
  • Horrific Visions scenario completed with 5 masks will award a guaranteed ilvl 470 Corrupted item.

Delivery time

Mythic+ run can be started within 1 hour after you have placed the order. PvP cap usually can be started the same day you ordered and will take about 2 hours to complete. Please note that cap at 1800 rating will take longer if you don't already have the rating, we suggest ordering this option at least 1 day before the reset day.


  • You don't have to share your account details and can play with our team.
  • Average item level of 445+ is required PvP at 1400+ rating. You can use our Gearing Service if you have low ilvl.