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Weekly Farming Package

Trust your weekly routine to our players and relax: all your daily quests and farming will be completed while you're offline.

Why us

  • 100% positive customer feedback on independent websites.
  • We are selling boosting services since 2015.
  • Friendly and responsive customer support.


  • 280 World Quests: we will log in every day to complete all world quests on the map.
  • Weekly Expedition Quest: get 2500 Azerite for completing 4-5 Mythic Islands Expedition and weekly quest or .
  • 30,000 Azerite: huge amount of Azerite to boost powers of your Heart of Azeroth.
  • Mythic+10 Weekly Run: get a guaranteed high ilvl item from the weekly chest and possibly a few more items dropped during the dungeon run.
  • Heroic Raid Run: get powerful loot from Battle of Dazar'Alor and Crucible of Storms.


  • Level 120 character. In case you don't have one, you can use our Powerleveling Service.
  • Your login and password for account sharing. We can use a VPN of your country for maximum secuirty.